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Pancakes And Wrestling

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Kate comes over for breakfast

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Three days later.

"Pete wake up." Joe shook him back and forth.

"What? I'm sleeping." He groaned.

"Oh ok, i guess i'll just have to tell KATE your busy." Joe started walking away.

"Wait! I'm up, i'm up! Give me the phone." Pete sat up and grabbed the phone from Joe.

"Hey Kate. What's up?" He answered.

"Oh nothing. I was wondering if you wanted to do something today."

"Yeah, totally. Whatcha wanna do?" He asked.

"I don't know.I was thinking maybe i could..... Meet the rest of the guys." She said.

Pete laughed. "Sure. C'mon over. We can all have breakfast."

"Alright. I'll see you then." She hung up the phone.

Pete left his bed and went down to the livingroom.

"Hey guy's, Kate's gonna come over and have breakfast with us. Is that cool?" He asked.

"Yeah totally." Patrick agreed.

"Ok cool. She said she wanted to meet you guys. I can't imagine why." Pete joked.

"Ha ha very funny." Andy said sarcasticly.

"Ok. What are you guys waiting for? We have to make breakfast!" Pete grabbed Joe by the arm and yanked him into the kitchen. Andy and Patrick followed behind.

"Let's make pancakes!" He said cheerfully. He threw the pancake mix at Andy, who luckily caught it.

"And toast!" He threw the loaf of bread at Patrick, which hit him in the face.

Andy began pouring the mix onto the pan on top of the stove. He added the blueberries and chocolate chips. Pete came over to observe.

"Andy! What have you done! What if she's deathly allergic to blueberries!? Then what!? Huh?!" He panicked.

"Pete!" Joe yelled.

"Calm down! She isn't deathly allergic to blueberries. And if she is, she can eat the chocolate chip ones."

"Right. Good thinking Joe. You always were my favorite." He punched Joe in the arm.

"Patrick. Wheres the toast?" He asked

"It's almost done. Do you want jelly or peanut butter on them?" He asked

"Jelly or peanut butter!? Why would i want jelly or peanut butter on my toast!?" He yelled back.

"OK! OK! I was just asking. Geeze....." Patrick took the toast out of the toaster.

"Pancakes are done!" Andy placed one pancake on each plate and got out the maple syrup from the fridge.

"Very nice. Alright then, i think thats about it. Let's see, we got the toast and the pancakes..... ORANGE JUICE!!" Pete screamed. He ran towards the refrigerator and flung open the door, pulling out the nearly empty bottle of juice.

"Code red! Code red! No orange juice! I repeat, no orange juice!!" He yelled.

"Dude! Shut up! Theres another bottle in the refrigerator down in the basement. I'll go get it, ok?" Andy said.

"Oh..Ok." Pete sighed in relief.

"Yeah dude, your like, totally flipping out over nothing. It's gonna be fine." Joe responded.

"Yeah, i know. I just want everything to be perfect. I mean, even though i haven't known her that long, i really care about her. Which is pretty crazy. We've only been on two dates." He admited

"Aw, widdle petey's in wuv!" Andy teased

Pete's face turned red with embarrassment. "Am not! Your just a stupid treehugging dirt worshipper!" Pete said in return.

Joe and Patrick laughed.

"Am not!" Andy denyed.

"Andy's a hippie!!" Pete teased and stuck out his tounge.

"Oh yeah! Well...Your a girly man! That's right, a girly man!"

Pete frowned. " Am not!"

"Uh huh! You wear girl jeans that are five times to small for you and make-up! So there!" Andy stuck out his tounge.

"That's it, your going to down..." Pete ran after Andy and then tackled him to the ground.

"Ahhh! Rape!!!" Andy screamed.

Joe and Patrick were finding all of this very ammusing to watch. It was like a little version of Jerry Springer.

"Who do you think's gonna win?" Joe whispered to Patrick.

"I dont know." Patrick answered.

"Andy might be a bit stronger."

"No way. I say Pete's gonna win. No doubt."

"You wanna put money on that, Trohman?" Patrick smiled.

"Yeah. Twenty bucks says Andy's gonna lose."

Patrick nodded. "Prepair to hand over the cash."

The fight went on for a few more minutes until they were interupted with a knock on the door.

"Your dates here Pete." Andy said putting Pete into a head lock.

Joe answered the door. "Hey, you must be Kate."

"Yes. And you are?"

"Joe." He held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Joe." She shook his hand.

"C'mon in." He moved out of the way. When she walked in she saw Pete in a head lock.

"Hey..Kate..." He choaked out.

She laughed. "Hey Pete."

"Ok Andy, let me go." He said trying to break free.

"Do you surrender??" Andy teased.

Pete sighed. "Yes. I surrender." Andy release his grip and let Pete go.

Pete stood and and gave Kate a hug.

"Kate. This is Patrick, Andy and Joe." He pointed them out.

"Nice to meet you guys." She smiled.

"Nice to meet you to" Patrick replied. He shook her hand and smiled.

"Alright, you guys ready to eat?" Pete put the pancakes on the table.

The five of them sat down at the table and had a very lovley breakfast.

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