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Say Hi Pete!

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Damn it, Audrey. How many more hookups will you have?

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"Hey Alicia. Mikey told me to tell you to meet him in front of the volcom stage. He's taking you to dinner." She whipped her head around and looked at me.

"Really?" Her eyes twinkled with excitement. Oh if only she knew I was setting her up....

"Yeah! Here I'll help you pick something to wear." I threw a black skirt and Fall Out Boy tee shirt at her. Casual yet classy.

Gerard's Point of View

"Yeah. Volcom stage. She wants to go to dinner with you."

"Serious?" I think my brother's eyes just popped out of his skull. It was quite funny.

"Yep. You better hurry!" I threw him clean clothes and pushed him into the bathroom to change.

Audrey' Point of View

"Are we all set to go?"

"The deed is done. He's on his way to the stage now."

"We're badass."

"We are. We should celebrate."

"Uh definitely but not tonight. I'm tired. I think I'm going to bed and you should too. You look dead."

"I always look dead. Are you okay?"

"Never better. Why?" My palms were sweating.

"You seem nervous."

"Yeah nervous that if I don't sleep I might die. Goodnight baby."

"Uh...goodnight." I hung up the phone and threw it unto my unmade bunk. I grabbed my black hoodie and threw it on, hood up. The chilly air smacked me in the face as I walked through the maze of buses. I finally came to the one I'd been searching for. Taking Back Sunday. The music was loud and the bus was rocking due to the dancing. I entered to be hit in the face with the smell of smoke among other things. The merch guy for Hawthorne Heights sat on the side of the room, holding a bag of coke. He saw me as did his friends and they all greeted me warmly.
"Come by for a hit?"

"More like a million!" I yelled. We all laughed as I grabbed the back and dumped a small pile onto a tiny mirror.

"Woah take it easy, Audrey." He pulled my arm back a little. I looked up confused.

"You just did a few too many. Cool it."

"You're right." I shoved the mirror away but stuffed the bag into my pocket. "For later." I assured him and got up making my way to the front of the bus. The alcohol sat on a small bar like thing. I poured myself a shot of vodka and downed it quickly. I hadn't a clue what was going on except I fell onto a guys lap.

"So sorry!"

"No m-my fault!" He hiccupped. He was as drunk and high as myself but he was hot. So that's all that mattered.

"I'm Audrey."

"I think my name is Pete but I'm not too sure." We both laughed uncontrollably.

"You're really attractive."

"I know. Wanna know what I think of you?" I nodded my head. He leaned up and kissed me hard on the lips. I didn't object. Cute boy + drugs and vodka = hot hook-up. I'm not a whore. I call them afterwards :D

he moved his hands up and down my back as I pushed harder into the kiss. We were in a room full of people so we didn't get too far. Our clothes stayed on but its not like anyone would have noticed if they were off. Everyone was too drunk.

Gerard's Point of View

"Dude. Lets go to that TBS party."

"Frank no. I'm not in the mood." I threw the boring magazine I was reading across the room.

"Please? There will be hot chicks for you there!"

"I don't want any "hot chicks"."

"Oh yeah you just want Twiggers!"

"Shut up. I just don't want to party."

"PLEASE!?" I sighed in defeat.

"Fine." Frank's eyes lit up. He dragged me by the arm the whole way. There wasn't a way in hell I was getting away. He was determined. And when Frankie is determined, there's no changing his mind.

"GO!" He pushed me onto the bus. Smelt like smoke and vodka. My kind of place. I was about to reach for a bear and try to drink myself into oblivion but I noticed a little movement in the corner. Some girl with extremely familiar blonde, black and blue hair sat on a boy's lap. I moved closer to see if I knew her.

"Audrey?" She turned around and smiled.

"Gee! hey baby! How are you?"

"I thought you said you were tired."

"I was but I decided to come here instead of sleep. Oh oh oh! This is pete. Pete say hi!"

"Hi!" Yeah I knew who he was. Pete Wentz. A.K.A girlfriend stealer. He stole Ray's old girlfriend, some girl I liked, Frank's old girlfriend, etc. I could go down the list for hours but if I did I would throw up in my mouth repeatedly.

"Hey Pete." I said pissed.

"You seeeeeem mad! Why?"

"No reason." I left the scene and went back to the beer I was picking up. The beer, along with five others, made me a happier and oblivious man. Just the way I liked it.
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