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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-22 - Updated: 2007-04-23 - 568 words

After an interesting dinner, my mom went upstairs to her room to go to sleep. By Friday my mom was wiped out from work. I headed upstairs to my room while Frank and Mikey sat down on the couch. I wanted to stay downstairs, but I also wanted to tease Frank a little. I continued my work on the Franks, each a perfect recreation of the person they were named after. I looked at the clock. 10pm. Getting bored, I casually walked into the living room. Mikey had the look on his face that meant he would be asleep in ten minutes. I glanced at Frankie, who was absorbed in some horror movie. I got some soda from the fridge and went back upstairs to go on the internet.

Around 1am I was laying on my bed, half asleep. For some reason I was actually tired. I decided it must have been all the excitement from all the flirting from Frank. I didn't think I would actually go to sleep, so I just laid on top of my sheets. Right before I fell asleep, I heard the door open and Frank entered. I rolled over, now laying on my back, to look at him. He gave me a smile and jumped on top of me, his stomach on top of mine.

"You said you never sleep", Frank now said to me. I could tell he must have been eating Mikey's Pixie Stix becuase he seemed really hyper. And he was slightly bouncing, waking me up more.

"Well I won't now", I teased back, causing Frank to give me an adorable smile.

"I'm sorry Lover", Frank said, trying to act sorry, using his pet name for me. This caused me to smile like crazy. I couldn't help it. The man I loved called me Lover, even if it was just a pet name.

"It's all right Gorgeous", I replied, giving him a little kiss on the lips. I sat up on my bed, causing Frank to shift into my lap, "Come on, lets go downstairs"

"But I feel like staying here", Frank whined, resting his head on my chest, "Besides, I am way more comfty right now"

To much of Frank's discontent, I was able to drag him downstairs. I woke Mikey up, who was sleeping on the couch, and told him to go to bed, which he did. I then sat down on the couch and Frank jumped onto my lap. He then buried his head into my neck.

"You gotta stop jumping on me like that", I told him as I flipped to a funny tv show I knew the both of us enjoyed to watch.

"Sorry Gee", Frank told me, trying to sound sincere, "I can make it up to you though"

He gave me one long, passionate kiss that made me go crazy. This was what I was waiting for. It was amazing. We stopped for air and I took a look at him. He was smiling, looking at my with his beautiful brown eyes.

"You've really got a one track mind Gorgeous", I told him.

"Well I can't help that I love you", Frank replied seriously, staring up at me like he wanted to see if that was what I wanted to hear.

"I love you too", I told him softly as he snuggled closer to me.

Who knew I could feel this way?
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