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66. Lullaby's Fill Your Room and I Will Be Singing

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in which Molly attempts to get home for Christmas

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Molly took a final glance around her apartment and closed the door behind her. Picking up her suitcase she walked down the stairs and out the main door of the building. Slipping on her sunglasses she hurried over to the waiting town car.
"Hi." She said breathlessly to the driver, "Sorry that took so long."
"It's alright Miss. We have plenty of time for you to catch your flight."
"You're sure traffic won't be an issue?"
"Not the way I drive." He said with a chuckle. Molly bit her lip suddenly considering the bus as a viable option. Sending up a quick prayer Molly got into the car for the forty minute drive through Los Angeles traffic to LAX.
"Guess who's coming home for Christmas?" Molly said excitedly into the phone.
"It better be my big sister." Sean replied from the other side of the country.
"Yup. I was going to do winter session classes but I figured out a way that I can graduate in December 06."
"Ok, how did you do that? cause ONLY you would be able to fuck up as badly as you did and still only graduate a semester late."
"College credits from high school. Doubling up on classes. And as much as I fucked up in New York, I didn't really ever slack on my school work."
"My sister. The super geek."
"I'm not a geek."
"Not at all. Ok...I have a final in twenty minutes. I'll see you next week at home."
"Bye Sean. Good luck."

Molly wandered away from her terminal when she heard there was an hour delay on her flight and headed off to find a Starbucks. About ten steps later she had found one.
"Typical." She muttered as she walked into the busy coffee shop to place her order.
'Attention Passengers of American Airlines Flight 2156 to Chicago. Flight 2156 has been postponed indefinitely because of severe weather in the Chicago region.'
Molly groaned and grabbed a book off the rack next to her while she waited to place her coffee order. 'Merry Fuckin Christmas' She thought to herself in disgust.
"So how's the tour?" Molly asked into the phone reciever as she walked through the supermarket.
"Kind of amazing. Not gonna lie." was Pete's whispered response.
"Umm...why are you whispering?"
"I'm in my bunk."
"I don't want anyone to know I'm talking to you."
"Should I be insulted?"
"No. It's just that someone will take the phone. Oh and Sisky sends his undying love and wants to know when you're going to marry him."
"Tell him when I can't get arrested for it. Seriously though, how's the tour? The kids treating you like a golden god."
"No more Almost Famous for you. It's great. The kids love They love us."
"Asshole. How do you think you're gonna feel about the tour come August? It's only the second week afterall"
"Yup, I'm trying not to think about that, its summer camp for punk rock kids. What have you been up to?"
"Usual BS. School. School. Some more school."
"Right...I miss you."
"Yea right back at you buddy. I gotta jet though. Love ya."
"Love you too."

"Miss? Miss? The plane is ready to board." The flight attendant shook Molly awake in the uncomfortable airport chair and smiled at her.
"OH! I'm sorry." Molly replied.
"It's fine."
"So things cleared up in Chicago?"
"Enough. They're supposed to stay that way too."
"It's about time." Molly mumbled glancing at her watch and seeing that it said Midnight, for a flight that was supposed to take off at six.
"JOE!" Molly squealed as she jumped onto her friend's back.
"MOLLY!" Joe Trohman screamed back as he spun his friend around. "Are you ready for the craziest four days ever?"
"Fuck Yea!" Molly giggled as Joe grabbed her duffle bag from her and dragged her in the direction of their bus.
"Guys! I found her." The two friends met up with the rest of the band.
"Hey!" Molly waved and recieved huge hugs from both Pete and Andy before Patrick stormed off. " guys DID tell him I was coming for a few days right?"
"We may have forgotten to mention that part." Andy said scratching the back of his head.
"ugh...this is gonna be a fun four days." Molly mumbled.
"You know, you could stop behaving like a child." Molly said to Patrick one night after the Tuscan stop of the Nintendo Fusion Tour. "I took off a few days from school to hang out with you guys while you were here. I'm gone tomorrow after the Anaheim show."
"No one said you had to."
"Actually, three someones, six if you count Dirty, Charlie and Chris. Lots more if you count everyone else we're friends with said I had to. You're the only one who doesn't want me here."
"Yea, well. I'm the lead singer."
"Does that ever work for you?"
"Being bitchy."
"Learned from the best." Patrick said to his shoes.
"If you're going to converse with your converse let me know 'cause I'll peace out. and yes, pun intended." Molly grinned when she heard Patrick snort under his hat at her terminology. "I figured that'd get a chuckle." She said sitting down next to him.
"What's going on with you and Pete?" Patrick suddenly said turning to look at Molly.
"Seriously, I need to know. I can't see you two together Molly. He'll just hurt you. He'll go back to Jeanae. He always does."
"Patrick I seriously think you need to stop hanging out with Joe when he's smoking up. There is nothing going on between me and Pete."
"...explain his attitude lately."
"yea. Exactly. So what is going on between you two?"
"Nothing." Molly said seriously.
"Well, then I think maybe I'm not the member of Fall Out Boy you need to be sorting your relationship out with." Patrick said getting up and squeezing Molly's shoulder on his way past leaving Molly sitting outside staring troubled at the Arizona sky.

