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ice cream, ice cream, we all scream for FRANKIE!

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....lalalal ice cream, wee

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-19 - Updated: 2007-04-19 - 1702 words

---------x Frank's Pov x--------

I woke up the next morning, Mary in my arms. I moved my arm gently, trying not to wake her as I rubbed some sleep from my eyes.
'Morning' She said, yawning. I jumped, nearly hitting myself in the head.
'Morning Babe, how did you sleep?' I asked, running my fingers through her hair and kissing her head.
'Yeah, alright. Look..' She said, shifting a little to look at me properly.
'I'm sorry about last night. I realize how important it is now, and I'm sorry I put you in that position.' She said, her eyes were still a bit droopy, but she looked determined to be able to apologize to me. I smiled at her and kissed her gently.
'I'm always here for you Mary, no apologies needed. I do love you.' I said, and kissed her again, this time deeper. She giggled and pushed me back, taking off my shirt. I went to kiss her again but she jumped out and ran down the stairs with my shirt.
'Mary! Fuck it!' I yelled down the stairs, trying to hold in my laughter. I heard her laugh and I moved my legs out the side of the bed and lifted myself up. Yawning I scratched my head and walked downstairs slowly, being aware as to not trip in the process.
I found my way into the living room and looked around for her. My eyes skimmed over toward the TV, where I spotted the coffee table and a foot sticking out from underneath it. I walked over quickly and moved the table, Mary lifted her arms over her head and screamed. I laughed and picked her up, placing her on the lounge.
'Now missy, are you going to finish what you started of just take my shirt away from me and sell it to all the rich Teenie boppers on Ebay?' I asked, poking her nose.
'Ummm.. . rich teenie boppers shop on Ebay? I'm so there then!' She said and tried to push me off her. I just laughed and kissed her deeply, causing her to stop squirming and place her hands on my face. Just at that very moment everything went black because the author doesn't like to write 'things'.

1 and a half hours later.............

We walked back upstairs, very happy.
'Hey Mary, get changed ok?' I asked her, kissing her cheek.
'Why? What? Who? Whe-'
'God dammit woman you can ask questions. I just want to take you out for ice cream, I swear it!' I said, putting my hands up in surrender.
'Oh, ok then!' She said, standing on her tippie toes and kissing me on the cheek as well. Yes she was shorter than me.. which is kind of short. Sorta.... Only a tad..
I watched her slip into the bathroom as I waked over to the dresser myself. I found red shirt, with black writing saying, 'Homophobia is Gay.'
Then I found my black jeans and.. my beloved chucks. That's another thing Mary and I had in common, If we went anywhere without our chucks... we felt... naked.
I slipped into my clothes and was tying my laces just as Mary walked out, showered and dressed. She had a blue top, with the superman symbol on the front, black jeans and..... black chucks. I smiled and walked over, kissing her gently before grabbing her hand and taking her downstairs, out the door and to the car.

