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chapter two

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Stephanie fights with her inner beast.

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Stephanie sat up ravenously hungry again. She got out of bed and furtively padded out of the room. She quietly walked down the hall to the morgue.
Stephanie went to one of the freezers holding a corpse, and pulled it out. She quickly dug her hands in, tearing pieces of bloody flesh out and cramming them in her mouth.
As she ate she looked at herself in the reflection. A creature from her worst nightmares, stared back at her. But she didn't care, her hunger was being appeased.

She woke up with a start at the sound of a knock at the door. Officer Benson came in with a huge pile of books, he dumped them on the table and sat down. "I think I might know what attacked you," he said as he opened one of the books and showed her a picture.
Stephanie stared in horror at the thing that had attacked her, the thing she had become last night. "What is that?" She asked in a shaking voice, "it's a Wendigo," Officer Benson said, looking at her in concern. "Are you alright?" Stephanie shook her head no, "I became one last night," she said putting her hands to her face. "I ate human flesh, oh my God," she began to sob.
"There's proof, go to the morgue, they should be missing a body." Officer Benson stood up, "I'll be right back."

He came back looking grave, "their missing a body alright," he said as he sat beside her. "I've been reading these books," Stephanie began, "Their very hard to kill." She held up her hand as Officer Benson began to speak. "Their very hard to kill," she repeated " but it can be done, by using iron or silver, or by the most efficient method. Shattering their ice heart with a sliver stake. Than cutting them up with a silver axe." She set the book down and grasped his hands, "I want you to promise me that when I become a Wendigo that you will kill me. I can feel the creature trying to emerge already, it's only a matter of time." She looked frantically at Officer Benson, "promise me," she repeated. He shook his head unhappily, "I promise."
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