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65. ...But You're Just A Line In A Song

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in which Molly gets FUCT.

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The next few months flew by for Molly. She was either freelance writing for some small fanzines, running promotion for some of the local bands who had found out who she was "friends with", or picking up a shift bartending at various clubs. Over those few months as well Molly found herself absorbed away from any commercial music. She had begun revisiting the music she had been into before she moved to Chicago.
Her record collection began to catch up on bands like The Black Crowes, Sebadoh, The Shins, and Death Cab for Cutie just to name a few. Her friends in LA knew her not for her punk side, but for what they called her "hippie dippy save the world and plant a tree" side.
Eventually May arrived in Los Angeles and Molly came home from a long night at work at five in the morning. Opening her mail box she took out a package. Yawning she looked it over and finally spotted the return address label.
"Wilmette" Molly mumbled half asleep. Curiously, she unwrapped the package as she walked up the stairs towards her apartment. She managed to get the Fed-Ex envelope open as she reached her front door. Unlocking the door she tossed her bag on the couch and set her keys on the side table. Walking into the kitchen Molly sat down at the table and stared at the envelope.
'do I really want to open this can of worms now?' she thought to herself. While no one had specifically told her the album was done she had been working pretty deep in the LA scene and definitely knew the boys were ready to release it. Taking a deep breath Molly reached into the envelope and pulled out a CD. Staring back at her was a sort of theatre scene.
"Hmm....interesting" Molly vocalized to herself. Looking in the envelope Molly shook out a note scribbled in Pete's handwriting.
Listen to this please. Number four was written for you. Please don't question it. Just listen.
Molly stared at the cd for a few more minutes. Looking up at the clock which now read "5:30" she groaned. Putting the case back on the table Molly pushed herself up and walked down the hallway to her bedroom. Closing the door behind her she yawned and said to the empty apartment, "after I sleep."
The next afternoon Molly woke up feeling strangely refreshed. Rolling out of bed Molly stretched and walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later Molly walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Reaching out she flipped the switch to start the coffee pot and grabbed a can of cat food for Sunny, who her dad had shipped out a few months before.
"CAT!" She called and tapped a fork on the bowl. A second later a black fur ball jumped onto the counter and started eating. "That's a good kitty." Molly said scratching Sunny behind the ears. "Stop looking at me like you're calling me a stupid human." She called back to the occupied animal as she walked out the front door of her apartment.
Ten minutes later she came back in holding a newspaper she had picked up in the lobby and poured herself a cup of coffee. Sitting down at the kitchen table Molly was about to spread the paper out when she stopped short at seeing the dismantled packaging all over.
"Oh...right." She said dully. Turning to Sunny Molly questioned, " think I should listen now?" Sunny's response was to just look at the human. "Yea, you're right. Later." Molly nodded her head making her decision.
Pushing the case away from her Molly spread the paper out and began flipping through it while sipping her coffee. Occasionally taking glances at the reddish album art that was a few inches from her hands. Twenty minutes later Molly had re-read the same paragrah three times when she finally closed the paper and picked up the cd case. Standing up Molly walked into the living room while struggling in pulling the plastic wrapping off the jewel case.
"Who designs these things?" She griped to herself, "NASA employees?"
Finally, Molly managed to extract the similarly colored disc from its jewel casing and inserted it into her cd player. While it loaded she considered what she was about to do.
"Do I listen straight through? or do I skip to track four?" While Molly was contemplating this decision however her phone rang. Grabbing the portable off its place behind the couch Molly answered.
"Hey whatsup?"
"Did you get the cd?"
"I'm about the listen to it right now. Do I skip to track four? or do I listen straight through?"
"What's track four?"
"...uhh..." Molly fumbled with the casing for a second, flipping it over she answered, "Sugar, We're Going Down."
"No. I meant why would you skip to that one?" Elyse answered her friend.
"Pete sent a note with the cd. Apparently track four was written for me.....Elyse why are you choking? are you ok?"
"I'm fine girl. But...uhh...listen the album from the beginning. Call me when you're done. Seriously, call me." Elyse answered hanging up.
"Umm...ok?" Molly mumbled at the sudden dial tone. Reaching out she pushed play on her machine. The sound of camera flashes filled her apartment. "Huh?...Interesting." Molly said to Sunny and the empty room as the guitars started. Molly sat down just as Patrick's voice came through her speakers,
"Brothers and Sisters put this record down...." As the first line played out Molly felt a dull ache in her chest.
"I miss this." She whispered. Stretching out on the couch Molly let the surprisingly understandable lyrics wash over her. "I miss them. I miss him."
As the bass line started on the third song Molly's eyes flew open, "WHEN did he learn to do THAT?!....wait who am I kidding. Pro-tools."
Chuckling a bit at the lyrics Molly scanned through the book along with the song as it appeared to her that on this song Patrick had decided to once again forego any attempts at ennunciation. As the rest of the song played along Molly found herself jiggling her legs and bobbing her head to the music.
"Well Sunny, I think it may have finally happened. What's that you ask? I think the boys just got famous. Pity. I liked them. Oh. Ok. Track four." Molly finished as the last notes of "Dance, Dance" played out.
/"...I'm just a notch in your bedpost, and you're just a line in a song..."/Patrick's voice sang out from the stereo.
"Oh shit." Molly muttered."Why would I think this would be at all, a "yay let's celebrate Molly" song. No of course not."
"....wishing to be the friction in your jeans. Isn't it messed up how I'm just dying to be him...."
"And apparently Patrick went back to writing lyrics?" Molly turned to her cat who just continued glaring at her because of the noise disturbing its nap."A loaded God complex...THAT's for damn sure." she mumbled as she read the lyrics.
Molly listened along to the album and as the sixth track started she was surprised at the direction the music had taken. A hard strummed acoustic guitar began playing.
"Joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of best friends..." As Patrick's voice sang out Molly scanned the lyrics and felt tears well up as she realized exactly why this song had been written.
"Hey..." Molly said to the shadowy figure sitting on the foot bridge.
"Hey." The scratchy voice replied.
"I figured I'd find you here. Want to talk about it." Molly asked softly as she sat down next to him.
"Not particularly."
"Ok. We'll just sit here then." She replied and laid her head on his shoulder. Lightly pecking him on the neck as it was the easiest to reach she settled in for what she was certain wouldn't be a very long wait.
"Ya know," he started not even ten minutes later, "I just don't understand her. All she can ever bring up is things I've fucked up."
"Hits and misses huh? keeping score is she?"
"Something like that." Pete mumbled into his sweatshirt. Turning his head to look at Molly he smiled sadly.
"Don't look so unhappy to see me." Molly said in reply to the silent inquiry. "I came to check on you, but don't think I don't agree you are at fault for a lot of this."
"You're the only one that blames me ya know."
"Well, 'cause I'm just as fucked as you. You lie, cheat and steal Peter. Then you go out there and smile for the world and wave and paint this perfect little emo boy for all the girls to swoon over. I know the real you and don't you ever forget it."
"One of these days you're going to find yourself hopelessly in love with me."
"I'll never be that hopeless."
"I'm hopeless hopeful." He responded with a wink. "Come on. Let's go home."
"Oh goodie. It only took a half hour to get you cheered up this time." Molly grumbled standing up as Pete slung an arm around her shoulder. " the way, what's the chick we're whining over this time named? Ow. What was that for?"

