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Mary to the Rescue! *puts underwear on the outside*

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-25 - Updated: 2007-04-25 - 1083 words

-----------x Mary's Pov x----------
I ran straight into the front yard, leaving Emily in the car behind me. I went to open the door, only to find it locked.
'Fuck!' I yelled to no one in particular. I ran around to the side then, and looking down, found shards of glass under my feet. What the..?
I looked up, the window had been smashed.
'Frank..?' I said, getting closer to it, listening to my steps on the pebbles and glass under my feet.
'FRANK!' I yelled frantically./ He must be here still... he can't be hurt. He promised me./
'Geez woman you could wake the dead with that voice' I heard a chuckle from my left. I leaned inside the window and saw none other, than Frank.
'You're Ok?!' I sort of asked and exclaimed.
'Well..' He showed me his hand, it had shard of glass stuck in it, and blood everywhere, even on his shirt. It had stopped bleeding, but still looked pretty bad.
'What happened?' I asked. Looking from his hand, to his face to his hand again.
'Tried breaking through the window.' He said, motioning toward the one which I was leaning in from.
'That explains the glass, but, what about the gunshots? Did they come from here?' I asked.
'Yeah they did, the first went here..' He said, pointing to a hole in the wall with his uninjured hand.
'And the second one ...' He gestured toward a body on the floor. It was Brooke.
'Whoa! what happened?' I asked for a second time.
'I said something she wasn't very happy with, after telling me that if I didn't sleep with her she'd kill me. She soon realized that One, she would never get her psycho revenge on you, and two, she'd never get me.' He said.
'But... What did you say? You could have died!' I said, grabbing hold of his uninjured hand through the broken window.
'I told her that I would die, rather than betray you like that.' He said, squeezing my hand and smiling.
'Awww, I love you so much. You know that right?' I asked, squeezing his hand back.
'mhmm, I love you too.' We just looked at each other for another 20 seconds.
'Ohk... umm... how are you getting out of there?' I asked, letting go of his hand.
'She threw the keys out there, look around on the ground for them and they'll be there.' He said. I stood upright and started to search the ground for some keys. I looked over near a plant and found them under a leaf.
'Found them!' I exclaimed, picking them up and holding them in the air.
'Nice, pass them here' He said. I walked back over and passed him the keys, he unlocked the window and opened it fully. Then I stood back and watched as he struggled to get out with one hand.
'Umm... babe?' I asked.
'Yeah?' He grunted.
'You could always use the front door?" I pointed inside, where you could just see the front door.
'Ahh... I knew that.' He said, pulling his leg back in and walking toward the front. I just laughed and followed suit around the side, and as I got to the front I saw a police car pull up as well. A very tall officer with a mustache and a short one with long hair in a ponytail hopped out.
'Ma'am, were you the one who rang earlier? A Ms. Iero?' He asked, just as Frank was coming out the front door. He laughed at this last point.
'Eager much?' He yelled to us. I went red.
'Sorry, umm, yes I was.' I said.
'Ohk, would you like to explain exactly what happened?' He asked. I nodded and told him everything up to until Frank went inside, which is where Frank took over and old him all of the goings on from the inside.
'Ok, you are ok to leave now. Thank you.' Said the tall one as he dialed the stations number. I held Frank's left (uninjured) hand and took him to the car, where Emily, completely unawhere of the seriousness of the situation, was waiting patiently. Breathing on the window and making drawings with her finger.
'Frank, you should really get the glass out of your hand' I pointed out, as he lifted his hand and examined it.
'Your right..'
'Come here then.' I motioned toward a brick fence, where Frank walked over and sat down. I stood in front, now holding his right hand softly.
'Ohk.. hold your breath' I said, as I gently pulled out one of the shards of glass.
'OWEH FUCK!' He yelled. It really did look painful, I couldn't even imagine how much.
'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!' I said, stroking his hair with my spare hand.
'Its....ahh....ok...ooweeehh' He said, biting his lip. I thought it was best to get the bigger pieces out first, so I found the biggest, and as I was pulling it out kissed him deeply.
'Mmmmm' He tried to yell. I kept it up until it was all out. I then pulled away and stroked his cheek.
'You ok?' I asked.
'Mhmm... just... a little...sore...' He winced as I let go of his hand.
'Ahhh, you'll live. Come on' I said, holding his left hand and taking him back to the car.
'That was mean!' He said.
'Awww, you still love me.' I said, getting in the drivers side of the car, he followed and began to do his belt. I looked in the back to check on Emily.
'How are you holding up littlest one?' I asked.
'Oi! Daddy says we may be little in size, but one day, an army of iero's will take over the world!' She said. I looked at Frank, who gave me an innocent one back. I laughed.
'Too true Emily'. Then to my left, Frank started taking off his shirt and wrapping it around his sore hand.
'Ahh.. gently... oowweehh...'
'Daddy! Everyone will see you naked!' Exclaimed a shocked Emily from the back. Frank and I burst into fits of laughter.
'Emmy, Daddy's are allowed to do that. But sometimes mummy's like to do-'
'THE THINGS SAID IN THE CAR ARE RATED G AND SHALL REMAIN THAT WAY.' I said, starting the car. Frank burst out laughing and Emily just sat there in confusion, then shrugged and copied Frank. I smiled as we made our way home. Finally, Brooke was gone, we're a family. Perfect.
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