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------x Mary's Pov x--------

It was Brooke. Does that bitch EVER give up? I mean seriously.... And now she has Emily. Fuck me.
'Mary! It'll be OK, we have to get to your mum's place, k?' He asked, putting a hand on my leg as he sped off towards my mother's place. I looked at him and he was biting his lip ring and I could tell he was thinking hard about Emily.
This is all because of me, if I could have just stayed away from Frank him and her would be happy and Emily would be happy too..
'Frank... I'm sorry..'
'This is no time for apologies, and you don't have to apologize... how is this your fault?'.
He asked, squeezing my leg a bit. We pulled up at a pair of lights.
'If I didn't come, you and Brooke would be happy together..' I said.. tears were in my eyes.
'Mary! Fuck her, we were never together! She came up and kissed me in front of the paparazzi and then said we were together... we're not, trust me! Ok? And you did nothing, I couldn't be happier that you came along. You have no idea..' He said.
I could hear the sincerity in his voice.
'I love you.' I said.
'You know I love you and Emily more than anything in the world, and at the moment we both really need to be there for her.' He said, as he turned into the driveway.
We both unbuckled our seatbelts faster than ever and bolted inside to find my mother on the couch, balled up and crying.
'Mum, what happened?' I asked, running over and sitting by her side. I started stroking her hair.
'That-That bitch, she came.. and-and she ran upstairs, and p-picked up poor Emily. She-she was screaming.. and I screamed and.. she left..' She suddenly burst into more tears at these words. Frank came over and sat down as I started to cry too. I looked at him and his eyes had tears in them, but it was as though he was fighting them back.
'She'll be fine, really, I won't let anything happen to my little girl' He said, stroking my cheek with his thumb. I leant over and held him tight. As he sat back I laid my head on his chest.. awaiting the phone call that was to happen in about 10 minutes.
'How are we going to do this? Like, she said that If I gave you to her she'd let go Emily, but if that's not going to happen-'
'It will.'
'I have an idea, We'll make the switch, you get back Emily and I'll stay there and make a scene. Then I can leave, simple. It's not like she's going to lock me in a cage or something.' He said, kissing my head. I smiled, that was a great idea.
'Are you sure though?' I asked.
'Are you ok with me kissing her?' He asked, pushing some hair behind my ear.
'If it's for Emily and us, then yeah. Whatever it takes... well.. not everything. ' I said, smiling. He giggled [A/N: In case you didn't know, Frank doesn't really laugh, he giggles and its to die for!!!...... anyhoo.. carrying on.....]
Suddenly we heard the phone ring, Frank looked at me and then grabbed the phone.
'Remember me Baby?' Frank gave me a weird look.
'That's right honey, so what is your decision, me and Emily lives, or her and Emily is no more?' Frank went silent.
'You know I have always loved you, what time should I be over?' He asked, looking straight ahead.
'8:30, and come with her... I'm not a taxi service, she can pick up the brat herself'. Frank looked like her was going to explode, but instead he talked calmly.
'Ok, I'll see you then Babe' Then he hung up.
'Babe?' I asked.
'You know I had to, and you have to pick up Emily' He said, finally looking at me.
'I understand, yeah I'll come, but I'll wait around the block for you ok?'
'Yeah ok' He said, smiling and kissed me gently. 'It'll all be ok'.
'Awww well I take it Emily will be fine and so are you two and I've just recovered from shock so I'll leave you to it.' Said my mum kind of randomly.
'errmm.. ok' I said, and hugged Frank. We stayed in that position for what seemed like hours, both in complete silence.
'Babe, it's 8:00.' He said, pulling away and holding my hands. I looked up to him,
'Yeah ok, We'll get going, come on I remember where she lives' I said, and still holding his hand led him to the door.
'Bye mum' I called. Then we walked to the car and strapped ourselves in. He started the ignition and we went off toward her place, Me telling him the directions and him following them pretty well surprisingly., as most men wouldn't take directions if they were paid to.
We got to the end of her street and I waited there while Frank got out of the car, I kissed him for good luck before he smiled and headed off toward her house.

-------x Frank's Pov x---------

I walked up to her house, the cold air was blowing on my skin and I shivered. I found the front gate and opened It slowly, closing it behind me and walking up the paved path to her door. I found the latch and knocked twice, and it wasn't 5 seconds before she came to the door. It was swung open and Emily was pushed out into the cold. I noticed she had no jacket.
'Emily, Mum is down there' I said, pointing toward the end of the street, 'Go there, and take this' I said, and wrapper my jacket around her shoulders.
'Let the brat go, she's not worth it' I heard Brooke say from behind me. I was about to say something back until her lips attacked mine. I tried to pull away but because of the shock she had somehow got me into the house. Sneaky Bitch. I finally pulled away and went to the door, but it was locked. I turned back to see her dangling the keys in her hand, before throwing them out the window, and locking that too.
'You idiot, now we both can't get out!' I shouted.
'That's the point' She said menacingly before pouncing on me yet again. I yelled and pushed her back. I went to go upstairs and lock myself away from her but she had a gate put on the bottom of them. God she was some crazy bitch.
'Trying to run away?' She asked, walking behind me and sliding her arms around my waist, I pulled away and started pacing the room, then I heard a gunshot. I spun around to face her, and there was a hole in the wall next to her.
'Now, you can either co-operate... or..' And she walked over, still pointing the gun at me. I gulped and stepped back a bit.
'Can't we just talk...?'
'Get your clothes off now.'
'Now.' I was in total shock.. man this woman had something wrong with her. I just stood there.
'Do what I say.. or'
'Or what? You'll blow me into bits? Well let me tell you something, I would rather die than betray Mary like that so go fuck yourself bitch!' I yelled and went straight to the window, I punched it and it smashed, but my fist was bleeding and had bits of glass stuck in it.

-------x Mary's Pov x--------

I rang 911. Something was wrong, I heard a gunshot. Something must me terribly wrong. Emily came to the car about 15 minutes ago and she's in the back, petrified. Then as I got to the police, another gunshot sounded.


A/N: Thanks guys for the reviews so far! I love you all! And for those who havn't reviewed, please do so! I want to know what I' doing wrong or right.. and ideas are welcome!!!!!!

You: You... you killed Frank.
Me: Who knows.. maybe. Maybe not.
Me: NOOOOO, HE MIGHT NOT HAVE DIED, YOU DON'T KNOOOOOWWW! runs away and finds rubber spoon HA!
You: Look man, I don't want trouble, just put the rubber spoon down! backs away
Me: Are you going to be quiet and read like a good little reader you are?
Me: sigh shakes head
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