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"I don't want to die Frank!"

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Chapter 19.

I pressed my lips firmly together, as I ran down the long hall, gun dangling from my hand, heart beating so fast I could barely walk and head full of absolute bullshit.
Mikey had bust into the kitchen, delivering the news to Gerard and I that 3 of those fuckers had gotten inside. We rushed to the front door and blocked it with everything and anything we could find:chairs, wood, desks, the refrigerator...
The noise eventually woke everyone up to a nasty situation beyond the doors, well, what we could see of it; the furniture was pretty much blocking the veiw to the horrid display outside.

Johnathon yelled something and we all followed him down the hall. He threw a gun at me before rounding another corner of the hotel.
Our feet carried us across the bergundy carpet and down into the basement. The sounds were suprisingly worse down there, don't ask me why.
Jamia held onto me for dear life, as we all huddled in a circle in the damp, dark basement, flinching at the sounds around us.

Gerard's breathing died down a bit and he swalloed loudly, "We can't stay here."
We all silently agreed, not knowing what to say. I mean, where were we supposed to go?

"They're going to get in, slowly but surely, we're all going to die if we don't do something." He continued, trying his best to sound calm and sure of himself. Not that it was working one bit, but it helped at least pretending someone knew what was going on.

"There's always the van." Mikey said, unsure of exactly what he was getting at. "I mean, we could go look for some"
We all looked around our circle, trying to read each other's thoughts in hopes that maybe someone might have some place in mind.

Then it occured to me: "Well, Johnathon, you're a London native, where's a good place to hide from flesh eating corpses?" The sarcasm was dripping off my tongue; but I think everyone was too cold, too tired and too goddamn scared to notice or even care.

"Saint Paul's Church, it's just down the street, I think it's the only place that's left. Everything else is either half burned down, fully burned down or swarming with those things." Johnathon's voice echoed off the cement walls of the dreary basement, co-existing with the roaring outside. The sound was enough to make me vomit, which at that moment, sounded more appealing than anything else.

I felt Ray shift beside me and move his head over just enough to where his hair was tickling the side of my face, "So...what do we do?" he asked.
I heard the clearing of many throats and the return of uncertain silence.

"Well," Johnathon began, "I say, we take out guns and make a run for the van, shooting every single one of those things we see."
I felt the urge to laugh at such a stupid idea, but held it back, knowing that despite it's stupidity, it was the only way. I've seen Dawn of The Dead enough times to know that.

I let go of Jamia's hand and stood up, "Let's do it."
The first step, was to find some kind of light in that damn basement, I fumbled in the darkness looking for some kind of switch or string hanging from the ceiling.

The strike of a match caught my attention and I looked back to see Gerard holding it above his head. "I knew smoking would do me some kind of good one day." He said, shrugging and chuckling at the same time, while nervously trying to hold the match still.

"Alright guys, just follow me, I have the rifle, so I think it's best that way." Johnathon said, looking all of us over.
I glanced over at a very quiet Lilana, who was clutching a pistol in her bloody hand, and it wasn't her blood either. Something had happend while I was out and no one was wanting to tell me anything, which, to be honest, frustrated the living hell out of me. But I suppose that really didn't matter, seeing as we were all getting ready to die anway.

Jamia grabbed ahold of my arm and looked up at me, fear penatrating her eyes. I smiled warmly and as confidently as I could manage, "It's gonna' be ok Jam, just whatever you do, don't let go of me, ok?"
"Ok." Her voice was horse and shaky, fear bouncing off her tongue as she said that simple little word. "I trust you Frank."

I glanced back over at Lilana, who was trying her best not to look at me and Jamia. She was hurting and confused, even I could see that; but at that moment, all I really wanted to do, was protect Jamia and make her feel safe.

"You guys ready?" Johnathon asked, hand on the basement door which leading outside to the lower outside leval of the hotel.
"Just open the damn door, I want to get this shit over with." Gerard said, obviously pissed off, more than likely because he wasn't leading this little expedition. What a prick.

Johnathon took a deep breath and shoved the door open. Immediatly, the sounds of the dead could be heard 1000 times more, scaring the absolute shit out of us all.
"Fucking hurry!!!!" Johnathon began to run. I hated runnning! Goddamnit!

"Frank!! They're catching up with us!!" I looked over my shoulder, 20 or more zombies were on our tail, running as hard as they could, with the smell of our flesh keeping them on.
With Jamia still attached to my arm, I turned around and fired a shot at one of the creatures, blasting his brain all over the sidewalk.

