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i suddenly began to feel cold all over and i slowly opened my eyes. i looked around and realized that i was in my room. i felt a sharp pain in my right arm. i looked at it. white bandages went all the way up past my elbow. i could see some dried up blood underneath the bandages. i felt dizzy as i sat up in my bed.

"hey you're awake" a voice said from the doorway. it was Frank. the shirt he was wearing was full of blood stains. he came and sat on the bed next to me.

"what happened?!?" i asked.

"you went psyco with a razor and cut up your whole right arm. you passed out from losing so much blood. and you've been asleep for about 18 hours." he pointed at my clock. it was 8:04 pm.

"is that my blood on your shirt?!?" i asked. then i thought that i shouldnt have asked him that because of course that was my blood on his shirt.

"yeah, i havent changed yet. ive been busy bandaging you up and keeping the guys sane"

"you mean they're here?!?" i asked. he nodded

"Gerards here too, if you dont mind...hes the only one thats seen you though. Bob Ray and Mikey nearly died when they saw me come in with you at almost 4 in the morning with blood all over"

"why were they here at 4 in the morning?!?"

"because before i went out to follow you, i told Mikey that i would be back in half an hour...and we all know how Mikey panics when you're not back in he called Bob and Ray over to look for us because then he saw that you werent here either"

"what happened when they saw us come in?!?"

"i came in carrying you in my arms and you wouldnt stop bleeding. Bob and Ray, who were half asleep on the couch, suddenly woke up and started to freak out. Mikey then comes in and actually faints from all the blood. i told myself to worry about them later since you were the one that was in trouble. so i cleaned your 62 cuts and put gauze and bandages on you. Bob called Gerard while i was doing that." he paused.

"62 cuts?!? on one arm?!? you actually counted?!?"

"yes, dont ask me why...i just did, okay" he looked away from me and at the door, then back at me.
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