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The Celebi I had to cheat to get in pokemon Crystal comments on being caught, and then traded to my Pokemon Ruby game. One shot.

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Traded: The Celebi that I had to cheat for to get in Pokemon Crystal comments on being traded to my pokemon Fire Red game.

There is a reason why we are called Legendaries. It's not just an impresive title, it's because the most of us are Legends to Pokemon and people alike. We inspire awe and fear everywhere we go because of our abilities. While some of my bretheren have settled into a normal life of watching you humans from afar, I have always been, with the humans as they traveled through my woods. Do you think it was coincidence that you always felt like you were being watched? No one ever managed to see me but you.

You were traveling through my woods, looking for a lost spearow, and I was following. After you found the Spearow, you stared right where I was hiding. Somehow you knew I was there, even though countless others had passed through without ever suspecting that I was there. I thought it was a fluke, that maybe you were staring at something else, but you proved me wrong when a pokeball hit my psychic shield, startling me as it bounced off. You seemed surprised as I dissappeared into another timeline to escape from you.

I thought that would be the last I would see of you, so I returned to my forest home. To my surprise, there you were, at the small sanctuary that had served as my home for many years. You were shaking the trees around my shrine, tossing pokeballs at the pokemon that fell out. When I appeared to stop you, I saw a dark pokeball sailing toward me. Confident in my psychic shield, I did not fear your pokeball. That was my mistake. Before I knew what had happened, the ball had closed around me, and the last thing I saw was the triuphant look on your face.

I was a legend in the forest, something like a fairy tale that older pokemon tell younger pokemon, but when I traveled with you, it was like you had your own personal circus freak show. You took me out only to gloat about the fact that you had caught me. You only trotted me out when the rest of your pokemon had passed out and you didn't want to loose.If it weren't for the fact that you had earned the last badge, and even I am forced to obey you, I would have escaped. At least I was safe from being traded, unlike your other pokemon, or so I thought because I am a Legendary, and your most powerful pokemon. But I was wrong. You took me to a trading fair not a month after you had captured me, and traded me away. I thought I would die of embarrassment when I learned that you had traded me for a Gyarados of all things. I, a Legendary had been traded for a Gyarados.

I hope I never see you again, for if I do, you will learn why people call us Legendary and I will make you regret everything you have done to me.


I thought of this after I traded the Celebi that I had to cheat for to my pokemon Fire Red game. I have often wondered how a traded pokemon would feel. Awful, I think. I mean, you take the time to train them, and then you decide to trade them for something better. Can you imagine the betrayal? How much worse would it be if you were a Legendary pokemon who was caught and then traded?

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