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64. The Writers Weren't Kidding About How All Good Things Must End

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in which Molly follows Patrick's advice.

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That night Molly got back to her house and immediately headed upstairs to her bedroom. Standing in the middle of the room for a few minutes she looked around and made a mental checklist. Once that was done she began grabbing items and throwing them into her bags. An hour later she was on the phone with Delta and had made arrangements to fly out of O'Hare to LAX the next afternoon. Laying down in bed Molly tossed and turned the rest of the night debating on how she was going to explain to her father and brothers why she was running again, and what exactly it was she was running from.
The next morning after a sleepless night Molly got up and went downstairs to shower and dress. Once she was completely ready for the day she bounded down the back steps trying to look as though everything was as normal as it could possibly be. 'at least Sean's back at I only have to explain this in person twice instead of three times.' was Molly's final thought as she entred the kitchen.
"Morning Dad." Molly said to her father where he was sitting at the the table drinking his coffee.
"Morning hun. What's on your agenda today?"
"Actually...I have a flight into LAX today at three." Molly said quickly looking at her father to try and judge his reaction. His right eyebrow simply lifted ever so slightly. "Dad?"
"Three o'clock? What brought this on? I figured you'd be leaving soon but this is awful sudden."
"Umm...I got a call last night. One of the girls fell down and broke her arm and they really need me back at the club." Molly said with a smile proud she had managed to avoid explaining the exact situation to her father.
"Ok, don't tell me why. That's fine." was Jack O'Connell's response to his daughter getting up and walking towards his office.
'damnit' Molly thought to herself as she followed her father. "So I was thinking you could drop me off at O'Hare?"
"Molly, I have meetings all day today." he said as he grabbed his briefcase and tightened his tie. "You can still take your brother to school right? He has after school programs so that won't be a problem."
"Yea I'll take him...but what about my flight."
"Molly, you're twenty years old and you live on your own. I'm sorry but you're going to have to figure this out since you did it so last minute. Now, I love you. Call me when you land."
"Ok Dad." Molly said huffily as she hugged her father and watched him walk out of the house. "JAMIE!" Molly yelled upstairs to her brother, "You're going to be LATE!"
"Coming!" was screamed back at her.
When Molly arrived back at her house after dropping Jamie off at school and explaining to him that she'd come home and visit in a few months she sat down on the couch and began scrolling through her phone for numbers of who to call for a ride to O'Hare.
"Bingo!" she finally muttered and hit send.
"Hey what are you doing today?"
"I was gonna head to the hospital later but other then that nothing why? Wanna go out?"
"No. I actually need a ride to the airport."
"What why?"
"I really don't want to get into it. It'll cause problems. Just suffice it to say I'm not really getting warm and fuzzies from Chicago right now and I've got stuff to clear up in Los Angeles."
"What time?"
"Now if you could. I've got a 3 o'clock flight and between traffic, checking in and stuff."
"Yea I'll be over in like a half hour. Let me just call Joe and tell him first."
"Thanks Max."

The rest of Molly's day went fairly uneventfully. She finally stepped off the plane that night at LAX, collected her luggage, and hailed a taxi cab. Arriving back at her apartment she unlocked the door and walked in and stopped short.
"What the....DAMNIT!" She yelled as she stared at her completely empty except for a couch apartment. "I forgot he bought everything..." Molly let her thought trail off as she threw her bags in the corner and started sorting through the mail that had been stuffed into her box. Walking into the bedroom she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the bed was still there at least, as well as all her clothes and jewerly.
"Good. I would have killed him." She said to the empty room as she double checked her jewelery box that everything was there. When she was done without bothering to undress the exhausted woman crawled into bed and passed out.

