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A tail???

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Atlanta is turning into an animal and no-one knows why. If there is anyone who can guess what animal atlanta is turning into please tell me. who ever knows

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G,day mates from world-wide. Sorry my summary sucked but it is a lot better than it seams. Hope you like it!!!


Atlanta woke up from a horrible dream. A random dream


Atlanta was out for a walk with Archie when suddenly the world turned into ice cream and fish. Then she turned into a cat made of toffee and Archie turned into a cow.

Then she was made queen of fairy floss land and married a encyclopaedia called lollypop play land.

Archie the cow ate his over sized tail and turned into a flying chair and killed lollypop play land the encyclopaedia because he wanted to marry Atlanta foot.

Then the world was eaten by and spec of dirt


"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" she yelled at the top of her lungs when she woke up. Jay, Theresa, Archie and odie burst into her room.

"Are you ok?" Jay asked scanning the room like a lunatic (coffcoff jay is a lunaticcoffcoff) "so you woke us up at 5:30 on a HOLIDAY for nothing" Odie said sleepy.

NEARLY all of them left besides Archie ( isn't it always) "are you shore you are ok?" he asked her.

"Actually no, I feel crap, not crap crap but crap crap crap crap crap" she said holding her aching head.

Archie felt her forehead. "Wow, you shore are sick, but the doctor isn't in today" he said. "To baaaaaaaaaaad......" Atlanta trailed off as she suddenly fainted.

For a second he panicked but then he realised she just fainted. Luckily she was still in bed. He sat next to her and stroked her fiery, messy hair. He didn't realise how soft her hair was.

2 Hours Later

Atlanta woke up still feeling extremely ill. Then she smiled, Archie was lying right next to her stoking her side (but he stopped because now he is asleep)

Archie woke up as soon as he felt Atlanta moving. "You ok" he asked "thanks for helping" Atlanta replied.

He left the room going to get her some soup.
"god my but is killing me" she said as soon as Archie went down stairs.

She looked at her behind to find a long, silky red tail. "Ah......" then she remembered she didn't want anyone to come in.
Suddenly long golden sparkles formed around her arms.

" WHAT THE **!!!!!!!!!"


She what happens to Atlanta. P.s. Please R and R. whoever guesses right what Atlanta is turning into will be a 'special guest name' in my next chappie!!!
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