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The Prophet's Omen

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The gang reaches the glass house and meets someone who can help them.

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The next morning, Atlanta woke up in Archie's arms. No surprise there. But no matter what Archie said, Atlanta still had that awful feeling that someone was going to get hurt or die on this mission. Atlanta tried not to think about it and just relax. She looked over at Archie's bedside clock and it read 8:45 A.M. 'Crap!! We're gonna be late!' She thought to herself. She turned over and shook Archie, trying to wake him up.

"Come on. Wake up you big goof!" She said.

Archie just groaned and rolled over on his side so his back was facing Atlanta.

"Archie wake up." She said. "Archie. Archie. Archie...." No matter how many times she said his name, all she got were more snores.

"WAKE UP!!" She yelled and whipped the back of his head.

Archie's eyes shot opend and he jumped up. "What? Wha-? What time is it?" He asked.

"Its almost ten to nine. We have to get ready NOW!!" She said, jumping out of bed and running out the door.

Archie sighed and got out of bed himself and started to change into his signature blue hoodie and matching shorts. He went out the door and into the kitchen, where the gang was almost ready to go.

"Bout time you woke up. We were gonna leave without you, but then again...Hera would be furious." Neil smiled.

"Sorry. Slept in." He answered.

"Slept in? What happened? You and Atlanta stay up late last night in your room?" Herry smiled.

"No. We were just tired. How did you know we slept with eachother?" Archie asked.

The gang looked at him oddly with a disgusted look on their faces.

Archie sighed and said, "You know what I mean."

"Riiiiiight. Whatever." Jay said.

"Ready to go?" Atlanta asked, coming down the stairs, carrying her suitcase with her.

"Yep. Let's go." Jay smiled.

The plane ride took HOURS!!! It was the longest air ride they've ever been on!! It took, like 8 hours to get there!! Archie and Atlanta, of course, were together in aisle seats, with Atlanta on the window side. Jay and Theresa were behind them, Theresa on the window side as well, Herry and Ariel were in front of Archie and Atlanta and Herry was on the window side and Neil and Odie were behind Jay and Theresa, with Neil on the window side. He wanted to see his reflection in his window.

Atlanta smiled as she saw the beautiful scenery below them. She was still worried that someone was going to die on this mission, since it was their most dangerous mission after all. 'Oh Arch. I hope you keep your promise.' She thought to herself. She sighed and laid her head back on the chair's head cushon and closed her eyes, listening to her green iPod nano.

Archie was listening to his blue iPod nano as well. And like he read Atlanta's mind, he thought, 'What I promised last night, is going to stay. I promise with all my heart Atlanta that I won't let anything bad happen to you. And, please forgive me if something does happen to you.' His extra hand ran along the arm rest and gripped Atlanta's hand. Atlanta smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.


Theresa saw this and nudged Jay. "Look." She whispered. Her eyes motioning him to look in front of them.

Jay looked in front of him and saw Archie and Atlanta's linked hand with her head on Archie's shoulder. "So?" He said, not really amazed at the picture in front of them. "We already know they're going out."

"I know. But I still think it's sweet. I mean, Archie treats her so well. It's cute." She replied.

"How do you think it's cute? They're going out, so they're gonna be doing that for a while. You probably won't think it's so cute after a while." Jay said.

"Why?" Theresa asked.

"Since they haven't been going out for that long, they're gonna be doing stuff alot like that alot." He answered.

Theresa nodded. "True."


"Neil, could you put your mirror down? You're blindin' me here!" Odie said, squinting his eyes and put his arms in front of his face, trying not to see the bright light from Neil's mirror.

"But if I put it away, I won't be able to see myself and you have no idea how terrifying it is!" He complained.

"Come on. It can't be that bad." Odie said.

"Oh it's bad." Neil replied, "I mean, if you were me, you'd want to look at yourself all the time. Admiring your handsomeness." He said, playing with his hair.

Odie rolled his eyes and groaned.


As for Herry, his ride wasn't going so hot. He tried not to do or say something stupid in front of Ariel. They've only met for a day and already Herry's grown quite fond of her. 'Calm yourself Herry. Just take the rest of the ride in silence. And whatever you do, don't make eye contact.' He reminded himself. If he made eye contact with her, he'd never be able to look back. If he looked in her eyes, he'd get lost in those blue orbs and he'd stare at her and she'd be wondering what he was staring at, and Herry wouldn't be able to explain. 'Calm Herry. Relax.'

Ariel noticed that Herry was avoiding her and wasn't even making eye contact! "Herry? Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine." He said, still trying to not look at her.

"Are you sure? I mean, you've been avoiding me ever since we took our seats." She said.

"I'm fine. Really." He said.

"Well okay." She said, raising an eyebrow, also listening to her red iPod nano.

'Why did I have to sit by her?' He wondered to himself. He couldn't bare to look at her, if he did, he'd never stop. If he looked at her, he wouldn't be able to stop looking at her curves, her shiny chocolate brown hair, those dark blue eyes, and a face that looks like an angel. It's her clothes that caught his attention, her belly, hot pink tank top with design in the chest part and black hip huggin' jeans that showed off all her curves.

'Look at her, and you'll never stop. Look at her and you'll never stop. Look at her and you'll never stop.' Herry kept remind himself. His eyes turned slightly to her.

Too late. He started staring at her.


Finally! The ride was over! But Herry couldn't stop staring. 'Oh crap. She's gonna look at me funny now.' He said to himself. But before Ariel could look at him and ask what he was staring at, she got off of her seat and walked in the aisle with the others.

"Close one." He whispered to himself. He got off as well and followed the others off of the plane, grabbing their stuff on the way out.

"Hey Herry?" Atlanta asked.


"Did you say that Heph was going to drop your truck off?"

