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59. Talking To Herself, There's No One Else Who Needs To Know

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in which we go back to Patrick's and see what happened when he realized it was Molly on his front stoop.

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"Molly?" Patrick asked in surprise.
"Yea...I'm home?"

"What...I're...BLONDE." Patrick finally spat out. The shock of his missing ex girlfriend standing on his front porch a few days before her twentieth birthday had basically impeded his ability to speak.
"That's what you notice?" Molly asked him.
"'re home?" He asked more then stated while simultaneously pushing the storm door open for the girl. Molly stepped inside and stood in front of him in the middle of the front hallway. The would-be couple stared at each other for a few minutes until they both broke at the same time. With barely a sound Patrick swept Molly up into a hug and stroked her hair as she started sobbing against his chest.
"It'll be ok Mol. You're home now." Patrick whispered as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet in the middle of his front hall clinging just as hard to Molly as she was to him. "Come on. Let's go sit down" Patrick continued as he guided Molly into the living room and onto the couch. Sitting down next to her Patrick pulled the girl back into his arms and held her for a few more minutes. Molly finally calmed down and pulled away.
"Patrick. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have behaved the way I did."
"Molly. It's ok. You're home now."
"No its not ok. I treated you so terribly for a long time after we broke up."
"You had you're reasons. I wasn't exactly a peach myself."
"Would you stop interupting me!" She finally exclaimed. "I fucked up royally. I know this. That's why I'm home." Molly took a deep breath before letting it out and looking Patrick in the eye she said, "I love you you dolt."
Taking that as the invitiation he had been waiting for Patrick leaned in and kissed Molly. Her lips gave way underneath his assualt and she kissed him back just as despretely. Patrick pulled Molly into his lap so she was stradling his thighs. Wrapping her legs around his waist he stood up without breaking their kiss and headed for the stairs.
Giggling the two managed to make it to Patrick's bedroom without falling down and only losing Molly's flip flops in the process. Laying Molly down on the bed Patrick stared at her nervously.
"What?" She finally asked him.
"It's been a while."
"I know."
"No...I mean all. for me. I've been..umm...yea."
"eh...fuck it. Just like a bike right?" Patrick said with a smirk as he climbed up onto the bed next to Molly and reattached his lips to hers. Reaching for the hem of her t-shirt Patrick pulled it up and over her head and started making his way down her body. Molly gasped as his fingers trailed her sides. Placing a soft kiss on her stomach Patrick laid his head there for a moment and said softly,
"God I missed you."
"Patrick....what the hell are you waiting for?"
"Oh. Right." Immediately he began unbuttoning Molly's jeans for her and working them down her body as well. "God you're still so beautiful."
"I am not." Molly muttered. Patrick raised an eyebrow at that and his reply was to simply start undressing himself.
Once they were both naked Patrick sat down against the headboard next to Molly and brushed her hair away from her face.
"I have to admit..I think I hate this." he said tugging on a strand of her blonde hair.
"Me too. It was a random idea. It backfired. I'm gonna get it fixed eventually."
"And you could stand to eat a bit."
"Yea...well. Money's been tight. Are we gonna talk or are we gonna fuck?" Patrick looked taken aback for a second at Molly's harsh phrasing but very quickly relaxed when his very naked exgirlfriend picked herself up and slid into his lap.
"I guess we're gonna fuck." He gasped out as her hands found him and slid him inside of her.
The two lovers didn't move for a few seconds and just sat there reaquaiting themselves. After half a minute Molly began rolling her hips ever so slightly against Patrick's and grinned when his head fell back and he groaned. Patrick's hands flew to Molly's hips and began guiding them into a steady rhythem. Gasping slightly he thrust up into her and pulled her lips to his. Molly wrapped her legs around Patrick's waist as they lost themselves.
"God. Molly." Patrick groaned into her neck. His body slick with sweat Patrick grabbed Molly's ass and flipped them over and began thrusting into her. Pinning her hands above her head Patrick felt a slight rage creep into his passion.
