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In a world controlled by Slade since before his birth, a now servile Robin struggles to deal with right and wrong and good and bad, before the evil that controls the world, swallows him up as well.

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In the Beginning

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans...check back in a couple of years.

A/N: This is my second Teen Titan fic. The first chapter might be a little confusing to some, but bear with me and it'll all be explained as it goes along. If there are any questions, comments, or criticisms; please Review!

Summary: In a world controlled by Slade since before his birth, a now servile Robin struggles to deal with right and wrong and good and bad, before the evil that controls the world, swallows him up as well.

The colors of the spectrum: red, blue, green, yellow, violet, and orange.

The colors of the rainbow; a child's fairytale...imagine how surprised he'd been when he had found out that a rainbow was an arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain. It was an illusion, rather like life.

Something shattered then.

It was a lot like growing up; lots of things shattered then too. He thought his heart was one of them...

April 23, 1998

Two bank robberies and three was a normal occurrence. The small timers often slipped through the cracks, but there was one breakout from the city prison.

One breakout...

That wasn't normal.

Sometimes I wonder if life will just keep fast forwarding without me; if I'll spend the rest of my life staring at my horrific past and yearning for a better future while I can't even reach the less than perfect present. I feel like I'm transfixed in one place in time, unmovable. I keep envisioning that week, that week with him.

The week of hell.

I went against everything I believed in that week and even though every waking day, I vehemently swear that I'll never again fall for his tricks and I'll never succumb to his devious maneuvers, my dreams tell a different story. And sometimes...sometimes in back of my mind I feel as though if I were given the same choice, the choice of whether to save my friends or not, I'd take it. I'd do almost anything to protect my friends, even hurting them myself. That scares me, to know that people can have that much control over me with the push of a single button.

Not that it was simple at all. Nothing with him is simple, nothing at all.

Everything involves some elaborate set-up in which, no matter how hard you try, you always fail to solve. I was raised by the "Greatest Detective" since Sherlock Holmes and I've always been two steps behind him...always.

I'm not quite sure if this reflects badly on his teaching skills or my learning skills...I'm guessing the latter.

One breakout...I know I keep harping on about it; I guess it's become a kind of mantra. Maybe I think that repeating the words will keep the craziness at bay. I can hear them now, shuffling and whispering at my door, speculating what I'm doing in my darkened fortress. I wonder what they think will happen. Do they assume that I'll break down and cry? Scream? God only knows I have a right to.

We were so close; it took so long...but-

Let bygones be bygones, right?

No. It doesn't work that way; not with him, never with him. He'll come after me and everyone else because of what happened last time we tried to take him down. We succeeded of course, I wouldn't be writing this if the "heroes" had triumphed that fateful day...

Or would I?

Would the world be better? Could a world with democracy, free speech and equal rights ever survive...ever thrive? Democracy, an archaic is only seen in text books nowadays and it is belittled and scoffed at by many, but in other textbooks, forbidden ones, democracy is embellished as the true path to the future.

Interesting, how the two views conflict, isn't it?

Of course, I'm just being stupid, stupid enough to die if anyone found this. Our world order is fine. It creates a perfect utopia...for a select few. I'm one of the lucky ones, to be in Master's favor; he seems to like me a lot and he was especially pleased when we took out his final nuisance, the one who broke out of the highest security prison today. The one who has me so aggravated. If wacko's like him ran around during the age of democracy, then I'm glad for Master Slade and his Order.

On the other hand, if there was Democracy, then I wouldn't be writing this in the pitch darkness of night, with my friends sitting outside wondering what I'm that's something to think about.

This is stupid. It's stupid to sit here debating things that'll never change. It's stupid to hope for better things when you should be content with what you's just...stupid.

Sometimes, in my head, the differences between reality and fantasy merge like the illusion of the rainbow and I'm left with a blurring picture, scrambling to grasp something, a wisp of red hair, but ultimately failing, because unlike the adults tell you, good does not always prevail. Let me tell you for further reference, evil wins just as often; it wins every time a person is murdered, every time something is stolen, even if it's as small as a stick of gum; it wins with increasing alacrity and all the good people in the world let it.

That's another kind of evil.

Signing off,



A small boy with dark hair and blindingly blue eyes turned slowly to face the voice that called out to him from the entrance of his room.

"Robin, come here." The silky voice murmured, seemingly savoring the control he had over the boy.

The said boy, Robin, walked carefully towards Slade, half fearing that Slade would see the gel pad filled with writing and punish him and half determined not to let Slade feel that fear. As he got closer, he dropped and crawled the last couple of feet on his hands and knees. He ended up kneeling at Slade's feet. Slade never made anyone else do that, but then again, he was always different with Robin.

Always different.

Slade reached down and patted Robin's rebellious hair gently, mimicking kindness. Robin gritted his teeth and then ground them together as Slade laughed and whispered, "Good boy."

Then suddenly, the grip in Robin's hair turned pitiless and with a stifled yelp, Robin was dragged to his toes up by his black locks and his head was cruelly twisted to the side. Robin floundered for something to grasp seeing as he was barely touching the ground and it felt as though the hair was being pulled out of his scalp. Unfortunately, in his momentary panic, he accidentally touched Slade.

Slade immediately backhanded him across the face and Robin bit his inner cheek to keep from grunting. Slade dragged Robin's face close to his own mask and said pleasantly, "I wouldn't do that again."

Then letting him go, Slade continued to speak as if nothing had transpired between the two only moments before. "Cyborg, Raven and Beastboy gave their reports today, but I noticed that one was missing. Yours. Was there a problem today, Robin?"
Slade stared at Robin, waiting.

Robin looked back at Slade, blinking rapidly. If Slade was going to attack him, the last thing he wanted was dry eyes that would impair his vision and-

"Robin..." Now the tone carried a warning note in it and Robin remembered that even if Slade liked being pushed, by him at least; push him too far and...well the consequences weren't pretty. Robin couldn't count the times he was grateful for having a healing witch on his team.

"I...there was a breakout today and-"

"You were wondering if it was going to be your case, hmm?"

Robin nodded numbly.

"Well, after last time"- Robin waited with trepidation, last time he had asked for something, he hadn't been able to get up for a day - "I think that you need to take this case."

Robin blinked, showing more expression than he usually showed in the entire day.

"But Robin, this time, it'll be permanent. You'll kill him, understood. If you fail or something like last time happens...well, then maybe your teammates are too much of a liability to you and we'll have to do what we discussed last time. Remember?"

Robin hardened his face and nodded resolutely. He remembered what they discussed last time, who could forget? And he'd do it, he'd kill him, if it came down to it; he'd destroy him. Robin knew he was being manipulated again, just in a different way, but he really didn't care, not when Slade put it so casually.

"Don't look so distraught Robin. I'll give you three tries and really, Batman isn't that hard of an opponent."

Slade walked out of the room and turning to sit at his desk, Robin collapsed, throwing his throbbing head into the welcoming warmth of his shaking arms.

To Be Continued...

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