"I'm telling you Elyse. If I knew Dad woulda started giving me money again I woulda gotten rid of Rick a long time ago." Molly said to her best female friend on the phone a week later. Looking around at her newly furnished apartment Molly grinned to herself as she flipped through UCLA's undergraduate cataloge that was giving her listings for summer courses. "I feel like Mom dying really opened my eyes to what was all fucked up in my life."
"Are you sure it didn't have anything to do with Patrick finally cutting the cord?" Elyse questioned from her own apartment in Chicago.
"Yes. I'm sure. Patrick and I have been over for a long time. For God's sake Elyse, I's the technical term?"
"Seperated pending final paperwork?"
"Yea that. I guess."
"Honey you and Patrick won't be over if we suffer through nucelar winter."
"Will you think Creative Writing, Journalism, Public Relations, and Marketing 101 would be too heavy for summer course work?"
"You finished your core stuff at NYU right?"
"Yea...I got the stupid maths and sciences and stuff out of the way."
"It'll be a lot of writing, but judging by who I'm talking to I think you'll be fine."
"Yea, I think I'll take those. Being stuck inside writing papers will be good for me."
"You still gonna be working?"
"No. I told Charlie she could call me if she was in a bind, but I'm done. Dad's giving me money again 'cause I'm going back to school. I'm gonna try and do some work with the local venues until June when I start classes that doesn't involve me serving cocktails."
" you remember the shows in highschool? This is just like that."
"Ok, not so much with the fun. Got any bands in mind?"
"There are a few locals, nothing truly stand out."
"Hmm...too bad."
"Yea, I have this feeling back home is going to be dominating in the next few years. There have been some really good bands recently, take The Academy for instance."
"Don't forget the Is and elipsis."
"Oh...right. The Academy Is... Beckett and Carden wrote some really good stuff. It'll only be a matter of time for them."
"And then you can say "I knew them when they were annoying high school kids at shows who thought they were cool!"
"Pretty much. That'll be fun."

"So how are you doing?"
"Why'd you leave?" came the quiet voice of Pete Wentz over the phone to Molly.
"I needed to finalize things with Rick."
"I'm gonna kill him. I really needed you here Molly."
"No Pete, what you need is to come to grips with whatever is running in circles in that head of yours. Having me around isn't going to do that."
"You always make me feel better Molly. You get my head into a better place."
"Only 'cause mine is possibly more fucked up then your's is."
"Not possible."
"Not probable."
"I don't know. It seemed appropriate. Listen I really need to go I'm running out the door to go sign my divorce papers."
"Alright. I'm gonna be at my parents for...a while. I'll talk to you soon. Ok?"
"Yup. Bye Pete."
"Bye Molly." Molly hung up the phone and glanced down at her pajamas pulled the covers back up over her head and went back to sleep with the thought 'you did the right thing. fucking up their friendship is the last thing Pete or Patrick needs. Telling him Patrick told you to leave would be the dumbest idea ever.'

"Well that's it Ms. O'Connell you are officially a free woman, and legally back to your maiden name to boot."
"Thank you so much." Molly shook her lawyer's hand and grinned. Glaring at Rick from across the conference room as he walked out with his own lawyer.
"So what are your plans now?"
"Relax for a little bit. Just kind of accept being single again." Molly told her lawyer while adding in her own head 'see my therapist. a few times a week until school starts. ya know, the usual.'
Molly smiled at her lawyer one more time before walking out of the room and the office. Stepping out into the warm but cloudy Los Angeles day Molly let her smile become a huge grin. Strolling down the block Molly stopped at a coffee house and placed an order. Sitting down with it at a small table she began going through her wallet and removing things that reminded her of the bad parts of her past. Needless to say she found a few pictures of Rick that got ripped up.
'Good riddence. Now time to start over.' Molly thought while continuing to toss bad memories out,/'Without any of the past dragging me down.'/ Molly hesitated for a second as she moved a credit card she hadn't touched in months and found a picture of her and Patrick taken while they were still together on the radio station couch.
Molly stared at the picture hard for a second. Closing her eyes she saw how Patrick had looked the last time they spoke. Forcing back the tears Molly hovered her hand over the waste paper basket. 'NO!' her heart paniced right before she was going to drop it and Molly stuffed the photo into the back of her wallet.
'Maybe not all of it needs to go away...yet.'

A/N: title is from "Down & Out" by The Academy Is...

ok...quick thing. I was literally falling asleep while writing the last part of this chapter--but I wanted to get it out to you guys. its only 11pm that's how much working i've been doing (i'm pass out at my desk tired by this early)
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