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Chapter One

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Chapter One

Elise walked the halls of Saint Elisabeth's School for Girls, every day to class. Everyone around her was evil to her, all of them either saw depression or fire in her eyes whenever they looked at her. Elise had shoulder legnth, black, layred hair, pale skin, and un-manicured nails. If she could, she'd paint them black, but it was against the school dress code. Elise walked to her locker with her head hanging and always expected something to be hidden in there, from the popular girls. Last week they had put a packet of razor blades in a bag for her, and written on the bag in red sharpie was
Elise Anderson slits her wrists!
Last year during third period French class, Elise got a note saying
We know about the scars!!!
And next to it was a small picture of a wrist, a long, slim line across it with blood coming out.
Elise crumpled it and through it in her pencil bag, and after school when she got home she put it in a box, filled with other nasty notes from anyone.
Elise walked to class, passing everyone. When she got to the classroom, she walked in and sat down in a chair in the back. It was two minutes before class began, and Sister Mary wasn't in the class yet, so she pulled out her Composition notebook, and began to doodle.
She sketched a tiny person, wearing a plaid uniform skirt, a plain white shirt, and black dance shoes.
After Elise had finished, she took out her red checking pen, and began scribbiling all over the girl, and making tiny holes over her body, as if she had been shot.
Then the bell rang, and girls and Sister Mary walked in. Elise quickly closed her notebook and pen, and got out her Religion notebook.

"Now, who can tell me what the three days is called before Easter Sunday?" Sister Mary asked, pacing the floor, waiting for someone to raise their hand.
Elise looked around, no one knew, but she did. She slowly raised her hand, and waited. Sister Mary looked up and saw Elise, she smiled. "Yes, Elise?"
"The Tridium?" Elise answered. Sister Mary smiled, then nodded. "Yes, the Tridium." Sister Mary said, then went to the white board to write down their assignment.
Someone tapped on Elise shoulder from behind her, "Psst.." she said. Elise turned around, and there sat Mandy. "From Bridget." she whispered, handing her a small notepaper note, neatly folded with a red heart on it.Elise rolled her eyes, then quietly opened it and read the contents:

What do emo kids and Elise have in common???
1- they both begin with an 'E''
2- they both slit their wrists
3- they both want to die
and 4- they both are possesed!

Elise stared at the note, then crumpled it up and put it in her pencil bag, as always.

When Elise got home, she went straight to her room, passing her mother in the living room.
Elise shut her door behind her, tossed her messenger bag on her bed, then went straight to her desk. She stepped onto the chair, and reached up to the top shelf for the old Payless Shoe Store box. She pulled it down, stepped off the chair, then went over to her bed.
Elise pulled out the note from her pencil bag, and unfolded it.
She reread it, then threw it in the box, as if it didn't exist.
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