"Ya he did. Why?"

"Just wondernig." She answered.

They all walked out of the airport and into the parking lot. They looked around. All they saw were cars and trucks that weren't theirs. Until they saw a big red one.

"I hate the fact that air rides are so long." Ariel said.

"Ugh. I know." Theresa said.

The gang reached Herry's truck and they packed their stuff into his truck's trunk. Neil's, of course, wouldn't fit. So they had to strap it to the top of Herry's truck.

"Alrighty then. We're all set. Everyone, get in." Herry said as he closed his trunk.

"I hope that this ride won't take as long as the plane." Archie said.

"Me too." Jay said.

They all piled into Herry's truck, a little sore from sitting on that plane for 8 hours. Herry was in the driver's seat, no duh there, Odie and Neil were in the front with him, Archie and Atlanta were in the middle seats and Jay, Theresa and Ariel were in the back.

The ride was in silence, because they were listening ot their iPods and MP3's. Herry was glad that Ariel was in the back. Now he didn't have to worry about not looking at her. He looked at his car's ceiling mirror thing (?) to look behind him and he saw, Neil and Odie fighting again, Archie and Atlanta sleeping, with his arm around her waist and her head on his shoulder. He chuckled. He still couldn't believe that those two were together. Then Ariel was sleeping as well. He stared at her again. He watched her, but also tried to watch the road. But he couldn't help but stare at her peaceful face and the rise and fall of her chest. Now he hoped that she wouldn't die on this mission. Well, of course he didn't want any of his other friends to get killed, but he didn't want Ariel to get hurt, since he loves her and all. He looked beside him and saw Theresa sleeping on Jay's shoulder. He smiled. Now those two, were meant to be. Even though they weren't as obvious as Archie and Atlanta before they were together.

While Theresa was sleeping on Jay's shoulder, she saw something. It wasn't a dream, it was like one of her visions.

There was a person who was wearing a dark brown cloak or some large coat with a hoodie or something. The person was on his or her knees, saying something in a different language she couldn't understand and the walls weren't even glass. They were covered in something brown.

Once her dream or vision was done, she fell into a deep sleep and just enjoyed the ride.

"Theresa?" She heard someone call her name and shake her shoulders.

"Theresa wake up. We're here." She slowly opened her eyes and saw Jay beside her. Everyone else was outside, getting their stuff out of the trunk.

"M'kay." She muttered and got up. She got out of the truck and got her things. 'Was that a vision, or a dream?' She thought to herself as she followed the others.

"Hey!" Atlanta said in a cute voice. "Isn't this suppose to be a glass house? Where's the glass walls?"

"I don't know. Let's go find out." Archie said as they kept walking.

They stopped a couple meters from the house, they saw a person wearing a dark brown cloak on his or her knees and they heard the person mutter something they couldn't understand.

Theresa saw the person and gasped. This was the person she saw while she was sleeping. Yep! Definately a vision.

"I've been expecting you." The person said, which sounded like an old lady with a bit of a Jamaican accent.

She got off her knees and took the cloak's hood off and revealed her face. Like any old person, she had wrinkles on her face and a scar that went from above her right eye (p.o.v's right), over to her nose, and to her left cheek.

"Don't be alarmed young ones. I am Nelmidai (nel-mi-die), The Mother of Knowledge and Wisdom." She told them.

"Um...okaaaaay?" Theresa said, raising an eyebrow. "And what exactly are you doing here?" She asked.

Nelmidia laughed and looked at her. "I thought you would know, Theresa."

"How do you know my name?" She asked, a little freaked.

"Dear child. I am The Mother of Knowledge and Wisdom. I have traveled all over the world, telling prophecies, stories, advice, fortunes and I am here to give you advice and I suggest you take it." She said, looking at everyone. "You." She said, pointing at Theresa.


"Come." She grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the house's door. "Open it."

"I don't have the key." She answered.

"You don't need one. Dear Persephone said, that you have magic inside of you. Just use your magic, child."

Theresa closed her eyes and her hand reached for the strange, but beautifully designed, lock and said a spell that Persephone taught her. Once she was done, she removed her hand and opened her eyes. And before she could say anything, the lock's designs moved around, like they were unlinking themselves, and then the brown coverings of the walls moved and revealed the glass with some sort of ancient writing on them.

"Whoa." Atlanta said, examening the walls.

"Nicely done. Persephone has taught you well I presume." She said.

"Yes she did." She answered. "Weren't you going to give us advice?"

"Patience child. Time can be done quickly or it can be done right." Nelmidai answered.

"Let's go guys." Atlanta said, carrying her bags up to the glass house. She was about to go in, when Nelmidai grabbed her shoulder.

"Wait young one." She closed her eyes and concentrated on something. "I see great power in you. Use it, to help you on your mission to stop Cronus and Hecate. But remember. Great power, comes great responsibility."

"Ugh......okay?" She said, raising an eyebrow.

"Theresa come. I need to speak to you, privately."

Theresa didn't question her. She gave her a questioning look, but didn't say anything. She followed her, walking away from the others and stopped in front of Nelmidai.

Nelmidai took her hands and placed them in the air in front of her, making a sort of circle shape with her hands and closed her eyes and said something in another language she couldn't understand. Then, a bright, blue sphere appeared in front of them.

Nelmidai opened her eyes and said, "One of your team members will be taken away from you. He or she will be close but out of reach."

"What? Who? Who will be taken away? And how will he or she be close but out of reach?" She asked.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out. You will find the answer in the house where the spirits combine." She said.

"What do you mean?"

"I've said all I could for now. Now go. Your friends need you." She said.

Theresa looked back. The gang was just fine. "But they don't need-" She started, but when she turned back.

Nelmidai was gone.
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