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...They say, "Come with your arms raised high!" Well, they're never gonna wet me, Like a bullet through a flock of doves... To wage this war against your faith in me

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Mikey and I walked down the street to Ray's house. It was a beautiful gray day.
Mikey looked pale and tired, he walked with his shoulder hunched, dragging his feet on the pavement, the whole gerard thing took it's toll on him too.
We still haven't talked, and being around him was still like someone stabbed me in the heart and turned the knife around but it was better than not seeing him at all.
We walked in silence, but the silence between us was never awkward. I could tell exactly what he thought about that very second, it was nothing too happy.
We soon arrived to Ray's house, it wasn't huge. Ray had the cutest medium sized house with a red roof and a small garden of which his father always took care of.
Mr. Toro was down on his knees taking care of his rose bush when we entered through the rusty old gate.
He looked up to the sound of the squeaky gate and waved.
We smiled and waved back, it was clear who Ray got his hair from.
Mikey rang the doorbell, to which Ray's mom responded quickly.
She was a nice looking woman in her 40's, she showed us to the living room where the rest of the guys sat glued to the TV set and walked out.
Bob and Frank played a video game, laughing and squealing happily.
Ray toughed Gerard how to play the guitar, Ray was a great guitarist but Gerard...well, was not.
But it was nice of Ray not to give up on him.
I tried to avoid looking at Gerard but could feel his quick gaze on me.
I sat next to the enthusiastic Frank, following the characters on the screen.

The game ended with Frank's victory.
Frankie stood up, waving his joystick, claiming to be the king of the fucking world.
I was fascinated by what video games could do to boys, so far I noticed it can make them squeal, lose sanity and overall mentally return to the kindergarten phase.
Frank spotted me during his victory dance. And a stupid victory dance if I may say so.
He looked at me as if he sees me for the first time, then evil grin spread on his face, "Want to play?".
I nodded. I suck at these things but I might as well play since I've got nothing better to do, and Mikey disappeared with Bob up in Ray's room.
Frank explained me the goal of the game and how to operate my player.

I failed miserably the first 6865 rounds, but then I was tired to watch Frank's victory dance and hear him yell in my ear, 'I win. You're not' and decided it was time to take some serious actions.
We started the game again, I decided to cheat and distract Frank....don't give me that look, you would do the same thing if you had to watch him dance!
We started to play, I glanced in Frank's direction, he was focused, his lips curled and he chanted random things under his breath.
On the screen I watched his player kick my players ass. Badly.
I quickly leaned on Frank, so that he couldn't see the screen. He groaned and struggled to push me away from his sight with his left arm while pressing the buttons on the joystick with passion.
I elbowed him in the ribs, he barely winced.
I pushed him down to the sofa with all my body's weight and stood up in front of him, to block his view.
While Frank was attempting to gain sight on the screen again, my player finally managed to punch Frank's.
Frankie stood as well pushing me aside with his limb, I pushed him back.
It's like we became the characters.
He walked a bit to his right and slammed his whole body into mine, I almost flew to the other side of the room and landed in Ray's mother cupboard.
I opened my mouth to protest but then saw that Frankie didn't give a damn where I landed and in the mean time my player was dying, I hurried to the center of the room where Frank was standing and pushed him as hard as I could out of the way.
"You're cheating", whined Frankie when I knocked his player out for the first time.
I laughed what I hoped sounded like an evil laugh.
This turned into pushing and slamming bodies match, but it was SO fun I couldn't stop.
I heard blurry version of the other guy's voices but I still couldn't stop.
I was in a trance, all I cared about was what happened on the screen and how far can I push and distract Frank.
After what seemed like forever the game ended. And I WON.
Frank looked upset but it was time for my victory dance, so I did it. The victory dance I mean.
I wriggled my whole body, dancing with the joystick. I threw my hand in the air and jumped up and down singing, 'You suck but I'm not!'.
I was really pleased but then I felt something slam into me and knock me down to the floor.
It was quite painful and after a split second it took me to recover I realized that it was Frank. The bastard tackled me!.
I tried to free myself from his grip but he pinned me to the floor using his knees and started tickling me. Tickles?! What the hell?!.
I tried to threw him off and then tried yelling at him to stop but he didn't and I became breathless from the struggle and the laughter, the cold hard floor contrasted my hot sweaty skin.
He stopped for a while and I felt my whole body ache from the fall and bruises, it felt like I was ran over, which wasn't far from the truth since Frank tackled me with all his might.
Then someone else slammed into us, I think it was Mikey because after him more people jumped on top of us.
I would be lucky to live to tell the tale.
We all laughed so hard, I thought we would be the first people to die of laughter.
After a while it became harder to breath at all with 4 guys on top.
I tried to wriggle out but that trapped me in the pile even more so I shouted at them to get the fuck off me.
They did, one by one they slid off and I rose to a sitting position.
I breathed heavily looking around at them, their hair was messy and their faces red and sweaty from the effort.
We looked at each other and began laughing again of how ridiculous we all looked.
Ray cried with joy on the carpet, covering his face with his hands and Mikey roared with laughter on Frankie's lap who buried his face in Mikey's back, even the ever cool Bob allowed himself to giggle uncontrollably.
Just then I noticed that Gerard was the only one not to join on the slam-yourself-into-the-poor-girl-on-the-floor-party that was going on earlier, he was simply laughing silently at us with Ray's guitar still in his lap.
We laughed for a good solid hour, stopping and then bursting up again.
After the laughter died out I realised how sore my body is and sat down on the sofa, making myself comfortable.

