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My Home

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Chapter 6
My Home

Rikku's POV

Oh shit, when she said that she loved me I felt overwhelmed, happy but yet sad at the same time so it was very confusing for me. I didn't know what to do or say so I said what came to mind.

"oui tu?" I whispered

"oayr" She responded

I turned on my back trying to collect my thoughts

Well, my luck she got on top of me

Damn that's not good I thought How do I get her off without her yelling at me?

So I just pushed her off, uh-oh

"What the hell was that for!" She yelled

"Oui drehg fa luimt ku cmufan" I said to her

"Okay then" her calmness returned as she replied to me

"Thank you" I said

"Yeah" She responded

She got up and sat back on the bed leaning over me

"Is this better?" She asked

"Yeah" I giggled as I replied to her

"Good" She responded

"Uhh...Okay" I said

She smiled at me

As she leaned down and kissed me, I think she was enjoying this more than I was but whatever I guess, well this isn't to bad I mean she's pretty good at this, she slipped her tongue in my mouth and leaned in more as to deepen it and then I pulled away.

I thought I heard someone come in so I got up to look but there was nobody there so I decided to go down stairs and leave to the Deck, I mean I didn't want to leave Paine but at the same time I did. So I left

As I arrived at the Deck I saw Yuna out there

"Hiya" I greeted her

"Hi" She said

"I'm always welcome here right?" I asked her

"Of course you are" She reassured me

"Okay then I guess in a certain way this is my home isn't it" I said smiling

"Yep!" She said enthusiastically

End Chapter

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Al Bhed Translations!

Oui tu is You do

Oayr is Yeah

Oui drehg fa luimt ku cmufan is You think we could go slower
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