Molly laughed to herself and wiped away the tears as she remembered the conversation she had had with Pete in October of her senior year. As the CD played on Molly constantly caught references to various conversations she and her friends had had over the years.
"...the best part of believe is the lie!" Patrick screamed at Molly before hanging up on her.
"Uhh...Mol?" Kyle asked her roomate. "Why do you look like you're about to fall over?"
"It's nothing." Molly said as she wiped out her eyes and hurried out of the apartment."

"I guess he was at Pete's for THAT fight." Molly mumbled.
As the final notes of the album finally faded out Molly grabbed the CD Player remote and turned the power off. Staring at the ceiling she finally closed her eyes and let herself fall asleep to process everything she had just heard.
The ringing of the phone woke her up two hours later.
"Hello?" Molly answered groggily.
"I thought you were going to call me when you were done?"
"I fell asleep. What's up? It's a good cd."
"Track four was for YOU dude. That's crazy."
"Why is that crazy. Patrick wrote it."
"Dude...who else would write THAT about me?"
"Fuck you're right. Damnit. I wanted drama."
" I need anymore of that stupid stuff. Girl listen I'm wiped. I'm gonna go eat something and go to sleep for real."
"Ok. I'll talk to you soon." Elyse said before hanging up.
Hoisting herself off the couch Molly stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Eating that she headed into her bedroom. Halfway down the hall Molly turned around and walked back into the living room. Taking the disc out of the player she walked back to the bedroom. Pulling back the covers Molly placed the disc on the bed. Grabbing her discman from the bedside table Molly slipped the cd in. She then settled back bit into her apple, skipped through to track four, and pressed play.
'Maybe it's time to call Patrick...' Molly thought to herself all the while her eyes were staring at the cd book and searching for mention of writing credits for a Patrick Stump. 'weird.

A/N: Title is from (do I really need to answer this one?) "Sugar, We're Going Down" by Fall Out Boyzzzz

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