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Unexpected Answer

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What happens when Laura doesn't answer her phone and someone else does? Find out!

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'Ok so the tour has been over for about 3 weeks now and I've had more time to talk to my sister. Yea everything practically revolves around me and her now. When we're on the phone nobody bothers us because they know how we can get. The bitchiness has settled a bit and I'm not such a bitch as I was. The sarcasm card does get played every now and again though. Well yea time for bed, but first I have to call my sister again. Night.' I put my "journal" in my dresser droor and went to say goodnight to everyone.

"Hey guys. I'm going to bed now but first I have to call my sister. Can I use someone's phone?" I smiled innocently at Andy this time because last time I used Joe's. He handed me his phone after everyone hugged me and I ran upstairs back to my room. I quickly called my sister.

"Hello? Amanda where the fuck have you been? Laura won't tell me shit. You better get your ass home right this instant young lady. You have a lot of explaining to do." Shit, Laura's mother answered the phone, just what I need tonight.

"Alyssa, quit yelling at me. That's all you ever do is yell. I finally got away from you, gave you the space you needed, and this is how you repay me? Yelling at me just like you did before? I don't need you Alyssa. I don't need anyone there except Laura so just leave me alone. You are never welcome near me again. Let me talk to Laura right NOW!" Ok so I figured out how to stand up to her, finally. And I'm not regretting it. Or am I?

"Amanda Lynn, I'm not giving the phone to your skank ass sister until you apologize and stop calling my by my first name."

"Alyssa, I don't consider you as a mother anymore so I'm not calling you mom, and I'm not apologizing for not being home or running away. Just hand the phone to Laura and we can stop fighting," I was kind of yelling at this point so Patrick and Pete came in to see what was wrong. "I really don't want to fight tonight, I'm too tired for it. So please just let me talk to Laura."

Pete sat on one side of me and Patrick sat on the other side. "Mandi?" Yes, I was crying. My mother always made me cry, no matter what it was about. I felt 2 arms around me from 2 different people and I finally realized they were there. Despite my cries, Alyssa kept yelling.

"AMANDA LYNN WILLIAMS, HOW MANY TIMES TO I HAVE TO TELL YOU? I'M NOT GIVING YOUR FUCKING SISTER THE PHONE..." she kept talking but I hung up on her and flung myself back on the bed. I then dialed my sister's cell number, still crying.

"Laura, Alyssa's being a bitch, please tell me... Alyssa?"

"Damn straight Amanda. I'll teach you to hang up on me." Once again, I hung up. This was too much.

"Mandi, everything's going to be ok. Laura will be fine I promise. I bet she'll call by morning." I hope Pete was right. As if on cue his cell rang and he answered. "Laura? Where are you? Where are you calling from? Yea you can talk to her." Pete handed me his phone and looked confused.

"Laura? What the hell? Where are you?"

"I'm at Britney's house. I left my phone at home on accident. Wait why are you crying?"

"Alyssa's being a bitch again. She answered your phone and the house phone. You can't go home she'll kill you."

"I'm on my way right now? Where else can I go?" Shit, Laura this isn't cool.

I looked at Pete and asked if Laura can stay with us. He nodded. "Laura Hun, Pete said you can stay here with us. He'll give you directions." She was old enough to drive on her own so I handed Pete Andy's phone so he can give her the proper directions. Within 20 minutes she was at the door. An awkward silence came over the rest of the guys until we explained. My luck just kept getting worse.
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