Molly disembarked at O'Hare looking rumpled and exhausted and nearly fell over in shock when she saw Pete standing there waiting for her.
"What are you doing here?" she asked him as they started walking towards the luggage carousel.
"You're Dad asked me to come get you since the planes got all fucked. I figured this would be a good time to corner you and find out why you've been ignoring me since October."
"ummm...I've been busy with school. I haven't really talked to anyone."
"Bullshit." Molly choked on her coffee at the venom in Pete's voice. Turning to look at him she feigned surprise.
"Pete I really don't know what you're talking about." Molly grabbed her bag off the turnstile and gestured that she was ready to go. The two continued their walk to the main gates in uncomfortable silence.
Molly finally saw the enterance about thirty feet ahead of her. Breathing a sigh of relief she almost squeaked when suddenly Pete's hand shot out and grabbed her arm. She dropped her bag as he swung her around to face him. Panic ran through Molly's mind as suddenly his lips were on hers. Molly's first thought was that his lips were soft. As his tounge parted hers she breathed in and closed her eyes and prayed for fireworks. A few minutes later Pete pulled back and Molly opened her eyes to see his eyes searching hers.
"So..." Pete said licking his lips, "umm...can we pretend that didn't happen?"
"Did you get it all out of your system?"
"Yea I think so."
"You over whatever weird thing you decided you had for me."
"Yea I think so."
"You're sure?"
"Ummm..." Molly rolled her eyes and pulled him closer and kissed him hard. When Pete pulled back this time and answered, "Yea, over whatever it was." Molly grinned.
"Good. Now I can stop being weird around you and ignoring your phone calls." Picking up her bags she quickly hurried towards the car.
"HEY!" Molly heard called after her.

"So we're agreed. We don't discuss whatever that was?" Molly said as Pete's car pulled up in front of her house.
"Yes. Totally agreed."
"I can go back to being the female you. What the hell was Sugar all about anyway? He hates me."
"No lie to me. Yes honestly, you jerk."
"He wrote it right after you came home for those few days last year."
"You fucking suck. Why didn't you tell me this sooner?"
"He's my best friend and I promised."
"So what the hell was all the kissing and the weird I miss you's and hugs and love yous and all that if he's your best friend?"
"I don't know. You seemed like you would be a more normal girlfriend." Molly's only reply was to raise an eyebrow and laugh. "Ok, so in hindsight I realize what a ridiculous thought that was. You normal? yea right. Ow. And before you ask, Jeanae and I are done....for this week." Molly rolled her eyes pecked Pete on the cheek and grabbed her stuff before hurrying into the house.
Pete shook his head as he pulled away from the curb.
"What was I thinking?" he said outloud to himself. It was almost like kissing Molly had broken whatever spell he had been under for the past few months. "Patrick might kill me if he ever finds out about this though." He continued talking to himself to keep awake as he drove home. Stopping at a red light Pete let his mind wander off to a few days earlier.
"Hey man." Patrick said walking into Pete's room at his parent's house.
"Hey." Pete mumbled from the bed.
"What's wrong with you?"
"Molly's ignoring me." Pete watched carefully as Patrick stiffened from across the room.
"Oh, well I'm sure she's just busy." his best friend said smoothly but Pete caught the clenched fists and gritted teeth.
"Yea, busy." Pete said unable to keep the slight sadness out of his tone.
"Stay away from her." Patrick said suddenly. Pete sat up in bed and looked surprised.
"What are you talking about man?"
"I know how you get with girls. Stay away from Molly."
"You hate her what do you care?" When Patrick didn't answer, Pete tried prompting him. "You do hate her still right?"
"...I don't hate her."
"Well the only way to feel that passionate about someone is to hate them..or...oh shit."

Pete grinned to himself as the light turned green and he stepped on the gas.
"Next project: Get Molly and Patrick back together without either one of them killing me. Simultaneous Project: start auditoning bassists to take my place for when they do kill me."

Title: As You Sleep by Something Corporate and the beautiful Andrew McMahon. guys did good. I'm impressed. Let's play this game (called when you catch fire...) again and see how happy you can make me with your reviews. They really do make my day. And I have a kind of depressing boring life so they are the highlight of it.
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