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The Joys of Soup

by Zillian 1 review

One sided Tokka oneshot. Toph and Sokka play around at the campsite, enjoying each others company and acting generally silly.

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Toph didn't even bother to look up politely from where she stood in the campsite. "What?"

"You're mixing it wrong," sighed Sokka, He risked a second glance into the cooking pot and smacked his forehead in annoyance. Toph was not much of a cook, even if she was only doing it while Katara was busy with Aang. For some reason, the thought of Toph being bad at something was a hard concept for him to wrap his brain around, like grass plugging up a stream: boomerangs were better then bending, meat was good and Toph could do anything she wanted to. It was a perfect gene from deep inside her, running deep in her veins like blood.

"It's soup; there is no right way, bean brain."

"You're not even stirring it really; you're sloshing it around like a maniac. There's hardly any left."

Toph smirked. "Maybe I am a maniac. What, are you saying maniacs can't stir soup?"


"Well what are you going to do about it Boomerang Boy?"

"Hand me the stupid stirring stick, I'll do it myself," Sokka moaned instinctively, reaching out for the small utensil.

His hand caught Toph's instead. Toph felt a blush creeping on to her face, sudden and unwanted. His nose was so close that she could have kissed it if she had wanted to: that somehow frightened her, the thought of boys and soup and kissing. Was she old enough to think about boys? Was she old enough to think about kissing? She was alone with an older boy in the middle of the woods with only a bison as a chaperone. What if he could read minds and figured out that she was thinking about kissing and him in the same sentence?

Toph hit him with the stirring stick instead.

"No, I can handle soup just fine thanks. I just got distracted by your amazing good looks is all," She shrugged and stuck one of the extra carrots on him. "And you've got a carrot on your head, just so you know."

Sokka popped the carrot into his mouth and smiled, waving his hurt hand in the air like a white flag. He knew better then to comment on the looks joke. "Yum, I've got leftovers. You sure know how to please a guy Toph."

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I wonder if this counts as a first date, thought Toph absentmindedly. "Are you always this hungry?"

"Yeah," Sokka quickly agreed as he rested his arm on her shoulder as if she was a very angry arm rest. She should take his hand away. A budding tinge of pinkness shown brightly on her face.

"You're..." The nicest guy in the world. "...hopeless."

"That's okay, you still can't stir soup," he said, backing away from her unenthusiastically, suddenly noticing the pink in her cheeks, wondering what that meant.

"I can't be good at everything, can I?"

News to me, thought Sokka. He threw his boomerang into the trees and caught it again with ease. Toph clenched her feet.


Sokka didn't even bother to look over at her. "What?"

"You're throwing it wrong."

Sokka looked at Toph a long moment.

And then he smiled.

And she smiled at him.

And it started all over again.
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