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Break In

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Chapter 7
Break in

Well this took a long time and I'm really sorry about that.

Midnight in the cabin.

Paine's POV

What the hell just happened here? I took Yuna's advice to get pushed off and left. So once again the question is what the hell just happened here?

After a few minutes I laid out on Rikku's bed and fell asleep.


On the Deck

Rikku's POV

I had sat down lying my back against the gull. I really had no idea why I left Paine earlier, maybe things are moving to fast, or maybe since I had played it over that she was gonna freak and leave me here alone I wanted that.

"Its cold up here" A voice came out from behind me. When I looked I saw Yuna standing there looking at me.

"Yeah a little" I responded still thinking. Yuna came and sat down right next to me just looking at me as if trying to read my mind.

"What're you thinking about?" She finally asked me looking off into the distance.

"E's hud naymmo cina" I said sighing, wondering if that would be a good enough answer.

"Rikku I won't make you tell me but just remember that I'm always here if you need to talk" She placed a hand on my shoulder I just smiled at her.
"I know" I moved to the left a little so I could lie down.

She stood up and shivered a little. "Did you want a blanket or something warm?" She
asked me.

"Yeah a blanket would be great" I just smiled and stared at the clouds.

She walked inside as I started to sort out my thoughts.

Why did I leave? I kept thinking that over and over it was starting to annoy me.
Maybe the real question is why was she showing me I sighed once again and closed my eyes.


Yuna's POV

I walked back outside holding a blanket and starting to wonder about Rikku a little.

"Hey Rikku I have -" I stopped in the middle of that sentence when I noticed she was asleep. I shook my head lightly and lied the blanket on top of her.

I walked back inside and took the elevator to the Cabin. I went upstairs to see Paine sleeping on Rikku's bed. I lied down and decided to fall asleep as well.

The Next Day around 8am

There was this loud crash that startled and woke me up.

"Calm down" I heard Paine say, that's when I realized I was standing on my bed with both guns toward the downstairs door.

"What was that?" I questioned jumping off my bed.

"Who knows, probably Rikku" I heard Paine sigh and shook her head.

I just giggled at that thought as we both went downstairs and got in the elevator. We walked into the bridge to see a huge mess. I sighed and looked for Rikku.

Our search came up with nothing, we couldn't find her for awhile. Then Paine lifted a piece of cardboard to find her there with tape over her mouth and her hands tied behind her back.

"What happened here?!" I kneeled down and took the tape off.

"I don't know, I don't remember much" She replied I noticed that she sounded like she was in pain.


Paine's POV

The first thing I noticed was her fingers were covered in blood it looked as if she was defending herself. I looked up her arm to see a few scratches and bruises.

"What do you remember?" I leaned down and cut the rope binding her hands together.

"I came down from the Deck, I walked through that door" She said pointing at the door

"But then someone attacked me from behind, but I was going to turn around then that's when everything went blurry then blank" She said as she rubbed her head a little.

I looked where she was rubbing when I noticed blood running through her hand.

"You're bleeding" I said pushing her hand away looking at the cut.

"Owie...don't touch it" she said swatting my hand away.

"If I don't touch it then how do you expect me to help you" I replied tilting her head with one hand and lightly touching the spot trying not to hurt her.

Damn its pretty deep I thought still examining it.

"Its not bad is it?" Rikku asked me trying not to show she was in pain.

"No its not that bad at all" I lied to her not wanting to worry her

"Come on you should lie down though" I helped her up and lead her to the cabin.

I lied her down on her stomach, then I took a piece of cloth Yuna gave me. I soaked the rest of the blood up with it, took some more cloth and wrapped it around her forehead covering the wound in the back.

"There all done" I said helping her roll over on her back.

"Thanks Dr. P" She said smiling as always.

Usually I would have gotten mad at this but the name fit at the time.

"No problem" I replied looking at her for awhile.

I let a small smile form on my face then leaned down and lightly kissed her on the lips.

She looked at me smiling she hugged me, I lied her back down and kissed her again a little more forceful this time. I would've kept going but I didn't want to hurt her any more than she was already.

I stood up and walked out letting her get some rest.

End of Chapter 7

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E's hud naymmo cina - I'm not really sure
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