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What's wrong?

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The rating is only for the swearing. there might be a possible RixPa but I don't know yet. Oh and its not scifi its more of mystery but they didn't have the genre in there.

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Chapter 1
What's Wrong?

Note: All Al Bhed will be translated at the end of the chapters

4 days earlier

In the Cabin of the Celsius

"Guys where's Jake?" Rikku walked in asking them, "I don't know, he's your son" Paine said reading a flyer.

" I know, but he ran off while we were playing a game and now I can't find him" She explained to them "Did you check the Deck?" Yuna asked her "No" She replied to her cousin,

"Well gee, no wonder why you can't find him" Paine said to her as she looked over at her. Rikku ran up to the Deck to find Jake standing near the gull looking upward at nothing,

"Jake? Are you alright?" She asked him walking forward, He didn't answer her he just looked at her, his eyes emotionless

"Jake? Is something wrong?" She asked him as she stopped walking. He looked at her with the same emotionless eyes and pointed behind her while saying "Look the bushes be careful...move...Move out of the way" He said starting to get angry "I said get out of the way...Get the fuck out of the way!"

He screamed at her then passed out. By now she was scared but she ran to him, picked him up, and took him back to the Cabin. When she walked in they looked at her

"What happened?" Paine asked her noticing she was carrying her son, "I-I'll tell you in a minute" she said as she ran upstairs and laid him down and jumped off the loft.

"Well? What happened?" Yuna asked her "umm...well.." She started...She ended up explaining everything to them about what happened... "wow.." Yuna said "I wonder what's wrong with him" Paine said sitting down,

"Nothings wrong with him" Rikku told her "Maybe not but Rikku, he either inherited it or something's wrong with him and you have to get that checked out" Yuna told her,

"Where could he have inherited it from, Gippal can't do that" Paine told her.. "Yeah he can't" Rikku replied, "Rikku, what are you talking about you told us Gippal's the father" Yuna said confused

"At least he better be the father" Paine told her, "yeah he's the father" Rikku replied looking off. After a couple of hours of them talking Jake woke up, he rolled off the bed "Ah!" He yelled as he fell. Rikku ran up there and saw him on the ground "Buun pypo" She said as she helped him up giggling, "Ur, pa xiead sus!" Jake replied to her.

They both walked downstairs he ran and hugged Yuna "Hiya!" He said all happy to her, "Hey Jake" She said while smiling...Paine jumped up

"So what now" She said looking at them. "We're going to Luca" She said as she picked Jake up "Jake...We're taking you to a doctor" She told him

"Why? What's wrong with me?" He asked her "That's what we're trying to figure out Jake" She said as she set him down "So off to Luca then!" Yuna said

I'll try to get the next chapter up ASAP please r&r

Al Bhed Translations:

Buun pypo - Poor Baby

Ur, pa xiead sus - Oh, be quiet mom

That's the first chapter hope you liked it.
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