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Just Wondering

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Chapter 8
Just Wondering

Oh yeah people I was thinking of killing off one of them later on, but I'm still not sure. So post your suggestions on who to kill or even if I should or shouldn't.

Noon, in the Bridge

Paine's POV

Since yesterday me and Yuna have been searching for any clues to see who jumped on board. Our search was coming to an end but nothing was coming up.

"Where's the boys?" Yuna asked looking around. That was true the boys haven't been here since the attack yesterday.

"I don't know" I said bluntly still looking hoping I was going to find something.

After a few more minutes we still didn't find anything so I sighed sitting down on the stairs.

"Hey what's this?" Yuna said looking at a blood puddle on the ground. I stood up and walked over to her

"Rikku was bleeding remember" I said looking at the puddle.

"Yeah I remember that but I mean there's nothing around here that could have hit her" She looked at me kind of confused. She was right, there's nothing around here that could have done that.

"Damn...Nothing's making sense right now" I sighed again closing my eyes shaking my head.

"What could have made that kind of cut?" Yuna started pacing.

"Well, counting on how deep it was-" I was quickly cut off.

"I thought you said it wasn't that bad" She stopped pacing looking straight at me.

"I lied okay...Anyway, as I was saying counting on how deep it was it could've been the back of a sword, a piece of glass, or even a brick although they would have had to hit her pretty hard for that one" I said crossing my arms across my chest.

"How about a gun?" She asked laying her back against the wall.

"Yeah I would think so" I looked at her wondering what she was getting at.

"Aren't we parked near Bevelle?" She pushed herself off the wall.

"You think they could've done this?" I looked around then back at her.

"Well the way they trashed everything and didn't leave a single mark sort of sounds like them" She said walking up the stairs to leave.

"I'm going to check on Rikku" She said about to leave.

"Yuna let me do that, you keep looking around here" I walked past her and into the elevator before she could say anything.


Rikku's POV

I just woke up looking at the clock reading 12:30. I sat up to feel so much pain from the wound I had to lie back down.

"You feeling alright" I heard Paine say, so I looked at her and just smiled.

"Yeah I'm fine, it just hurts a little" I said rubbing it a little. She came and sat down.

"Let me take a look at it" She started unraveling it.

I noticed when she was looking at the wound she looked a little concerned. Then she shook the look off.

"It looks fine" She said replacing the cloth with a new one.

"What was that look?" I asked wondering if she was telling me the truth.

"What look?" She was trying to avoid the question a little.

"That looked a little something was wrong" I looked at my hands on the blankets.

"Listen to me" She pulled me into a hug, stroking her hand through my hair sighing a little.

"If there was anything seriously wrong I'd tell you" She told me starting to play with my hair a little. I lied my head down on her chest listening to her heartbeat.

She looked at me then lied down trying not to move me. After awhile she wrapped her arms around me keeping me there, then she just leaned and kissed my forehead and lied back down. I smiled and fell back asleep.


Paine's POV

I looked at her sleeping on me and just sighed thinking how cute she looked. I looked at the clock reading 12:45.

I know I should wake her up but I don't want to bother her I thought at that realizing that I was getting soft.

I also knew that this was the only time I have alone with her so I nodded at that and without realizing fell asleep with her.

When I finally woke back up Rikku was gone so I looked at the clock as it read 3:25

Damn its been 3 hours I sat up and walked downstairs to see Yuna and Rikku giggling and eating.

I started walking past them when I felt someone tug on my arm, I turned to see Rikku smiling at me and nudging for me to come sit.

I walked over and sat down next to her, she slid her arm through mine and lied her head on my arm. I realized after awhile that I had started smiling.

I was feeling great today and I wanted to make sure Rikku knew that. I slid my hand underneath her chin and pulled her head up, gazed into her eyes for a few seconds then kissed her so softly. After a few minutes I realized that Yuna was staring at us. So I backed off and looked at her.

"What?" I said just looking at her

"Nothing" She giggled a little looking off drinking some water.

I just shook my head smiling still got up just to hear Rikku groan but still let go of me. I made it out onto the deck watching the water wondering why we had stopped on the ocean. Just shaking my head at that thought I took my shoes and gloves off and jumped in.


End Chapter 8

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