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But too cool to care

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The answer to that question

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"Need" Part Six- but too cool to care

You're always the mysterious one with
Dark eyes and careless hair

Kayli kept her seat as Hemmingway scampered to her feet, looking up intently at Pete. Pete sighed and pulled his legs out from under her arm, sitting cross legged on the bench. Kayli was waiting rather impatiently for him to repeat his question, assuming that she must've misheard him, surely. He lifted his soft brown eyes from his begging pup to Kayli's inquisitive expression. He reached his hand out and grabbed her left hand, bringing her fingers to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly.

"I want to get married. I want a life with you and no one else," he answered, his eyes never leaving hers. Kayli yanked her hand away from him and continued to stare at him in disbelief. Pete felt his hope begin to dwindle the longer she sat there staring at him with that look on her face. He was surprised her mouth wasn't hanging open; it really would've completed the expression. After another minute, Kayli stood up and shook her head, turning her back on Pete, opening the sliding glass door and going into his room. Hemmingway followed her until the door slammed in his face, which caused him to run back to Pete and stare at him.

"Yeah, buddy, I don't know either. I think you're dad just fucked himself pretty good," he said to the dog before standing slowly and walking to his bedroom...

Kayli slammed the glass door shut and turned the sharp corner, locking herself in Pete's bathroom. She let herself lean on the closed door before putting her face in her hands. Did Pete Wentz just ask her to marry him? Was he ACTUALLY crazy? Kayli felt a little bad for her reaction, but what did he expect? She wasn't exactly 100% happy with their current situation as secret lovers, let alone a secret union, a secret marriage. How would that work? What are they supposed to do when she wants children, like that was the easiest thing in the world to hide. She was beginning to find out that Pete was the type of guy to live for the moment, whereas Kayli liked plans and structure. She never made a big decision without weighing the pros and cons of the situation and as she standing there running a preliminary list of pros and cons in her head. The bad things were piling on where as the good things remained at one: she would be Mrs. Pete Wentz and married to a man she knew she could love forever.

After taking a deep breath and gathering her thoughts up a little, she opened the door to see Pete sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at the floor. He looked so sad and embarrassed, Kayli felt like some what of a bitch.

"Baby..." she said softly. Pete looked at her, and Kayli saw everything vulnerable about him at that very moment. He looked tired, sad and a little hurt. How hard it must've been for him to actually ask that question and for her to react in such a terrible way. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...just..." she sighed. Slowly she walked up to him, placing her body in between his legs and felt her whole body react as he wrapped his hands around the back of her thighs. She ran her fingers across the back of his head, placing her left hand on his cheek, lifting his face to hers. She leaned forward and kissed him softly before sighing calmly.

"Pete, if I'm going to be your wife, I'm going to have to follow you through out the good and the bad and if you believe that we can make it against all of the circumstance, then I'm going to start that path right now, right here. You have my heart and my soul and I don't want to share that with anyone else." Pete kept their gaze, searching deep into her for all of the things he needed to read between the lines, but he couldn't really find any hidden meanings and smiled.

" that a yes?" he asked softly. Kayli smiled shyly, before leaning in to kiss him.

"Try a hell yes," she replied. Pete smiled before running his hands up her body, placing them on her head before pulling her close to him, the kissing beginning softly before passion over came the couple and they lost themselves in the moment...

Kayli groaned as she felt the sunlight hitting her through the sliding glass door. Why didn't Pete shut those blinds? She moved her arm above her head, stretching and yawning, her body still slightly tingling from the currents of last night. It was then that her ears adjusted to a noise outside, the sound of people. She sat up quickly and cautiously peered out over the deck before seeing about ten people down on Pete's lawn.

"Holy shit," she muttered quickly, grabbing the bed sheet and tearing off into the bathroom. "What the fuck?" she whispered to herself. She went over to the toilet to pee, wondering why Pete just let her lay there when people were over and his blinds wide open for all the world to see her naked in his bed.

"Kayli, babe?" she heard Pete's voice outside the bathroom door. She flushed before going to the door and opening it slightly, the bed sheet dragging behind her. "Morning, you want some breakfast?" he asked. Kayli stared at him wide-eyed.

"Are you crazy? What about everyone downstairs?" she asked him. He shrugged.

"They aren't paying any attention. Why are you so worried?" Kayli left the bathroom and went her to clothes that were strewn randomly across the floor, pulling them on, while trying to hide from any eyes outside.

"Um...I thought our relationship was supposed to be a secret. Meaning, when you have people at your house, I'm not here. Especially when I'm naked," she said, pulling on her jeans and buckling her belt.

"But I like it when you're naked," he said, walking up to her and wrapping his arm around her, kissing her neck. Kayli sighed, he knew her weak spot. She finally got the strength to push him away, huffing, and pretending to be mad when really she was just getting a thrill out of the situation.

"I'm going to go," she said, grabbing her bag off the dresser.

"Wait!" Pete said, reaching into his sock drawer. "Don't you want this first?" he asked, holding out a small box. Kayli almost dropped her things when she saw the box. He had really thought about this.

"Pete..." Kayli breathed out. He nodded and she walked toward him, feeling her breath get lost in her throat and she tried hard to choke back an overwhelming amount of emotions. Pete opened the box and Kayli practically fainted at the ring sitting inside. It was a perfect, modest, square cut diamond, exactly how she described it one the phone to him in the middle of stringing wires in a busy amphitheater. She couldn't believe he remembered...then wondered how long ago he actually bought it, but it didn't much matter. Pete pulled the ring from the box and Kayli attacked him with the biggest hug she could muster, kissing him on the neck and then traveling his lips to his, practically jumping from joy.

"So, I guess you like it," he said as she pulled away from him. She grinned at him and kissed him again.

"It's perfect," she whispered. Pete reached down and grabbed her left hand, slipping the ring on and Kayli stared at it for a minute before remembering she had to get out of there.

"I'm really going to leave now," she said, kissing Pete once more before turning to leave.

"Um...I love you?" Pete said as Kayli stepped out of his bedroom. Kayli rolled her eyes and ran back to him, kissing him again and wrapping her arms around him.

"I love you."

"I love you too." She then turned and left for real this time. Pete sighed as he heard his front door shut; he didn't understand why this was so hard and why he came up with this "brilliant" idea to make this relationship work. He wanted to be with his girlfriend...fiancé, at all times. He felt complete, whole and hopeful when she was near him, and when she was gone, he just felt alone...

Well in case you failed to notice,
In case you failed to see,
This is my heart bleeding before you,
This is me down on my knees

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