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Chapter One

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A young woman is bitten by a Wendigo set on making her it's mate.

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The creature hid behind the trees, it observed the young woman as she jogged through the park. It had been following her soundlessly for miles waiting for a chance to pounce.
Finally it saw it's chance, she ran through a part of dense trees, blocking her from view of the park. It ran on catlike feet, until he came to a tree that would obstruct her view of it. When she passed the tree, the creature sprang out bringing her to the ground. She screamed one piercing scream, as it's jaws gripped onto her arm. It raised it's paw to silence her with a killing blow, when a slight sound made it bring up it's head. Someone was coming!
Rapidly and silently as it had attacked, it ran back through the forest, leaving the woman bleeding and unconscious.

Stephanie clenched her eyes against the sudden light and moaned, her whole body felt like she had been run over by a truck. Faintly she heard a voice say, "she's waking up." She moaned again and forced her eyes open. Her brother Raymond and her mother were staring at her with worried eyes.
"What happened?" she asked, surprised at the weakness of her own voice. "You were assaulted in the woods, while jogging," Raymond said, motioning toward the bandage on her arm. "Whoever did it wounded you, but thankfully were stopped by other joggers, before they could seriously hurt you."
Stephanie saw motion by the door and turned to look as a man in a police uniform came into the room. "Miss Carter, I'm Officer Benson, I was hoping to ask you a few questions," he said, "that is if you feel up to it." Stephanie nodded her head, "all right." He sat next to her bed, opening a pad of paper and clicking a pen.
"Can you describe to me what the person who attacked you looked like?" He asked, Stephanie closed her eyes. Vaguely she saw a large shape hurtle out of the trees, pushing into her, than a blur of pain. Cringing she shook her head, her mother hurried forward. "I think that this will have to wait." She said firmly, ushering Officer Benson out the door.

The creature lurked in the woods outside the hospital, she was in there it could smell her. It knew with a knowledge that it couldn't comprehend that soon she would turn. It withdrew back into the woods, it was patient, it had waited for years for a mate. Soon that wait would be over.

Stephanie felt like something was drawing her toward the window. Yanking out her IV she rose from the bed, walking toward the window. She stared out, at the forest and for a instant, saw motion. Than it was gone, she turned back realizing that she was voraciously hungry. She looked at the tray that had been left for her, shuddering in revolt. She knew what she needed and knew where she could find it. Quietly with a stealth she had never possessed before, she slipped out the door, and down the hall. Walking on soundless feet toward what would nourish her, soon she would feed.

Stephanie jerked awake, she knew she had some dream, but it was a vague shadow now. She heard a knock on the door, than Officer Benson stuck his head in. "Are you feeling better?" He asked hesitantly. "Yes," she said gesturing for him to come inside. He did and sat in the chair beside her bed, "Do you feel up to telling me what you can about your attacker?" He asked, Stephanie nodded and he took out a pad of paper and a pen.
"What did he look like?" Stephanie stared out the window, slowly as if she didn't even know what she was saying she whispered. "It had long matted hair and glowing eyes, it moved with the grace of a predator. It's breathe smelled like death," she closed her eyes and shuddered.
Officer Benson stared at her, "Miss Carter," he said slowly. "Are you saying whatever attacked you wasn't human?"
"I know it sounds crazy," Stephanie said, "I don't know what it was, but it wasn't human." She shuddered again, and said, "this thing bit me and I have no idea what it is." She began to cry, "I'm so scared." Officer Benson embraced her, "I promise you," he said, "that I will protect you. No matter what."
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