This girl who had done so much to him, to herself, to their friends. As Molly screamed his name over and over intermingled with harder and faster Patrick did as she requested until they both went over together.
Laying on top of Molly Patrick caught his breath for a second and then rolled off of her. The two layed there next to each other on his bed and intertwined their hands.
"I missed you." he finally said.
"Ya think?"
"Ha. Ha. Shower? My parents are gonna be home soon."
"Are we sixteen again?"
"No, but some of us still live at home and live by our parents rules. And I doubt pre-marital sex is up there on their list of what I should be doing."
"Point taken. Me first." Molly jumped up and ran into Patrick's bathroom before locking the door behind her.
"Me first? What?!" Patrick sat there in shock, "What just happened here?"
A half hour later once they were both showered and re-dressed and were lounging around Patrick's room again Molly cleared her throat.
"Yea?" Patrick asked looking up from his guitar.
"So...this was nice."
"Yea it was. I'm gonna give the guys a call in a little while. I think we should all get together and have dinner like old times."
"Um...I don't think that'd be a good idea." Molly said with a nervous tone in her voice. Patrick looked up curiously and gestured for her to explain. "Well...I'm actually leaving in two days."
"...excuse me?"
"I'm going back to LA."
"....I repeat. Excuse me?! If you were leaving WHY did you come here? WHY did we just have sex?!"
"Because we wanted to."
"Molly, contrary to the whole "rock star" thing I don't JUST have sex with people. I thought you were home. I thought things were going back to normal. I thought you loved me."
"I do love you."
"Then WHY are you leaving? What could possibly be in LA that isn't in Chicago."
" husband."
Silence enveloped the room at Molly's statement. Patrick continued to just sit in the middle of the floor and stare at her. The world had just stopped spinning as far as Patrick Martin Stump was concerned.
"You're husband?" he choked out tears coloring his voice.
"Yea....for about a month now."
"Get out."
"Patrick, if you'll just let me explain."
"Get out. I am DONE with you. DONE."
"Don't be ridiculous."
"...ya know. I blamed myself for our relationship going to shit. Not the break-up, but for the after-math. We could have salvaged something. But are not the same person I met in that radio station office."
"It's been years Patrick. You aren't the same either."
"I didn't get myself into what I know is a bad relationship---multiple times---get involved with God only know's what. Get married and then CHEAT on my partner. I am DONE with you. You are dead to me Molly O'Conell. Go back to LA and go finish the process of becoming a crack whore, you already look like one." Patrick stood up and put his guitar on its stand and stared coldly at Molly.
"Patrick. I didn't mean for all this to happen. I just came to say goodbye." At her imploring stare Patrick took a deep breath and calmly replied,
"I can't be your night in shining armor anymore Molly. You don't get to just show up and have me make everything ok. I can't handle it. It hurts too much. You do your stupid shit and then I have to clean it up. Well not anymore. Get out. You're Rick's problem now."
"Why can't you just be happy for me?"
"...are you serious? Have you really become THAT deluded in you're selfish little head? You want me to be happy for the one girl I've always been in love with when she's married to someone I truly hate?"
"I'm NOT deluded Patrick. I love him."
"I thought you loved me?" He ground out from between his teeth.
"I do."
"Go. Fuck. Yourself." He said as cold as ice in response and didn't even flinch when her palm made contact with his face hard.
"What happened to always loving me? Always being there for me?"
"That stopped the moment you decided I was something you could just toss away and pick up when you got bored. You know where the door is." Patrick turned around and walked into his bathroom before slamming the door and locking it behind him.
Sliding down the door and onto the floor Patrick stuffed his t-shirt into his mouth to try and stop or muffle the sobs that were building up inside of him. Once he heard her footsteps leaving his room he let it all out and cried for real for the first time in a long time.

A/N: Title is from "Better Man" by the amazing amazing Pearl Jam.
I got an email asking why things have been kind of from Patrick's perspective the last few chapters and that is because right now Molly is in such a weird place that she doesn't even know I don't feel like the audience should know her. It'll go back to Molly eventually.
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