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Behind the Gym

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Frank and Gerard

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It week or so later since I had hanged out with Frank by oursleves. I decided to cut English Class. Since I was a senior, most of the teachers didn't care if we didn't show or not. And since I wrote an amazing paper a month ago on desiring someone you can't have, Ms. Belmos was too impressed to rag on me about now showing. So I slipped out of the building to behind the gym to smoke a cigarette. Nothing was more relaxing.

I stood with my back on the wall of the building for almost thirty minutes, taking regular drags on my cigarette. I wondered what Mikey was doing. He was a pretty good student for a sophmore and had never skipped a class. Of course, I also wondered what my Frank was doing now. He was the kind of kid that talked in class but was so sweet you would never give him detention. So guess how surprised I was when Frank appeared beside me. I jumped when I realized he was there.

"Fuck Frank!You're gonna give me a heart attack", I growled at him, "Besides, what are you doing cutting class?"

"I'm not", Frank told me with bright eyes, "I told her I wasn't feeling well"

"The oldest excuse in the book", I stated to him as I decided to rag on him a little, "You could of thought of something more creative than that"

Frank knew I was messing with him. Using the excuse of messing with him was the only way we could touch without getting into a talk about feelings, even though I still didn't know if he liked me. He instantly grabbed my newly lit cigarette from my mouth. I looked at him astonished. Frank even looked surprised of himself. No one ever touched my cigarette. I gave him an amused smile as he took a drag from the cigarette. Of course, my innocent Frank couldn't handle a cigarette and coughed, loosening the grip on the it, burning himself. Frank dropped it instantly and gave a little yelp.

"Franks! Calm down", I said as he kept giving little crys of pain. Obvisously he had never been burned by anything.

I pulled him toward me to get him quiet. I didn't want people to find us since we cutting class. Detention wasn't the greatest thing in the world. I needed something to distract him.

"Franks", I said a bit louder as he finally looked at me...something to distract him....

I pulled him closer and gave him a small kiss on his lips. My plan worked perfectly. He stopped making any sounds. He just looked at me wide-eyed. And the plan was fun for me too.

"Finally that shut you up", I told Frank as I turned to get to the one class I liked, art.

"Hey Gerard", Frank called, coming out of shock. I turned to look at the beauty, "If I burn myself again will that get you do that again?"

I partially laughed at Frank's question as I thought of a response.

"You don't have to burn yourself again", I told him as I turned to walk to class.

*Frank's POV*

Oh my god! Gerard kissed me. It was the best thing ever. I can't believe what I said to him, but I really do want that to happen again.
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