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To many thoughts

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Chapter 3
To many thoughts

Rikku's POV
Why do I think so much? I thought There's just so many things that came up, I'm not even sure I'm fine anymore, sure I tell everybody that...In fact nobody knows anything about me anymore, I keep it locked away...I'm not even sure why

Rikku was on the 'Deck' lying down on her back

"No one would even try to help me though" I said to myself

Or maybe they would I thought

"Or maybe I'm just going insane" I said out loud

I'm sure Yuna would help or at least try to, Paine probably wouldn't care well...neither would Shinra, Brother or Buddy I thought

"I wouldn't want to worry Yuna " I sighed

"Worry me about what?" Yuna questioned leaning against the Celsius

She startled me as I jumped to my feet right quick and saw her

"Oh...just some things I've been thinking about" I said looking at the sky

"I knew something was wrong, remember you can tell me anything" Yuna replied

"I know but I'm just confused, Let me try to work that out first" I said laying back down

"Okay then" Yuna said with a worried tone

"Oh yeah, I know this doesn't sound right but Paine was worried about you" Yuna said as she started walking back to the elevator

Paine? She's not worried about anyone...Why me? I thought

Something's up...I can feel it I thought

5 minutes later

This feeling I've been having lately...I don't understand it sometimes I thought
Maybe I should go to the 'bridge' and talk to Yuna...maybe I thought

So I went...Not sure what I was going to say but I guess it would be something like 'Hey Yuna let's go to the Cabin I need to talk with you' Or something like that...

But when I got there Yuna started running up to me...

"I need to talk to you Rikku" She said and started towards the elevator

"umm..okay" I said following her

Everything was silent in the elevator until we got to the 'Cabin'

We went to the bar and sat down

"uhhh...what's up?" I asked her thinking about what I was going to say

"Where should I start" She asked herself

"How about at the beginning" I answered

"Well you see..." She started

"I overheard Paine and Buddy talking" She said

"About what?" I asked

"" She had said

"Me? What were they saying?" I asked hoping she would say something good

"Paine was asking about you" She said sounding guilty about eavesdropping

Suddenly Barkeep comes in and starts washing dishes

"Fryd fyc cra ycgehk?" I asked her

"Cdivv mega ouin vyjuneda lumun yht vmyjun uv lyhto" She replied

"Cra'c hud ehdanacdat eh dryd geht uv cdivv...mad ymuha sa" I said wondering

"Famm...huf cra ec" She replied while thinking

"Oh yeah I wanted to talk to you anyway" I said just remembering

"Oh...well what's up?" She asked smiling

"Famm...oui caa" I started

"Fyed...Uha xiacdeuh ev E syo" I said

"Cina ku yrayt ycg yfyo" She replied smiling

"Yuna ouin so luiceh yht E fyc fuhtanehk ev oui mujat sa" I said

"Uv luinca E tu, fro?" She asked

"E fyc fuhtanehk ev dryd fuimt lryhka ev E fyc...kyo?" I asked looking off

"Fro tu oui drehg ed fuimt?" She asked a little shocked

"E druikrd E ryt du pa cdnyekrd eh untan vun oui du muja sa" I said a little relived

"Hu hud ajah so meddma luiceh, E muja oui hu syddan fryd" She said hugging me now

"That's good" I replied

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Al Bhed Translations

Fryd fyc cra ycgehk? What was she asking?

Cdivv mega ouin vyjuneda lumun yht vmyjun uv lyhto Stuff like your favorite color and flavor of candy

Cra'c hud ehdanacdat eh dryd geht uv cdivv...mad ymuha sa She's not interested in that kind of stuff...let alone me

Famm...huf cra ec she is

Famm...oui caa see

Fyed...Uha xiacdeuh ev E syo Wait...One question if I may

Cina ku yrayt ycg yfyo Sure go ahead ask away

Yunaouin so luiceh yht E fyc fuhtanehk ev oui mujat sa Yuna your my cousin and I was wondering if you loved me

Uv luinca E tu, fro? Of course I do, why?

E fyc fuhtanehk ev dryd fuimt lryhka evE fyc...kyo I was wondering if that would change if I

Fro tu oui drehg ed fuimt? Why do you think it would?

E druikrd E ryt du pa cdnyekrd eh untan vun oui du muja sa I thought I had to be straight in order for you to love me

Hu hud ajah so meddma luiceh, E muja oui hu syddan fryd No not even my little cousin, I love you no matter what
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