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It's the end of the world, and I feel fine.

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"But does anyone notice, but does anyone care, and if I had to guts, to put this to your head, but would anyting matter, if you're already dead?"

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Chapter 18.

Moaning, groaning and the knashing of teeth; the sloshing sound of blood pounding against once very clean glass windows. This is how I woke up, dazed and very confused, I scanned the room in search of some familiar face; but could only find the high marble ceiling of the hotel lobby.
My head was throbbing and my limbs seemed to be glued to the hard floor. I managed to turn my head enough to see Gerard and Mikey with their backs against the wall, clutching rifles in their hands.
Rifles? What the hell happend?

My head turned the other way, and I saw Lilana with her head in Ray's lap, asleep on the floor, propped up against another wall.
I slowly pushed my body up to a sitting position and saw Jamia sleeping at my feet. I rubbed my eyes and gradually made it to my feet, tripping over them as I walked to Gerard and Mikey. Gerard's eyes shot open once my shadow had covered the light that had been shining in them.

"Frank, you're awake." He said, standing to his feet, careful not to wake Mikey.
"Yeah, um.." We both turned our gazes towards the glass doors and the horrid living dead pressed up against them. Their blood streaking the glass and random particles of skin sticking to the surface.
"What the hell is going on Gerard?" I asked, not being able to tear my eyes away from the nightmare outside us.

He laughed slightly, forcing a fake cough from his throat, "Looks like Early Sunsets Over Monroeville is way more than a song now."
"Heh, yeah I guess so."

We both stared out at the gruesome chaos outside the glass doors. It was quite a sight to behold: I don't know how many of them they're were, and I'm not even going to attempt to make a gestiment. Thousands of mutilated, walking corpses, ripping flesh from the nearest living thing within their reach. Their once human blood staining the ground they hobbled on and fumigating the air with an unearthly stinch. The stinch of death. The stinch we were all terrified of becoming.

Lilana came and stood beside us, her hair frazzled and lips pale and chapped. How long had I been asleep?
"Hey, how long was I out you guys?" I asked, pulling my eyes from the doors.

Gerard and Lilana exchanged glances between one another and shrugged.
"About 30 hours, I'd say. You didn't miss much, we just blocked everything off and listend to the noise." Lilana said, casting a glance at the ceiling, as if the noise from outside was all around us, which I wouldn't have been suprised at all if they made it to the roof.

Ugh, the sound was making me sick. I wish I could have just fallen back asleep and died, since it was pretty much the end of the world anyway. I mean, that's the way it's supposed to be right? We've all seen Dawn Of The Dead, the zombies take over, due to hell overflowing, we all get bitten, we all turn, tada! No more world.
At that point, I was pretty much ready to let them have me, end my misery. But, I fought back the urge to be eaten alive by flesh eating corpses and walked over to where Jamia was still sleeping on the floor.

I stared at her face, disgusted with my own apathy towards this whole thing. I mean, my God, the world was ending and I was acting like it was the norm. Something must have been in the water or something, I should have been freaking out and shooting those bloody bastards in the head by the barrel full; but, instead, I stood staring at them, wishing they would eat me.

I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, knowing immediatly it was Gerard. I looked back at him, giving a smile that came way too easily.
"Hey man, you hungry?" I looked back towards the grotesque display outside and grinned, "Fucking starved."
"Good!! Let's go grub!!"

Gerard led the way to the kitchen, leaving everyone with disgusted looks on their faces, wondering how the hell we could even think about food.

We made our way to the back of the coffee shop, gazing at the freakishly large amounts of food stored in every nook and cranny of that kitchen.
I glided-yes glided- across the floor and opened the fridge, displaying everything my little punk rock heart desired:FOOD.
I just started grabbing stuff from the shelves like some wild rabid animal who hadn't eaten in days..which is pretty much what I had become at that point.

Gerard dumped the food he held in his hands onto the table, picking up random ingrediants and throwing them into a pot he had put on the stove.
He looked at me and shrugged, as he poured cheese into the pot, "I want macaroni and cheese, gotta' problem with that?"

I playfully shook my head and shoved a twinkie in my mouth as I continued to inspect the so called "food" Gerard was making in the pot.
"BAM!" He slammed the macaroni into a plate beside the pot and handed it to me.

"Thanks.....Emeril." I said, giggling like a little girl while accepting the plate offered to me.

Gerard stuck his nose up in the air, "You better believe it."
I pulled up a seat at the little kitchen table and stuck a fork into the huge bowl of macaroni and cheese, shoving it into my mouth while watching Gerard situate himself in a seat opposite me with a bowl of his own.

We ate in silence, enjoying the sensation of our bellies expanding with each cheesy bite.
"I'm sorry Frank." Gerard said, tears in his voice.

I looked at him, questioning why the hell he was saying that; but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was supposed to be mad at him still, why wasn't I?
"No Frank, just shut the hell up and listen to me."

I cleared my throat and pushed a stray hair out of my eye. Propping my chin in my hands, I leaned in closer, preparing to listen intently to whatever he had to say.
He sighed and leaned back in his chair, studying over his hands, picking at his cuticles, anything to help him get whatever it was that needed out..said.

"I wanted to tell you Frank, I really did, but Bob, he just didn't want to hurt you."
I scoffed, "Yeah, and going around kissing my girlfriend behind my back isn't hurting me..right Gerard."
"Frank, don't be angry with him! I mean my God, the man's dead, give him a fucking break!" Tears rolled down Gerard's cheeks as he spit out the last words in his sentance. "He loved us all, he only wanted what was best for us, for you."

The eery silence of the stainless steal kitchen, mixed in with the faint sound of the rawring outside us, was enough to drive anyone insane. I watched Gerard sob, and go off into his own little world, right in front of me. His pale hands folded shakily in front of him, as he tried his best to contain his emotions that were leaking out all over his face.
He laughed a little and whiped his sniffling nose with the back of his long sleeve shirt, "Do you remember, when he would get so pissed when we would talk through movies?"

I chuckled at the thought of Bob screaming at us as we imitated the zombies from Dawn Of The Dead, as we all squished ourselves into the tiny tour bus t.v room.
"Yeah, gosh, just think of what he would have to say about all of this."
Gerard shook his head in rememberance, "He would probobly tell them all to shut the fuck up so he can get to sleep."

Our memoried laughter sounded through the kitchen and pounced off the steal appliances, creating a haze of laughter, lightening the mood.
"Let's just forget about it Gerard. I don't want Bob's memory to be killed by these awful hidden things you guys never told me. I just don't want to dwell on it. Besides, it's the end of the world, remember? Let's make the most out of this."

Gerard nodded in agreement and returned to shoving food in his face.
I gazed around the room, listening to the groaning outside the walls. They must have pretty much enclosed around us. It seemed odd to me, why none of us were too incredibly freaked out by what was going on. But than again, we were all kind of odd people, I mean, we wrote songs about this shit.

I picked up my fork again and lifted it to my mouth, awaiting the cheesy flavor to hit my lips, ONLY to be interupted by a breathless Mikey crashing through the door.
"They've gotten inside!!"

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