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Hard to Say pt 1

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Bert popped his head into Saint Lily's tour bus.
"Knock Knock." he said, walking up the steps.
"Hey Bert." Lily called from the back of the bus, stick of eyeliner in hand.
She had just finished straightening her hair, and had only lined one eye-lid with kohl black when Bert arrived.
She beckoned him to her as she put the finishing touches on her eyes.
Bert wandered towards Lily, making sure to slap Will's behind as he walked past.
He ignored Will's cries of "I fucking hate you" as he neared the blonde lead singer, who was leaning over the counter carefully applying her makeup.
"Sup?" she asked, mouth open...trying to remain still as she gazed into the mirror, lining her upper eye-lid with a black pencil.
Bert leaned against the wall and scratched his ear,
"Uh.." he mumbled,
"Nothing...You ready for today?" he asked, eyes on her trembling lower lip as she filled in any spots she may have missed with black.
Lily sighed as she unscrewed her mascara, pulling out the wand,
"Uh, yeah. I'm fine...ready as I'll ever be." she said, with a shrug.
Bert nodded and mumbled a 'good' underneath his breath.
He had pulled his hood over his scraggly hair hidden beneath it.
"So.." Lily began, sweeping the thick black lacquer over her lashes,
"I'll just finish getting ready and we can go..." she said, carefully extending her lashes.
She wiped off any excess black that had made her way to her eyelids with her fingertips,
"Feeling ok?" she asked, eyebrow raised, frown on her face.
Bert shrugged, staring at the carpet,
"Yeah." he murmured.
Lily frowned, slouching with guilt.
Today was around the time he had gotten the call..the call that Kate had died.
The year it happened she didn't know him very well.
She had been told about it, in whispers...and had an eye on him from far away.
She had overdosed...and had died, along with Bert's baby...
Along with the possibility of happiness...of something to wake up for each day, with pride...and to smile.
Fuck, Bert was a kid himself, but she could see the blurry look in his eyes...the almost stony expression on his face as he kept his gaze locked onto the carpet.
He had wanted it...a reason to stay clean.
That baby had been hope for a new start..
A new sunrise...a new beginning.
He hadn't talked about it then..and he still didn't.
They had a silent understanding, he and Lily; he knew he didn't have to explain it to her.
She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, pressing his face into her hair that spilled over her shoulders, smooth and shiny...newly washed and straightened.
Bert sighed into her, closing his eyes as she ran a hand across his back.
His eyes seemed to dry up...
All he could focus on was the soft feeling of her body against his...the comfort she gave pure and feminine...clean.
He didn't know whether he wanted to collapse into her arms and cry..
Or kiss her softly, holding her face is his....pull her body close to him and take every inch of her as his own...explore all that he had thought about...late at night over the soft purr of the engines...the beating of his heart.
Lily pulled away and smiled weakly,
"But hey...we'll blow them away, ok?" she said, hand still on her shoulder.
She tore away from him to place her makeup in her bag, turning around and brushing her hair out of her face.
She was dressed plainly...a long light-green tank top and jeans...a pyramid belt at her hips...nails painted a glittery black...a chunky plastic necklace around her neck.
She grabbed a pair of large black sunglasses and covered her eyes with them,
"Ready?" she asked, pocketing a small bottle of sun-screen.

As Lily wandered into the dark back-stage, she looked up at the ceiling. The countless wires and lighting always proved interesting to her. Roadies shuffled and wheeled past her, giving Lily small hellos and waves.
Lily smiled politely, running through the lyrics of "Hard to Say" in her head.
Bert was onstage, lecturing the crowd about love and music, and the two combined.
Lily felt a hand on her wrist, spinning around to see....
"H-Hey!!" she laughed as Gerard pulled her towards him.
"Hey sugar." he grinned, pushing up against her and leaning forward, tip of his nose against hers...smiling widely.
Lily laughed as she was tilted backwards, Gerard threatening to drop her if she didn't kiss him.
She gave him one peck before laughing uncontrollably, demanding to be pulled up.
"Nice to see you." she grinned, Gerard's hands on her back, body tight against hers.
"Mmhmm..Nice to see you too." he said softly, kissing her face.
Lily laughed and pushed him away slightly,
"What's with all the affection?" she asked as Gerard kissed her hard on the cheek.
"Can't I kiss you?" he asked as Lily wiped her wet cheek.
He looked so cute...bullet proof vest and all.
Lily melted under his small, boyish grin.
"Yes." she nodded, "You can."
Suddenly, she heard her que,
"So my good friend the SAINT is going to sing with us today..." she heard Bert grumble into the microphone, a large scream following.
Lily attempted to push Gerard off of her, hands at his stomach,
"Honey, that's my que..I have to go.." she began, struggling slightly only to be cut off.
"You're singing with Bert?" he asked, face tainted with amusement, eyebrow raised...mouth open in mischievous shock.
"Yes," Lily began, pushing him off..only to be clutched tighter,
"Now I have to go, come on Gerard." she said a bit sternly.
Suddenly, the curtain opened a crack to reveal Bert, mic in hand.
His face fell when he saw Lily in Gerard's arms...going from a smile to a look of confusion mixed with shock..a sprinkle of pain mixed in amongst the swirling, indescribable feelings going through his mind.
He caught Gerard's eyes for a second as Lily pushed him off.
"Sorry Bert." she blurted, taking a step towards him, only to be grabbed once more and pulled forcefully backwards.
She slammed softly against Gerard's chest, his mouth catching her lips clumsily in a kiss.
He put his hand between her shoulder blades and pulled her tighter, kissing her with more force, hand to the back of her head.
Lily broke free, blushing madly.
"Ohhhh Kayyyyyy.." she said, grinning with embarrassment and smoothing down her hair, eyes set on the beat-up wooden floor.
Gerard grinned at Bert as he held open the curtain for her.
They stood there, locked in each other's eyes...Bert staring at him with a coldness...a blank expression..brow furrowed slightly...Gerard smiling..mouth closed.
Gerard flashed him a grin and walked out of sight.
Bert laughed softly,
"Alright, fuck it."
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