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A certain imperfect clone poses a threat to Danny's quasi-stable (love?) life. DannyxSam, drabble-esque.

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Title: Threatening
Characters: Danny, Sam, Dani
Rating: PG
Word count: 267
Prompt: Threat
Summary: A certain imperfect clone poses a threat to Danny's quasi-stable (love?) life. DannyxSam, drabble-esque.
Notes: This was originally going to be a DanixYoungblood ficlet for a dear friend, but somewhere in the middle the mojo kind of died. I didn't feel like forcing my imagination, so I say stick with the script you know. Also, evidently Danny and Sam are old enough to have graduated from high school if they already own a house.

Danny's bellow is bordering on becoming a Ghostly Wail. "Danielle, for the last time- YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STAY WITH ME!"

"Aw, come on... it'll be fun!" In contrast, his parentless cousin's voice is closing in on a Ghostly Whine; but Danny keeps that to himself. He doesn't need a ghost fight right now, in his brand new house where everything is bright and shiny, untouched and expensive, much less with someone who has made the habit of dissolving into ectoplasmic goo.

"Uh huh. Like I'll believe that again."



"Pretty please?"


"Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"No, and if you keep asking I'll suck you into the thermos."

Dani gasps; the older half-ghost knows he's hit the jackpot. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Wouldn't I?"



Sam's voice floats down the stairs. "Cut it out, both of you. Danny, let her stay here. It won't do any harm."

He mentally reels, and his voice goes up a seventh and a half of an octave. "Saam! What about," Danny fidgets for a word, "what about- you know!"

"If you keep whining, I'll cut you off from doing 'you know' for a week." Sam's voice has a note of finality in it, and Dani makes a contemptuous noise of disgust as she flees the room. Danny stares after her, and slowly grins as the front door slams shut while his girlfriend waltzes down the stairs in nothing but a camisole and underwear.

"Was that intended?"

Sam presses a kiss to his neck. "You know it. Now help me unpack the rest of this crap."
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