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A new weapon has surfaced, but the girl doesn't even know her destiny yet! The titans have to race against Time to find her, and if they do, it will be a shock to one of the team members, for this ...

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Sooo.... This is a new fic for me, yeah I know, I haven't finished with the songs one first, but this kinda just came to me! Hmmm it will be my first actual story so again, go easy on me cuz I'm just beginning to get into the wadding pool of this great big ocean!!!

DISCLAIMER: Don't own, never have never will, I only own my O.C., who I think is absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself! :p


"Why? Why do those pesky brats thwart me at every turn?" Cronus snarled his anger coursing through his body like molten lava.

He conjured up a picture of the seven teens and the hate bubbling beneath the surface erupted, he telepathically lifted boulders and anything that was in reach really and started to hurl the objects across the room letting the imitations of the Titans fall to the ground bloodied, with broken and oddly twisted limbs, but as his anger and frustration cooled and satisfaction kicked in the apparitions shimmered and dissolved into nothingness (AN/ is that even a word??!!!) and Cronus was reminded that they were not the real thing.

He stifled another outburst of anger and as he attempted to calm himself he had a sudden feeling, which gave him a pause.

"No, it couldn't be! Why I haven't felt that in a few millennia!" He walked over to his 'looking pool' and waved a hand across the still water trying to see if what he felt had in fact been real, but he could only get a very hazy picture of a mortal's form, he couldn't even tell if it was male or female.

"AGNON!" He barked sending the bumbling giant into a frantic run and causing him to trip over his own two feet. Cronus rolled his eyes and sighed as it took the giant twice as long to reach him. "I want you to escort the Oracle back here, invite him over for a little 'chat', and make sure it's an offer that he can't refuse."

The God of Time's red eyes burned with malice as Agnon and a few of his cohorts went and did Cronus's bidding.

A while later there was a commotion at the front of the cold hallway leading to the power hungry God's lair.

"Ah Oracle, so good of you to accept my invitation!" Cronus said in a false welcoming voice, taking in the sight of the Oracle being led the base of his throne.

The Oracle sneered up at Cronus "Well, with such a pleasant invitation, I couldn't decline, now could I?"

"Hmmm, yes well you see, I have rather an urgent matter that needs attending, and you are the only one that can help me" Cronus said almost banteringly with the Oracle.

The Oracle smirked "I know exactly what you want to know Cronus, and the answer is yes, the Key has resurfaced after all these millennia" The God of Time crowed in delight his mind already running rampant with all the possibilities of finally killing Hera's snivelling brats off once and for all

"So, where does the Great One reside? Back on Mt. Olympus with my children? Never mind, I shall steal the God right out from under their noses, and they will never be any the wiser!"

"AHEM!" The Oracle cleared his throat to get Cronus's attention "Actually the Key resides somewhere here, not on Mt. Olympus..." Cronus stared with astonishment at the old prophet "...and the Key is not an immortal, but a human, one who does not even know of its great destiny yet"

Cronus could hardly believe what the withered old man was telling him; in fact he seemed absolutely dumfounded.

"So, Oracle, what sex is this /mortal/?" He sneered the word as if it left a distasteful aftermath in his mouth. "And better yet, where does this mortal reside? And when will they start learning about their powers?"

The Oracle sighed, his unhappiness with telling Cronus all that he had seen showing through his body language. "I do not know whether the Key is male or female, nor do I know the exact locations of where the mortal resides, but it has an incredibly strong connection to one of the seven Chosen Ones, and the powers that this mortal has, I-I do not know when they will reveal themselves." The Oracle stumbled slightly over his words at the end of his speech, but Cronus was too busy gloating to realise what had just happened.

"Agnon, you and your brothers escort our esteemed guest back to his newspaper stand" Cronus gave an imperious command and turned to glance once again at the smoky figure in the reflecting pool once again, tasting victory over Jay and his little group of 'heroes'.


"NOOOO!!!" The girl sat bolt upright in her bed, gasping and sobbing quietly as her dream flooded her mind. She sat in her silent room for a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, and once that had happened she skimmed the room quickly, searching for glowing red eyes that held so much malice and evil in them.

She gave a sigh of relief as she noted that everything in her messy bedroom was as it had been before she had gone to bed the night before, and the house was silent, not even an animal stirred.

The tiny brunette got out of her bed and padded softly across the room, her footsteps virtually silent as she made her way to her computer. She flipped the machine on and quickly went online to check if there were any e-mails for her.

As she grumbled with disappointment that there was no answering e-mail to the last one she had sent she suddenly got an IM message. She glanced at it and her face lit up with excitement and joy when she saw who it was from.

FastBoy-'Hey sweeting, what in the world are u doing up so late?!?'

The girl grinned as she realised he STILL hadn't changed his online name.

CheerGirl-'Hey!!! Nuthing much, just had a bad dream 'n culdn't go back to sleep u?'

FastBoy-'Mmmmm culd say the same! ;)

CheerGirl-'Y didn't u reply to my msg???? :(

FastBoy-'Sry hon, only checked my e-mails now!!! :)

CheerGirl-'Oh 'k....'

FstBoy-'Sumthing da matter?'


FastBoy-''K tell me wat it is! It's not HER again is it??? :(

CheerGirl-'Actually, she's been pretty chilled these couple of weeks, but that's gonna change, it always does! HA Sad Smile Wish u were still here with me sumtimes!'

FastBoy-'Yeah, I'm missing u loads too! So how is everything?'

CheerGirl-'All good, hmmm really tired yawn gonna call it a night 'k bro? Love u g'night :)

CheerGirl has now logged off.

The girl gave a contented smile, talking to her older brother did that to her. She shut down the computer and climbed back into bed, and closing her eyes, she was not disturbed again by glowing red eyes.


The boy sighed as he logged off his computer his mind still dwelling on his younger sister and the most likely reason she couldn't sleep again.

He climbed back into his bed careful not to make too much noise and wake the rest of the dorm up, and he scrunched his pillow tightly under his head as he lay thinking about his latest dream that woke him up, the vision coming to him so clearly, it was almost as if she was standing in his room, begging him to kiss her full pink lips and take her right then and there.

He rolled over and burrowed his head into the pillow and let out a frustrated groan. Why? Why did this have to constantly happen to him? He mussed up his purple hair that he usually wore in a Mohawk style and just let the fact wash over him that it was another sleepless night for him.

But close to two in the morning the exhausted teen drifted off to slumber land, not knowing that the age old saying of 'evil never sleeps' was being put into use that very night, and that Cronus was slowly getting closer to finding out who the Key really was....


Hee hee hee, so what did all of you think?

Okay I also know that it's a bit short, but it's kinda a teaser, like a prequel!!!

Ugh I know I'm supposed to be doing Odie's story, but I just have to ask an author if I can use one of her O.C.'s in this next story, so please be patient guys! ;)

Anyway, tell me what you think of this new story, and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my story writing ways, just tell me how in the reviews!!

So just remember that this is my first actually story, that has like chapters and everything!!! So please, please, please tell me if anything is confusing, or if you can't follow the story line! J

Luv ya all Honey
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