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In My Place

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Pete asks THE question. no, not that question. yes, THAT question

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Part Five: In My Place

And if you go, if you go
Leave me down here on my own
And I'll wait for you

The nature of a romance like Kayli and Pete's could only have a volatile outcome. While two people get so caught up in their game, they often times forget what's important. After nearly three months of "sating" and the Honda Civic Tour coming to a close, Kayli was begging her way onto the permanent Fall Out Boy crew, fro no reason but to be near Pete. Bob sat and listened to her pleas, wondering why it was really THAT important she come to Europe with them, but agreed because she was good at her job.

Pete found himself on a hiatus, crashing in his LA home, sitting on his computer trying to get some work done, but all he could think about was Kayli. It had been really hard these past few months, and basically all they did when they found the time to be alone in secret was have sex and pete was feeling like their relationship was headed in the wrong direction. The only time they ever really got to talk to find out about each other was when he was able to be far enough away from her that no one would suspect they were talking to each other on their cell phones. He found it unfair that he choose this option, now unable to even invite kayli to move in, to even come over so the could be together. He wasn't sure how long he sat staring at the figures on his computer but his doorbell rang suddenly, causing Hemmingway to jump up and bark, charging for the front door. Pete followed the dog and was surprised when he opened the door.

"Kayli! What are you doing here? The paparazzi have been stalking my house. This wasn't smart!' he said, pulling her inside and quickly shutting the door.

"Pete, no one is stalking you. That's paranoia," she replied as she crouched down to rub Hemmy's belly. He sighed, aggravated with her. He loved her truly, but the tension that began their relationship never subsided, and they continued to drive each other a little crazy.

What are you doing here?" he asked her. She stopped petting the dog and stood up, following him into the kitchen, He grabbed her a bottle of water and handed it to her as she yawned.

"Thanks. Um, Bob is letting me come to Europe with you guys," she said, walking up to Pete and wrapping her arms around his waist. He placed his arms around her shoulder and pulled her close, letting her head fall on his shoulder. "So, it looks like you won't be able to hook up with any German super models," she replied. Pete sighed and kissed the top of her head.

"Damn, because that was my whole plan," he replied. She nodded, breathing him in as Hemmy began barking, running from the window to the front door. Kayli and Pete immediately pulled away from one another and looked at each other in alarm.

"Who is that?" she asked. Pete shrugged and began pushing Kayli toward his room.

"I'm not expecting anybody really, but you know how people just show up here. Just go to my room. I'll be in when whoever leave," he said as soon as the doorbell rang.

"But..." Kayli began. Now she was mad. How long would it take for who ever to leave? He wanted her to just sit and wait?

"Just go. I love you," eh said, turning his back to her. Kayli grumbled and fled up the stairs as Pete opened the door.

"Sup, bitch?!" Kayli heard Dirty yell, followed by the voiced of Nick, Charlie and Joe.

"Shit, this is going to take forever," Kayli said to herself. She stepped back and closed the bedroom door behind her, then sat down on Pete's bed, turning on the TV. She sighed, very annoyed. She heard the voices start to hush and was hoping his took them out to the backyard so she could sneak out. She was not waiting for them to leave.

"Kayli?" she heard as Pete walked through the door. "They are probably going to be here a while, I don't expect you to wait," he said, sitting down on the bed. Kayli crossed her arms and pulled her legs underneath her, "baby, don't get mad. You know I can't just make them leave," he added, crawling over to her and placing his head on her lap. Kayli looked out his balcony to the backyard and saw Joe running around with Hemmy and she rolled her eyes. How did Pete not expect her to be mad at this?

"Pete, I'm just going to leave. I wish I was more important to you than your friends," she said, pushing him away from her. Pete stood and blocked her from leaving his room.

"Don't leave her like this. You are important to me! That's why no one can know about you, baby. You have to understand. You agreed to this relationship, now we just have to deal with the circumstances."

"Pete, do you realize we have never spent a night together? You and I have never been out on a date? We've never gotten to part together or anything. I want a boyfriend, someone I can bring to meet my friends and family. Pete, I love you and I want everyone to know about it!" She said. Pete sighed and pulled Kayli as close to him as she could possibly get.

"We'll go out this weekend. We'll go out to dinner and do whatever else, okay? I'm trying to do whatever I can to make us work. I love you, babe," eh said, grasping her chin in his fingers, locking their eyes together. "I'll even call you when they leave and you can stay here with my tonight. No sex, just being together." Kayli smiled softly. It was so hard making this relationship be what she thought it should be, but she forgot to remember that all of this was for a greater cause and she was so happy with Pete.

"Okay, so, I'll see you later" Pete nodded and kissed her quickly. They left the bedroom and Pete walked her to the front door. She turned to kiss him and then left for her car. Pete smiled and shut the door, not noticing Nick came up the stairs.

"Hey man. What are you doing?" Nick asked him. Pete spun around and faced Nick, his brain searching for an excuse.

"Um...I...thought I heard another car in the driveway, I was just checking," he said. Nick nodded slowly, totally not buying a single word.

"Well, you said you were coming up to grab us some drinks and then you never came back, I was coming to see what the problem was," Nick replied. Pete shrugged.

"No problem. I just went to the bathroom. I was just heading down now....after I grabbed the drinks of course," Pete said. Nick shook his head as he grabbed three waters out of the fridge.

"You are fucking weird sometimes, dude," Nick said, going back down the steps. Pete sighed. He knew Nick was onto him...

Later that evening, after Pete took Kayli out for a quiet dinner, they were laying together on the chair on his back porch overlooking the Valley, happy to just be enjoying each others current company. Pete sighed and shifted, causing Hemmingway to jump up.

"Kayli..." he began. She let her eyes open softly, yawning into Pete's chest.

"Hmm?" she replied.

"Let's get married," he said. Kayli felt her eyes widen before she sat up straight and stared at Pete, Hemmy cocked his head at her curiously.

"What?" she asked. Pete sighed and closed his eyes. He knew it was a chance in hell.

crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed
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