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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Elise walked down the sidewalk to her house, expecting to hear thunder from the sky; the clouds were grey and there were reports of a thunder storm coming from the west.
Down the street was the guy she had met that morning, skating on his skateboard in the street.
Elise stopped, and watched him attempt to do a kick-flip. Once he looked up and caught her glance, she continued down the street to her house.
Elise unlocked her front door with her key, then went inside. She walked up the stairs and then down the hall to her room. In her room, there was a bed with maroon sheets and confertor, a desk with a laptop, which she had bought with her own savings, an Evanescence and Fall Out Boy poster on the wall, and candles everywhere.
Elise tossed her bag on her bed, then did her reutine and put the dirty note away in the Payless Shoe Store box.
After she did, she changed into simple jeans and a black cami. Elise left her room and went to the living room to watch tv. She picked up the remote and flipped through the channels. Nothing was on at this time of the day.
Elise looked out the wide window, the guy from the bus stop was still outside skateboarding. She rolled her eyes, then gave up on watching tv, and went to her room.
Elise entered her room and shut the door. She went over to her cd pile on her desk and picked up her Marilyn Manson cd. She placed it in her radio, then went to "Rock Is Dead". Elise went over to her bed and sat down on the end and just listened to the song. She sat there, still, and listening to the beat.
All of a sudden, there was a knock on her door. Elise jumped up, went over to her radio and stopped the track. "Come in." Elise shouted.
Ms. Anderson slowly opened the door. She was dressed in her hospital jumpsuit, and her hair pulled back. "How was school?" she asked. "Good." Elise answered shortly. "So, what're you doing?" Ms. Anderson asked looking around Elise's room. "Nothin." Elise answered. "Well it didn't sound like nothin. I heard music, so you must've been doing something." Ms. Anderson joked. Elise rolled her eyes, then sat down on her bed. "Honey are you okay?" Ms. Anderson asked curiously. Elise looked up at her mom as she walked over to her bed and sat down next to her. "I'm fine, I'm just bored." Elise assured. "Everything's going alright at school?" Ms. Anderson asked concerned.
"Yes." Elise said sternly. "Just fine."
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