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About girls who are guys- part I

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Goth tomboy who is as gay as an apple??

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I was the last one to walk out of my English classroom, studying the list of books the teacher gave us for our book reports. Frank was held back by the teacher after class to talk about the homework his pet rabbit ate. Again.
I told him 4546 times he should make his excuses more believable and vary them, he used the rabbit one for the last 5 times.
I walked in the direction of my locker, I wasn't watching where I was going but felt I was going in the right direction, When out of nowhere these two girls appeared, crashing in me with all their strength.
The books I carried went flying and I flew along with them, slamming in the water cooler really hard. My backpack was half opened and as expected everything in it spilled around me.
"Watch where you're going freak", said one girl while giving a hand to her friend who lay on the floor as well.
I knew these girls from my biology class, well not exactly knew them because I didn't really communicate with any of my peers except for the guys but I knew their names.
Sarah and Rachel, your typical high school girls I guess, neither of them was particularly pretty or smart or popular.
But any idiot in my school can call me a freak if their heart desires even if I was ten times better than them.

"Shut up", I heard Gerard's voice behind me.
I looked up to see him glaring at the girls and my heart picked up it's pace.
The girls rolled their eyes and walked quickly in the direction they were heading for, whispering 'freak fest' under their breaths. Freaks or no freaks, they feared us.
But maybe just because they thought we'd drink their blood for lunch.
Gerard went down on his knees and began gathering my things, I joined him.
We were crawling on our knees until the last pencil were gathered and safely locked in my bag again.
I placed the final notebook in my bag and zipped it up, I stood up and brushed off my jeans.
I lifted my eyes, I wanted to thank Gerard for helping me but he disappeared.
I couldn't see him anywhere as if he had vanished.
I sighed, I really hoped he'd talk to me again after he just helped me but he walked away.

I made my way to the girls bathroom and locked myself in the cubicle, I stared at the green door in front of me and crossed my legs on the closed toilet seat.
Why wouldn't he talk to me?, Who does he think he is anyway? Stupid idiot.
I rested my face in my palms and groaned 'Talk to me motherfucker!'.
I was really frustrated with him by now.
I was about to get out after I calmed down, when I heard someone enter the bathroom, I quickly sat back again lifting my legs so they wouldn't be visible.
I heard the voices of Rachel and Sarah, the girls who crashed into me earlier.
I would be in for a long long time if they're going to refresh their make up, I sighed quietly and rested my head on my hands again.
My stomach made funny noises, they better go away before lunch time is over.
"Can you believe that punk?", I heard Rachel claim.
I assumed I'm the punk in question so I listened closely.
"I know, she's such a guy!", agreed Sarah.
I raised my head off my palms. A guy? Me? The last time I checked I was a girl.
"Yeah, all she ever does is hang around with the other freaks, I bet she's spitting as well!", Rachel said in disgust.
Spitting...Oh the horror!. I rolled my eyes.
"I don't thinks she's a punk though, a goth more like it", mused Sarah.
This is about to be funny.
"What's the difference anyway? They all look the same to me", asked Rachel.
"You idiot", said Sarah knowingly, "Punks can wear different colors while goths allowed to wear only black!".
I chuckled, covering my mouth with both hands. Seriously, people like that should be banned!

There was a short pause, I assumed they were fixing their make up or something.
"But seriously, I doubt she's aware of the fact she's a girl and not a guy", Sarah's voice broke the silence.
"Maybe she's gay? I heard all lesbians act like guys", exclaimed Rachel.
I raised my eyebrows and frowned mouthing the world 'lesbian' to myself.
"Oh. my. god! I can believe I haven't thought of this. Of course you're right!, I heard rumors about that guy freak that joined her, Becca told me he is as gay as an apple. They're probably gay freaks! That will explain so much!, all the manly behaviour, and the anti social thing!", Sarah whispered excitedly.
I smirked, as gay as an apple? New phrase I presume.
"And she never wears skirts!, she never dresses like a real girl", said Rachel outraged.
Of course I do! I wear tutu's and my puffy Victorian skirts and cursets and silk and velvet and frilly things.
What are they blind? How much more of a girl can I be?!
With that I heard the door slam and silence ruled the bathroom once again.

I couldn't care less about what these shit bags were saying but that made me think, do I really come across as very masculine?.
I was a tomboy since I could remember myself, at elementary school I was anti every thing girly and I still despised being really feminine and annoyingly girly, but I'm as much of a girl as they are.
I got along much better with guys than with girls and didn't like shopping. But was that being masculine? I thought that was being reasonable.
I enjoyed hanging out with the guys and I know I complained about their being guys too much but I actually liked and found them funny!.
Maybe that's why I got along so well with them? because I really am one of the guys!!.
But there's nothing wrong with being one of the guys, is it?

Maybe they were right, I'm too manly, that's why I never had a boyfriend and never got asked out. No guy would want to date another guy! Well, some guys would..but that wasn't the point.
I banged my head against the green door of the cubicle to attempt and stop the disturbing thoughts, but had no luck.
But how do I act more girly? I can't do it and I won't do it!
I am Skyler and if it's mean being considered gay as an apple than so be it!

I'm not going to change who I am based on what two preps thought of me.
But easier said than done, and that thought clanged to me like a gum to a shoe for the rest of the day.
Am I really too masculine? Too tomboyish? Not girly enough?.

I've split one really long chapter into two- so this is the first part.
Also I really need your reviews so I would know what I do right and what sucks and need to be changed so if you could take just a few minutes and review I would be grateful!
I want to thank all the lovely girls who review my story and like it.
Thank you so much!!! You're beyond awesome!!
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