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63. And You'll Begin To Wonder Why You Came

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in which Molly and Patrick talk. again.

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The ex's sat and munched on their muffins and coffee for a few minutes. Molly was trying to ignore the stifiling tension that sat between them. She remembered a time when they could sit in silence and it would be perfect, not it just felt like something was going to fall on their heads.
"What happened anyway?" Molly finally asked Patrick.
"I'm still not completely sure." was his answer. Shaking his head he ran a hand over his face. "Pete's mom called me asking if I knew where he was. She told me how he sounded on the phone and I don't know, something in me knew. It was weird enough that he insisted on telling me where he was going shopping tonight."
"Yea, so I got in my car and drove to the Best Buy, I called him on the way and my god Molly he sounded...I'm just glad he didn't call you."
Patrick threw open the door of Pete's car and got into the passenger side.
"Pete...Pete, talk to me ok? What's up with you?" Patrick said slapping his face a bit.
"We just talked today Patrick. I wanna go to sleep."
"Yea well buddy that's not happening. So whatsup?"
"She doesn't love me."
"Who doesn't love you Pete. 'cause I can tell you that's an outright lie."
"She doesn't. I try and I try and she doesn't."
"Welcome to my world. You don't see me doing this do you?"
"That's different. Molly does actually love you."

"You wouldn't have been able to handle it. He told me a lot of stuff that he hasn't yet."
"Yea, anyway, I got there and I was there before the ambulance. I found his car and got in with him and tried to keep him awake. When the ambulance finally pulled up they got him out and pumped his stomach right there in the parking lot."
"Yea it was pretty gross. I didn't even think they used charcoal anymore."
"They don't in the hospital. But in the field they do."
"I don't want to know why you know that."
"Friends. Not me. Friends. Are you going to be ok?"
"You're not worried about Pete?"
"Yea, whatsup?"
"Pete just OD'd. Meet me at Mercy please."
"You heard me. Call whoever you have to call I'll be at the hospital." Patrick hung up on the phone on his drummer and watched the ambulance pull away with sirens blaring taking his best friend away.

"Pete will be fine. The idiot just doesn't know when enough is enough sometimes. He'll be fawned over for weeks and that'll make him happy. I'm worried about you."
"Yea well don't be." Patrick shot at her and went back to eating his muffin.
"So...Anna huh?" Molly decided to jump right in feet first about ten minutes later.
"Yup. She's nice. You'd actually like her I think."
"Yea probably not." Molly said trying to keep from being too snide in her response.
"'re right. You probably wouldn't. She's too nice for you to appreciate."
Molly raised an eyebrow at Patrick's response, as he hadn't done anything to keep the nastiness out of his voice.
"So is that how we're going to play things now?"
"You dealt the cards a long time ago Mrs. Jackson."
"It's O'Conell Patrick, please."
"Last time I checked you were married."
"Jesus would you just listen to me for one second." Molly finally demanded. He gestured for her to talk. "Ok, I know this is too little too late probably but I wanted you to know that I've been good. I've been taking my meds since I got home to Chicago in December, Dad's looking into the legalities of my divorce." Patrick snorted laughter at her response. "What?"
"Your Dad is looking into your divorce? Are you capable of doing anything on your own? I used to think you were the most mature, self reliant person around. I didn't realize how wrong I was."
"No Patrick, you developed some idea of me being perfect in your head. I'm sorry I couldn't live up to that."
"I never thought you were perfect."
"Then why did it hurt and surprise you so much when I "fell" so to speak?"
"You're making excuses for your behavior."
"...yea I am. I don't know how to be a grownup Patrick. You saw my parents when they were together. To me that's normal. The back and forths and ups and downs. I don't know how to have a loving healthy relationship."
"I would have helped you learn." Patrick said softly staring at the table top.
"You still could." was Molly's response as she reached across the table to take his hand.
Patrick pulled back his hand and stood up from the table, "No I can't Molly. I'm sorry. I can't handle you being here anymore. Go back to LA. Go back to New York. Go back to your life. Just whatever you do, please leave." With those words Patrick turned and walked away from the table and out of the cafeteria.
Molly sat at the table looking like someone had punched her in the gut. Taking a few deep breaths Molly tried to keep from hyperventilating in a panic.
"It's over. It's really over." She whispered over and over to herself until the stress of the evening finally overwhelmed her and she started sobbing in the corner of an empty hospital cafeteria booth.

A/N: Title is from "How To Save a Life" by The Fray

uhh...this was short. I tried to combine it with the next one but it woulda made things mish/moshed and screwed up my soundtrack.
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