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Chapter Four

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elise gets an awakening

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Chapter Four

The next day was sunny and the weather was perfect. Elise sat in her seat in the back of the classroom in Literature class, thinking about how it was already fifth period, and Bridget or any of her possy hadn't sent her a note. Then all of a sudden, while Mrs. Amber had turned her back, someone threw a peice paper, and had hit Elise in the head.
Elise quickly picked it up from the floor, then hid it under her desk as she slowly unfolded it. It was no different then all the other notes that she had received, then put it in her pencil bag.

Later that day at lunch, since the weather was so nice, the teacher on lunch duty let them eat outside at the picnic tables. When everyone piled outside, everyone stopped in their tracks, and looked up at the court yard's main wall. Scribbled in red spray paint was


Elise stood, silent, with the wind blowing her hair in her face. All the girls gasped and whispered to one another. "What is going on here!" Sister Mary shouted as she came out onto the lawn, then looked up and saw the red scribbling on the wall.
Elise turned around and ran through the small crowd of girls. She ran inside the building and ran to the bathroom.
Once she was in one of the stalls, she slammed the door shut, then pounded on the door.
Tears began to storm down her pale face. With every pound she made, she shouted. "Why!" "Why!"
Elise slid down the door, and curled into a ball in the stall.

Elise sat in the passenger's seat of her mother's old and run down Toyota, with her forehead placed against the window.
"Elise, I'm sorry about what happened today." Ms. Anderson said sympathetically. "I just wish you would talk to me about this." "I wish I could, Mom. But you're never home!" Elise shouted angrily. "When I wake up, you're asleep, and by the time you get home from work, I'm asleep."
Ms. Anderson held onto the steering wheel tightly with both hands, and stared straight ahead.
"I'm sorry, Mom." Elise appoligised. "I just don't want to live like this anymore.

When Elise and her mom got home, Elise went straight to her room and slammed the door shut.
Elise lay on her bed, facing her window, the afternoon sun coming in.
Once Elise heard her mom pull out of the driveway to go to work, Elise stood up and went to her old yearbooks in her closet. She cut the pictures of all her classmates out with scissors, and put them in the Payless box with all the notes. Then she got up and left her room with the boxes.
Elise went to the kitchen, and rummaged through the drawers. Finally, she found her mother's cheap matches, and then went out into the backyard.
Elise walked over to the gas grill, turned on the gas, then lit one of the matches and threw it in.
The flames grew high and higher, until it almost went above the open cover of the grill.
Elise backed up, and watched the orange flames. She opened the box, then walked back over to the grill, and dumped all the notes and pictures into the flames.
As the pieces of notebook paper and pictures began to melt, Elise smiled, with evil in her eyes.
After the pictures and notes turned to ashes, Elise turned the grill off, and put the fire out with the garden hose, she went to the garage and got out her bike.
Elise closed the garage door, then rode away on her old bike down the road.

As Elise road down the back road to the old bridge, she thought about what she was about to do.
Tears began to fall down her cheeks, but she squinted her eyes to keep them from coming.
Elise pulled over to the side of the road next to the bridge, and threw her bike onto the ground.
She walked over to the edge of the bridge and looked down into the river. The water flowed upriver, and the sunlight was glistening in the water.
Elise grabbed ahold of the handle bars on the outside of the bridge, and scooted down and down into the middle of the bridge. Elise knew that she wasn't a good swimmer, but knew some. Elise closed her eyes, and cried. "God, what they have done has drawn me to do this. But why? Why did you let them?" Elise said. "That is my final question for you."
And Elise let go slowly of the handles, and slowly drifted down and down into the river.
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