Lilana screamed and continued to fire shots at random ones making their way to the sides of our little group.
"The van!!!!" Mikey screamed, pointing towards the small mini van 30 or so feet ahead of us. It seemed like so much longer to me. Running wasn't easy, especially when you have another human being suction cupping themself to your arm.

Brian picked up his pace and made it to the van first. He jumped in the front seat and starting up the engine, reving it, signaling for us to hurry up.

My mind was in a whirl. I was desperatly trying to hold onto Jamia and fire shots at the same time, while making sure everyone was still with us. I heard my name being called somewhere in the chaos and I frantically searched for the sorce. I couldn't see anything but flying body parts and blood and dirt. It was a disgusting display and I was in the middle.
I glanced back over towards the van, Gerard, Mikey, Lilana and Johnathon were already there. Where was Ray???

Maintaning my grip on Jamia's hand, I searched everywhere for Ray. My name was still being called by someone, I just couldn't figure out who. Jamia was screaming something, was it words? I have no idea.
I turned my attention back towards Gerard, who was pointing somewhere behind me and screaming. I looked back just in time to see Ray being forced to the ground by a particularly gruesome looking zombie.

I didn't want to let go of Jamia but my hand slid out of hers and my feet turned towards Ray, who was fighting this thing with all he had in him.
I fired my gun towards the horrid creature, landing it square in the eyes. It fell to the ground, earning the attention of about 5 others, who were quickly making their way towards Ray and I.

"Ray! Are you ok??" I screamed.
He nodded his head and accepted my outstretched hand, standing to his feet.

We ran full force back to the van, shooting random zombies around us to give us a more clear shot for the van.
Once at the van, I pushed Ray in and shot one more corpse before slipping inside myself and shoving the door shut.

Brian floored the van, crushing zombies beneath the tires as we sped down the streets that didn't even look like London anymore. Jamia slipped her hand back into mine and sobbed quietly on my shoulder. Lilana rolled her eyes and cocked her gun, trying her best not to let her jealousy surface. I felt like such an asshole.

I braced myself against the side of the seat as the van sped down the road. Brian was driving like a fucking maniac, not that I can blame him.

The van came to a very less than gracefull stop in front of a huge catholic church. It appeared to be made of brick and had huge iron/wood doors in the front, much to my relief.
"Everyone stay close." Johnathon opened the van door and stepped out, making sure the coast was clear before he motioned for us to follow him.

Jamia and I stepped out, and began to walk to the steps of the church. We could hear the faint, distant moans of the dead not far away, making all of our feet go a little bit faster.
Gerard and Lilana were behind me and Jamia with Ray and Brian trailing behind, making sure nothing was on our tail.

Johnathon pryed the doors to the church open and let us all slide past him, as he kept his eyes on the outdoors, making sure our backs were safe.
Once all inside, he locked the doors in every place he could find. I don't know how many goddamn locks were on that door, but those priests must have been paranoid.

"Everyone alright?" Mikey asked.

Everyone mumbled something or other. We were justt all glad to be somewhere else besides that stuffy hotel.

"Hey, um, maybe some of us should go check all the doors and windows and stuff.." Ray said, standing awkwardly in front of one of the pews.
Johnathon nodded his head, "Yeah, ok Ray, Gerard, you wanna come too?"

Gerard shrugged his head and squeezed Lilana's hand. The three men took off, checking all doors and windows for any possible way those pieces of shit could get it.

Jamia's hand was still firmly in mine. She looked over at me and smiled weakly. "Hey, why don't we sit down." I said, leading her to a pew and gently helping her to lay down on it. I sat in the floor below her, stroking the baby hairs around her face. She loved it when I did that.
Tears welled up in her eyes and she gripped my hand again, "I don't want to die Frank."

I shook my head and wiped the tears that had fallen down her cheek with the back of my hand, "You're not going to die Jam, I won't let you. Just trust me."
She nodded her head and brought my hand to her cheek, gently closing her eyes and sighing past her tears.

I let my head fall on her chest and I felt my concsiousness slip away from me.

Ok, so this chapter is dedicated to Frank and Ray, WHO I FUCKING MET LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing. The concert, meeting them, it was just insane!! I have a picture of Frank on my profile that I took, if anyone's intersted. It was just insane, I literally cried when I saw him. I got their autographs and what not. It was amazing!!!
Anyways, I'll stop bragging. I hope you guys liked this. Soooo sorry it took so long, I've just been busy. And sorry for any mistakes, I'm way too tired to proof it, you're lucky I actually took the time to write it, I'm exhausted from last night. Please rate and review, I really would like to know what you guys think. :DDDD
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