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The first day of Highschool

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Renn is 16 years old and has moved to Belleville New Jersey, I wonder who she meets on her first day of school...

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Renn walked sadly into the new school. The corridors were empty and quiet, Renn wandered down glancing at the numbers on the doors until she found the right one. She knocked three times before twisting the handle and walking in. The class fell silent and stared at her, an old, strict looking teacher stood at the front holding a peice of chalk.
"Ah, Renn Williams right?" She asked. Renn nodded. "Im Mrs. Salking, please go find a seat and I'll get your timetable for you" She walked over to her desk and began moving the papers around looking for the timetable. Renn looked nervously around the room, filled with students glaring at her and whispering about her, there didnt look like there were any empty seats. But then she spotted one next to a boy who was drawing on a notebook, the only person not looking at her.
Renn walked over to the desk and sat down. The boy glanced at her but quickly looked away. Renn didnt think she was going to like her first day here.

Renn pushed open the door to the art room, there were only a few people in there as she was early so she quickly selected a table and sat down. She had started a drawing when the rest of the class filled the room, the boy she had sat by at the beginning of the day sat next to her. But like before payed no attention to her presence.
They were half way through the lesson when a piece of folded paper landed on her drawing. Renn looked confused and looked around trying to figure out who had put it there, the boy sat next to her was watching her with no expression on his face, he nodded at the paper and then went back to his work. Renn unfolded the paper. It was a note.

Hey, I'm Gerard, whats your name?

Renn picked up her pencil and wrote a reply.

Hi Gerard, Im Renn.

She folded it up again and put it on Gerards work he didnt look at her but instantly unfolded it, she watched as his eyes moved across the paper, reading her reply, he picked up his pencil and began writing a reply. Renn turned back to her work, wondering what he was going to say. She grabbed the note as soon as it landed infront of her and she quickly unfolded it.

Cool name! Do you have anyone to hang with? I noticed you were alone at break so if you have no plans you can hang with me and my friends during lunch if you like. You dont have to or anything!

Renn smiled, 'I'd love too' she wrote and passed it back. Gerard read it and smiled at her. Before crumpling up the note and then continuing to draw.

The bell rang and Gerard stood up watching Renn as she collected her things. "Do you want to put your stuff in your locker first and then we'll go to lunch?" Asked Gerard.
"Ok" Said Renn and she followed Gerard out into the corridor. Her locker was near some stairs, she was just unlocking it when a girl walked up to the locker next to her and began unlocking it. Gerard was watching the girl in interest, "Watch this" He whispered, Renn looked in confusion as the girl put in the last number, suddenly the door burst open a boy jumped out yelling "BOO!" The girl screamed in shock and ran off. The boy fixed his tie looking like nothing had happened. Gerard was shaking his head, Renn felt as if she had just had a heart attack, she hadnt been expecting that at all.
"Very Mature Frank" Said Gerard, the boy turned and grinned when he saw Gerard.
"Told you I'd get revenge didnt I?" He laughed. Gerard was smiling and shaking his head.
"Yeah you did" He said. Frank high fived Gerard and then spotted Renn who had put away her stuff and was hovering next to Gerard.
"Who are you?" He asked her. Renn blushed.
"I'm Renn" She said, Frank raised an eyebrow.
"Oh Yeah!! Frank, this is Renn, she's new here I said she could hang with us at lunch" Said Gerard. Franks expression changed and he smiled warmly.
"Cool, I'm Frank" He said. Renn smiled nervously.
"C'mon then" Said Gerard and he walked down the corridor followed by Renn and Frank.

Gerard sat down on some steps outside, Frank sat next to him and Renn sat down too. Three other boys were there already.
"Guys, this is Renn, she's new here and I said she could hang with us. Renn, this is Ray, Bob and Mikey" Said Gerard pointing at each boy in turn. They all smiled and greeted Renn. "Hi" She said Back. She liked them all, Gerard, had shoulder lengh black hair and wore black eyeliner. Frank had black hair that was spiked at the back and an emo style fringe at the front. He had red eyeliner on and had the cutest, most geeky smile you have ever seen. Mikey had black hair with blonde in it, it was spiked at the back and he had a long fringe that framed his face, he wore thick rimmed glasses and was Gerards brother. Ray had a brown curly afro, and Bob had blonde hair that was flat with an emo fringe.
"So, Renn, what school did you used to go to?" Asked Mikey.
"Oh...I was home tutored all my life...but my parents split up and me and my mum came to New Jersey, but my dad kept pretty much all the money so...I had to come to a private school" Answered Renn. The guys stared at her.
"Private tutoring? So were you like...a snob?" Asked Bob. Gerard punched Bobs shoulder
"Bob!" He cried warningly, Bob blushed.
"I mean...were you like rich and stuff?" He re-phrased. Renn laughed.
"Well...kind of, we werent rich rich, but we had a bit of money, we didnt live in a mansion or anything! My dad just didnt want me going to a private school, he reckoned it would turn me into a drug taking out of control, pregnant teenager! And that was when I was five years old!! Oh, and I'm definitely NOT a snob!" She said. They all stared at her.
"Wow...I'm sorry but your dad sounds like an asshole...NO OFFENCE!" Said Gerard. Renn laughed again.
"He was an asshole, besides I wanted to go to a public school, to make you guys!" She smiled.
"So...we're friends?" Asked Mikey. Renn laughed, he was so sweet.
"Well...I hope so, other wise Im just going to be a loner" She said. The guys all smiled, no one ever wanted to be their friends because they were so wierd. But that was exactly what Renn loved about them.
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