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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two
The next day, Elise woke up at six A.M. and got dressed. She slightly brushed her hair, then put on her Fall Out Boy rubber bracelet.
She walked down the hall to the kitchen to make her breakfast, a mear peice of toast and a glass of milk.
After breakfast, she went to her mother's room, where her mother laid in her bed, sound asleep. Elise kissed her lightly on the cheek, then left for school.
When Elise was ten, her mother and father had gotten into a horrible fight, and Elise watched her dad leave out her window.
She remebered that it was pouring down rain, and her dad pulling out of the driveway, and drove away, never returning.

Elise walked down the street to the metro bus stop, and waited on the bench for it to arrive.
A boy walked down the street, he wore baggy jeans, an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, and Converse shoes.
He sat down on the other end of the bench, and sat his backpack next to him. Elise didn't mind, she just sat there, silent, and her head hanging. He looked up at her, then leaned forward to attempt to see her face.
"Hey." he said. Elise looked up at him, with a small look in her eyes. "What's up?" he asked.
"The beautiful sky." Elise answered shortly. He looked up at the sky, it was grey and cloudy."Beautiful? How?" he asked confused.
Elise rolled her eyes, then crossed her arms. "Because, you dumb ass, it's a creation of God. Making it beautiful." she answered.
The bus pulled up to the stop, and opened the doors.
Elise grabbed her bag, then stood up to get on. "Wait! Where're you going?" he asked.
"School." she answered shortly, then got onto the bus, the doors slamming shut behind her.

The bus pulled up to a curb, two blocks away from the school.
Elise got off, then walked down the sidewalk with her arms crossed and her head hanging.
Elise heard girl's voices ahead of her, all giggeling.
She kept walking, knowing that it was the popular girls, probably laughing about Elise.
Elise walked passed a tree, in front of it were the three girls, laughing happily. "Oh look! It's emo Elise!" one of them shouted. Elise wanted to just stop and flip them off, but she knew that if she did, they'd report her to Sister Mary. Instead, she just kept on walking torwards the school, ignoring them.
When she got to the front lawn of the school, Elise looked up at the tall crucifix at the peak of the roof, she watched as the sun lifted behind it, then went inside.
Elise walked down the empty hall to the music room. She opened the door, and went inside.
Inside was a grand piano, sitting alone in the corner.
Elise set her bag down next to it, sat down, then pulled out her sheet music.
Elise placed her fingers on the keys, and began to play softly.
After she had played a few songs, the bell rang. Elise immidietly stopped, grabbed her sheet music, and ran out with her bag.

First period on Wednesdays was Mass.
Everyone crowded into the church, and waited for the weekly Mass to start.
Elise sat inbetween Amanda and Erin from her class. Amanda had short red hair, and Erin had long brown hair which she always pulled back into a pony tail. After the Gospel, everyone sat down to listen to the Preist's lecture. Elise listened with deep thought about his lecture.
Then she looked over at Bridget, Mandy, and Serena, the popular girls who were cantors for the Mass.
Once Bridget caught Elise's glance, she slowly raised her arm next to her, and pretended to slice it with an imaginary knife.
Elise immidietly looked away, and went back to listening to the lecture.

After Mass ended, Elise followed the crowd to their homeroom to get ready for the next class.
"Oh my gosh, Bridget, your voice was beautiful." "You guys should get a recording contract." and "You should be a singer." were what every other girl was commenting to Bridget, Mandy, and Serena. They'd just reply with a mear smile, and a weak 'thanks'.
Their homeroom was on the top floor, and at the end of the hall. Elise went in as the other girls stayed outside to chat.
She went straight to the back of the classroom, and sat down in her normal seat.
"Okay, ladies. Time for class." Sister Mary said as she gathered the girls inside. The girls sat down at their seat as Sister Mary grabbed her clipboard off of her desk, and began to take roll.
"Serena?" "Here."
"Mandy?" "Here."
"Bridget?" "Here."
"Amanda?" "Here."
"Erin?" "Here."
"Elise?" "Present."

Everyone knew that Elise was somehow different, and Elise knew it herself too.
Last year, Bridget and her group sent around a peice of paper that was asking for the girl's signature to send the 'demonic' Elise somewhere else.

Elise is a demonice figure! We need to send her away!
Sign Below:
Bridget, Mandy, Serena, Erin, Amanda, Alex, Jessica, Amy, Terri, Kate....

Come on Elise! Sign it! You know you want to leave this place to slit your throat and die!!!

Once Elise saw the note, sitting on her desk, she as always, crumpled it up and put it in her pencil bag to stash away at home later.
"Okay, now that everyone is here, we can start class." Sister Mary began. She grabbed a blue dry-erase marker from the board, and began to write on the board Who Is The Most Inspiring Person In Your Life?
"This is for this year's City Hall Essay Contest. It is to be at least two hundred and fifty words, and it has to be someone you know." Sister Mary instructed. Bridget raised her hand, "Yes, Bridget?" "When is the due date?" she asked.
"The due date is May fifteenth, so you have a whole year to write it, so you can choose wisely on your person." Sister Mary answered. Bridget nodded her head, then wrote it down in her notebook.
"Any more questions?" Sister Mary asked. The girls sat there, silent. Elise raised her hand, slowly.
"Yes, Elise?" Sister Mary asked smiling. "So, we can write it on anybody we know, and that person has to inspire us in a way?" Elise asked. "Yes, dear. And you all have until May to decide on that person." Sister Mary reminded.

"So who are you gonna write about?" Mandy asked Serena as they left the class for third period gym class.
"Not sure, maybe Sister Mary. She does inspire me." Serena replied. "You suck up!" Mandy joked.
Elise listened to them talk about being a suck up as she sat two rows behind them on the bleachers in the gym, waiting for Mrs. Lawrence to come in.
"Hey Elise!" someone shouted from the other end of the gym. Elise looked over, it was Bridget coming in for gym class.
"Who are you gonna write about? Satan?" Bridget shouted coldly.
Elise wanted to just run away, and cry into her bed sheets at home, but she just sat there and shook her head 'no'.
Mrs. Lawrence came in with her clipboard, and had the girls get in their fitness groups of two, and begin their stretches.
Elise was partnered with Amanda, who avoided talking to her at all costs.
One of the stretches was to sit across from your partner and to have your legs in front of you, and your feet touching. You would hold hands, and one would lay flat on the ground, and their partner would pull them up, then lead them back down.
Elise grabbed Amanda's hands, and began her stretching. They were told to do twenty. Elise did hers as quick as she could, taking every breath in slowly. Finally after twenty, her and Amanda switched places. Amanda laid down, then sat up, gripping onto Elise's hands.
While Amanda did her stretch, Elise looked around at all the other groups, Bridget was with Serena, Mandy was with Erin, Alex was with Terri, and all the others. "I'm done." Amanda said coming up into a sitting position, and let go of Elise's hands.
Elise sat in a sitting position, with her hands in her lap, and waited for Mrs. Lawrence to make the next order.
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