We both jumped in and did our belts, before I took off toward the ice cream place. After about 4 traffic lights and me getting out to help a little old lady across the road we reached the car park. As we drove in I noticed Mary stiffen up and bite her lip. I placed my hand in hers and parked with one hand.
'You ok?' I asked, giving her hand a squeeze.
'Yeah..' She trailed off. After I parked the car and turned off the ignition, I leaned over and kissed her.
'I'll be right here, ok?' I said. She nodded and undid her belt. I got out, and ran over to help her out, as she got out I wrapped my arm around her waist and put on a pair on sunglasses and a dark green hoodie.
'What the..?'
'Babe, do you really think the teenie boppers stay on Ebay ALL day long?' I asked as we started walking inside. She giggled and I tightened my arm around her as she moved closer.
'Ok, what do you want?' I asked her as we spotted the flavor counter.
'Umm... Cookies and Cream, hazelnut and chocolate.' She said, pointing to each of the flavors in turn.
'Ahh.. what the lady wants and I'll have the same thing thanks' I said to the young teen behind the counter.
'Sure Frank, that'll be $3.50.' She said, as she started on the ice creams.
'Oh, its not Frank, it's Grogan.' I said.
'Ok, sure thing 'Grogan'' She said, winking. I smiled at her and we got our ice creams, and she got an autograph in return for not making a huge fuss.
'That was nice of you' Said Mary, still holding my hand as we found a table near the window.
'Thanks, it was nice of her not to scream and go, 'Oh My Goshiie! It's Frank Fucking Iero! Holy crap everyone all look at him!' I said, imitating a prep girl.
Mary laughed and ate some of her ice cream.
'I love you too Frank.' She said.
'Sorry.. A bit delayed from this morning..'
'Just a tad late there!' I said, raising my eyebrow. She laughed again, before I soon noticed a girl looking at me from a couple of tables away. She was with her friend, who had a My Chemical Romance T-Shirt, while she had a 'Iero My Hero' One.
'Never seen those before' Mary said, following my gaze.
'Yeah same, I wonder whose selling them' I said. Then I saw the girl talk to her friend, before getting up and bravely walking towards us.
'Umm... Hi.Frank.' She said, fiddling with her belt.
'Hey there, I see you're a fan' I said, looking at her T-shirt again.
'Yeah, I am. Sorry If I'm being an annoying teenie, but Could I please get an autograph?' She asked, motioning for her friend to come over.. who obviously wouldn't and looked like she was motioning for the girl in front of me to come sit back down. I smiled and took off my glasses.
'Hey, do you girls want to sit with us?' asked Mary. I caught her eye and smiled.
'Are you sure? I mean, If we're interrupting anything..' She said.
'No. seriously, come and sit down with us' I said, moving so I was next to Mary. I watched as she smiled really big and practically skipped over to her friend and told her the news. Her friend's eyes grew wide, and soon they both came over with their ice creams and sat opposite us.
'Hey' I said.
'Hi..' Said her friend, She had her hood up but I could see she was blushing from underneath.
'Aww, how cute! You have a crush!' Mary whispered to me. I smiled and looked at the girls again. They looked no older than 13. I wrote them both out an autograph and we started conversation.
'My name is Pember' Said the first girl. I smiled and nodded.
'And this is Greta.. sorry she's a bit shy' She said, and motioned toward her friend with the MCR t-shirt and hoodie.
'Nice to meet you two, well.. as you know I'm Frank. But I'm cool so I'll introduce myself anyway, and this is Mary my fiancé.' I said, holding Mary's hand underneath the table.
'Yeah! I know Mary! They have pictures of you two posted all over Bizznet.
'What!?' We both said.
'Yeah, it's on Mikey Way's account..' She said.
'I'm gonna kill him' I told Mary. 'He's been taking photos again!' I said. Mary laughed and put her arm around me.
'Awww you two are so cute' Said Greta, finally speaking. I smiled and kissed Mary's cheek.
'Thank you' I said. 'So did you two go to our last concert?' I asked.
'Fuck yeah! We got this awesome ginormous poster as well!' Said Greta.
'Really? What one?' Mary asked.
'It's an enlarged version of the one in Smash Hits' She said.
'Ohh... that one.' I said. She nodded and kept going.
'But, when we were putting them up, we noticed that everyone in the band was the same height...' She said. I laughed and motioned for her to go on.
'We were looking at it for a while, but them Pember was a tad random and said that they stretched you in the picture, I nearly pissed myself laughing.' She said. I watched as Pember went red and I burst out laughing.
'Awww, that's cute' I said. 'To tell you the truth, they got us all to stand in different places so that we would all be the same size.. nice guess though' I said, still trying to keep a straight face.
Mary was cracking up beside me and I just poked out my tongue. She grabbed my chin and kissed me.
'Better now?' She asked.
'Maybe...' I said. Mary rolled her eyes and smiled. The two girls soon said that they had to go, and thanked us for the conversation.
'Anytime' I said.
'Bye' Said Mary an waved to the girls.
'You want to start going too?' I asked, playing with some of her hair.
'Yeah... oo shit, just a second' She said as her phone started ringing. It was her mum.
'I'll put it on loud speaker' She said, and adjusted the settings before answering.
'Hello Mary. I don't know who you think this is, but it's defiantly not your mother. The drop off has been made, don't expect to see your precious daughter again until Frank is mine. I will ring later to discuss your decision. Byebye for now.'

I looked at Mary. I was shocked, her face expression being the same. Our eyes went wide and we both leapt from our seats and ran to the car.
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