I was busy playing another round of the same game with Frankie, he insisted that I cheated and demanded a rematch.
Once I got the hang of it, I didn't suck so badly. I even managed to win 2 out of 457451.
When we finished the round, I notice the room was empty except for Frank, I, Gerard and the guitar.
I wondered where everybody went.
"I'll go check in Ray's room", said Frank standing up.
Gerard and I exchanged looks but immediately broke the gaze down.
I inserted another video game and began playing as a singular player and Gerard went back to torture Ray's guitar.
Frank was gone for one hour, I knew what Mikey was doing.
It's not the first time he attempted to distract the guys and leave Gerard and me on our own, to give us the chance to talk things over.
It never worked and I doubted it'll work this time.
We sat in complete silence broken only by my cursing and his 'playing'.
I got tired to sit aimlessly like this waiting for him to speak, it was useless.
I got up and climbed up to Ray's room, hushed voices came from Ray's room.
I opened the door and murmurs of disagreement greeted my entrance.
"What?", I asked innocently.
"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be down there and..." Ray trailed off when Mikey elbowed him. I rolled my eyes.
"And what?", I jumped on the bed next to him.
He shrugged and looked at Frank, who looked at Bob who shook his head.
I smirked, "Jesus guys".
"Well there's no point sitting up in this shit hole if they're not talking", said Bob, standing off the carpet and brushing off his knees.
"Hey!!!", Ray was outraged by his comment, "That's my room you're shitting about!".
Bob didn't even turned around and walked out of the room, Ray pouted.
Frank's evil grin appeared again.
Seriously, the world should panic once he did that. I now I am.
"Let's get him...water guns...revenge", he giggled.
Here they go again. The only disadvantage in being the only girl in a boy bunch besides them forgetting you're a girl and tackling you unmerciful is to watch them act all army like.

Mikey, I and Frank stood in half a circle eyeing Ray's back while he rummaged for water guns in his closet, under his bed and in his drawer.
He finally found his set of water guns.
While they took the biggest and newest water guns I was left with a lame pink pistol Ray found UNDER his drawer. It was so unfair!
"I'm not playing with this!", I waved the pistol in Frank's face, stamping my foot down.
Frank was our commander, he even wore a commander hat Ray found during his water guns hunt around the room. It was part of his old costume, it was faded and worn out but Frank wore it proudly and had serious frown on his face.
"It's in a working condition", said Ray filling his water gun.
"It's a god damn pink pistol!", I pouted.
Even Mikey wouldn't give up his big blue water gun for me, he pressed it to his chest and avoided my pleading look.
"See?", Ray took my pistol, filled it with water and splashed it in Frank's face to emphasis how good it is.
Frank's face expression was priceless, he and his commander cap was dripping wet and it took the edge off his self important frown.
I giggled taking back the pistol, "It looks so lame though".

"Right soldiers!", Frank marched us off the bathroom, "Our target is Bob. Our mission is to wet him to the bone and live to see the night", he marched back and forth in Ray's room while we stood in a straight line.
I looked around, they looked dead serious and I rolled my eyes. I still couldn't get over how lame my pistol was.
Frank rambled some more about how dangerous our enemy is and how careful we must be and how we must not betray our crew and not trust anyone.
"Times are hard men", he eyed me, "And a girl. We can't be sure about anyone. We need a sign that will look casual but let us know who can be trusted. Any suggestions?".
We thought for a while.
I bounced on my toes while thinking, then the idea hit me and I flicked my middle finger in Frank's direction and coughed to drew their attention.
They looked at me, than at my raised middle finger and looked puzzled.
My idea finally downed on Mikey and a smile spread on his face, "Of course", he exclaimed and waved his middle finger in the air as well.
Frank and Ray still looked at us as though we just landed from Mars.
"You don't understand", said Mikey waving his finger in Ray's face.
"Ah! Perfect!", cried Ray and joined us in waving his finger in the air.
Frank raised his eyebrows skeptically.
"It would be our sign to distinct enemies from friends", I explained.
"But anyone can flick the middle finger", Frank rolled his eyes.
I bit my bottom lip, he had a point, "Then we'll flick both fingers!", I raised my other finger at him.
He shrugged, "OK and as a respond we kiss our fingers and flick them off".
"Salute!", Frank yelled and flicked his middle fingers in the air.
"Salute!", we answered and did the same.

We came running down the stairs with our water guns and a pistol pointed in front of us.
We caught Gerard and Bob off guard in the middle of the sentence and began spraying Bob, he was shell shocked for about five second and just sat there with his mouth open but when Mikey sprayed him in the mouth he came to his senses and started running away.
We all ran after him howling and whistling and splashing everything caught in the way.
Bob circled the entire house and came back to the living room wet and panting, we were on his tail and didn't stop spraying, we were wet as well because we often missed our moving target and hit each other.
My hair and clothes were wet and stuck to my body. Thank god I never wear white.
We ran after Bob in the living room circling laughing Gerard and the sofa, then I heard Frank roar, "Get the the evil giant too!".
We all stopped on our tracks bumping into each other, "Who?"
"Gerard you idiots!", screamed Frank still running after Bob.
"Oh", we answered all together in the same time. I didn't dare spray Gerard so I joined Frank in his quest for Bob.
From the corner of my eye I could see Gerard stand up backing away and holding Ray's guitar in front of him, hiding behind it.
It was a good move, Ray would rather wet himself than risk something happen to his precious guitar.
Than Mikey sprayed Gerard in the crouch and in the split second Gerard bended to protect his sensitive areas, Ray snatched the guitar from him and ran to hide it somewhere.
In the mean time Mikey chased Gerard down and sprayed him.

"God that was fun", I squeezed my hair making water pour out of it.
"Yeah", Mikey turned his wet back to the sun.
we were drying up in Ray's garden.
The rest were eating pizza inside but I had to get home so Mikey went outside with me to dry up in the pale sun rays.

Kinda long but please let me know what you think!
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