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fyi: chapter thirteen... is a dream...or more like flashbacks...

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4 years ago

i walked into the Way house with half of my belongings in suitcases and duffel bags. Mrs. Way came running to me and embraced me into one of her comforting hugs.

"oh Audrei, a 13-year old child doesnt deserve to lose her parents the way you did" she sobbed. i began crying and hugged her tighter. i didnt want to let go but i did when i finally ran out of tears to cry. she bent down to meet my green eyes.

"honey, everything will be okay...just wait and see" she whispered...i wanted to believe her but inside i knew that not everything was going to be okay...


3 years ago

i sat on the grass in front of my parents tombstones. it was was only now that Mr and Mrs Way let me off on my own to visit the cemetery. they didnt like me coming here at night.

i sat there staring at my parents names, when somebody comes and sits next to was Frank...

Frank and i never really had a great friendship. we hardly ever spoke to one another, hardly ever saw each other, hardly did anything together. we dont know why it was like that...

i looked at him and he looked at me.

"im sorry about your mom and dad" he whispered.

"thank you" i whispered back. he quickly got up and left. i sighed. that was the first time he had spoken to me since the funeral...


2 years ago

i entered Gerards new apartment.

"wow Gerard, this is nice" i said when Gerard came out of some room. he gave me a kiss on the lips and held my hand.

"glad you like it. i was just in the room thats going to be my art studio" he said and smiled that smile that i loved so much.

"and you're going to live here all by yourself...its awfully big for one person" i asked as he began to show me around.

"no, im going to have a roommate"

"who?!? Mikey?!?"

"no, uhh that girl that Frank's going out with" he said.

"Nicole?!?" i said in disgust. "why?!?"

"Franks mom wont let her stay at their house anymore and her parents died a couple years ago so she has nowhere to go" he replied...


a year ago

Frank stared at me as i entered our new apartment. Mikey came out of his room.

"hey Audrei...Gerard called and said he wont be able to go out to dinner tonight" Mikey said. i plopped down on the couch next to Frank. he continued to stare at me. i sighed...

"oh and Frank...Nicole said she cant go to the movies tonight" Mikey said and then looked at me with some concern. "are you okay?!?" he asked me.

"uhhh. yeah, its just that thats the fourth time that Gerard's cancelled our date." i said

"oh, well he's probably just really busy" i watched Mikey leave the living room. i looked at Frank again... his eyes were trying to tell me something but i couldnt tell what they were trying to say...
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