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About girls who are guys- part II

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A sex goddess??

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"What's wrong with you today? you're moodier than usual, if that's even possible", beamed Mikey.
We were making our way home in a lazy daze of a hot afternoon, it was surprisingly hot for the season, global warming and shit.
I considered whether I should tell him what I heard in the girls bathroom.
"Do you think I'm masculine?", I asked carefully.
He chocked, "What the hell?".
"I don't know. Do I come across as masculine?", I blushed.
"I don't know. I never...sorta...noticed. You're just Skyler to me", he eyed me.
I hung my head sadly, he never noticed I'm actually a girl, I'm not attractive. They were right!
"Why are you asking?", I could hear panic in Mikey's voice.
"I just wondered", I said looking crossed
"You know you're a tom boy, you were one ever since I know you, only now you have this thing going on", he waved his hands around me.
Mikey was Mr. sensitivity but at least he was being honest.
"What thing?", I growled, prepared to scrap my dignity off the floor once he's done.
He avoided my look, "Well, you know that thing".
I kicked a stone in his direction but then remembered it was a manly thing to do and stopped, "What thing Mikey?".
"Some people think you're really pretty", he said really fast and blushed.
Ladies and gentleman Mikey way is capable of blushing! I discover something new each day!
"Really? Who?", I asked encouraged.
"People! But I personally don't see it", Mr sensitivity is back! ,"I mean you're pretty and stuff but I never felt attracted to you, it was kind of a taboo, like crushing on Gerard or something".
"You're not my cup of coffee either", I said in a stuck up tone.
Mikey was handsome, I admit but Gerard was my ultimate cup of coffee and tea and water combined!
Mikey laughed, "Oh please I know you want my body", he touched his nipples in what he believed was a seductive way.
"Ewww", I made a face ,"I mean maybe if the choice was between you and the captain of a football team".
"Deny all you want", now he stroked his ass ,"by the way we don't have a football team".
"Seriously? I thought we did", I should really get in tune with what happened at that place we study in.
"Mikey stop!", I cried when he spanked his ass.
"Where is this coming from?", he stopped the spanking looking disappointed.
"I heard some girls say I'm a tomboy", I admitted fixing his glasses.
"But you know you're a tomboy", he looked confused.
"It's one thing to know it and another is to hear it", I explained patiently ,"But who thinks I'm pretty?".
Mikey avoided my gaze again, "Guys obviously".
I nodded, "Someone I know?".
He smirked, "Kinda".
"Don't tell me you actually want my heat", I laughed.
He continued to smirked, "You wish, darling. You wish".
"Maybe I do, maybe I don't", I grinned teasingly.
I was feeling better already, "Tell meeeeee!!!! Mr. dude reveal your secrets!".
"you're annoying!", protested Mikey after I clung to his arm shaking it violently.
I made a puppy face.
"The guys!", he finally cracked up, shaking me off his arm.
"What guys?", I asked annoyed.
"THE guys", smiled Mikey.
I froze on my spot, "The THE guys??".
He nodded.
"As in Bob, Frank and Ray?", I asked just to make sure but couldn't speak out Gerard's name.
Mikey nodded again, "And Gerard".
"I can't believe you actually gossiped about me", I wasn't sure how to react.
I never thought of them as sexual human beings, I mean I did but not in a sense that I wanted them or anything. Maybe except for Gerard. Sometimes.
"We didn't gossip, it's just came up in a conversation", Mikey looked embarrassed on the verge of blushing again! We never talked about things like this.
"Do tell", I nudged him.
He eyed me, "I can't talk with you about stuff like that! And besides if they ever find out I told you I would die one of the most painful deaths Bob can come up with".
I pleaded him, "Sure you can talk about it with me! And I won't tell anybody. I swear!".
He looked skeptical, "Fine! but if I go down you go down with me!".
I nodded eagerly.
"We talked about famous chicks we would do and than about girls we know and...well you get the picture", he blushed. Again!
"You would do me??", I was bewildered.
"THEY would do you", corrected Mikey, "I personally protested against the idea and told them that they are perverts and should be locked but they told me to shut up and fuck myself." , he continued after he saw my encouraging look, "We watched TV and some really hot girl came up so we started talking about body parts and hot famous girls and then I asked what girl do they know that they'll fuck. I was totally not expecting you to come up in this conversation, maybe just as a joke under the category of girls they'll never do. But then Gerard said that he'll definitely take you on a ride, that you appear really innocent but in a way that you'll rip him apart and make him enjoy it and then Frank said that puberty made you justice and he'll fuck you too and Ray said you're really hot in a mysterious dark way and bob said you're petty but he wouldn't do you. It was the worst night of my life, I think I had nightmares after that", he shivered.
My jaw hung open all through his story.
The saying 'what you don't know won't hurt you' took on a whole different meaning.
I was flattered and scared all in the same time. Who knew guys noticed me like this?!. That my guys noticed me like this!
Things will never be the same again!

But on the bright side, Gerard thought I'm hot...but so did Bob, Frank and Ray.
"I wish you didn't tell me", I said quietly.
Mikey shook his head, "Told you I shouldn't but you were all squealing and annoying".
we walked silently now.
Mikey grinned turning to look at me, "So who would you do?".
I blushed, "Mikey!".
"Oh sure now you're all shy and shit!. I'm not telling you anything else ever again!", he poked his index finger in my arm.
I crossed my arms on my chest, "Gerard is sort of cute".
Mikey jumped up and down on one spot, "Puppies are cute, cats are adorable but I asked who would you do?!!".
"You idiot that was my way of saying that I' know...", I smacked his arm.
He stopped bouncing and made a face, "You're sick! You're a pervert! You should be locked up!"
I gave him a death stare, "Shut up and fuck yourself".
"But he's Gerard. My brother! He's not even cute!", he cried.
"He is", I smirked.
"Oh yuk you have this look. Just stop it!", Mikey ran, crossing the street to the other side.
"What look? Mikey come back!", I yelled after him in the middle of the street.
That's how we walked the rest of the way home, on different sides of the road. He refused to come near me and made stupid faces.
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