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Chapter 7 - The Sting of The Scorpion's Tail

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Who dat baby's daddy??

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Patrick's finger tapped gently on the space bar of his lap top, Petra had been silent since they got back from the Doctor's a few hours ago. He pulled his screen down and wandered into the living room where she was curled up on the sofa, snoozing.

Petra felt that at times, stealing sleep out of the day, was the only way to dismantle the thoughts in her head. She always reasoned that sleeping forced her brain to deal with the issues instead of her, that whilst in the sub-conscious state of slumber, her worries were filed into categories of priority and relevance and when she woke up, they'd all be ready for her to process, like an efficient underpaid secretary.

As he sat down, she stirred as the cushions on the sofa moved.

"Did you want something to eat?" he whispered looking at her tired face.

"Not if you're cooking..." she smirked,

"Your rudeness overwhelms me." he said with a little grin, she forced a smile and her teeth made a rare appearance.

She stretched hard.

"I'm worried about you." He said gently, she pulled herself up and her legs crossed in front of her.

"Why?" she asked, her voice a little raw from waking up.

"Because you're clearly not well..." he said in barely a whisper.

"And you're clearly worrying far too much. I'm fine. Just tired." She said back to him.

He nodded in defeat, standing up and walking away.

Flicking through her diary, she frowned as she counted the days again and when it didn't add, she counted them again.

"Oh this can't be happening." She whispered upon realising her period hadn't actually arrived 8 days ago. She'd been so stressed with work, she hadn't noticed.

"No...No...What's going on?" She whispered, frantically counting the days again.

She threw the diary closed and put her hands over her mouth and stifled her tears.

"Oh my god...." She cried.

Then, the reaction began, her chest tightened and she gasped quickly, gulping quick bubbles of air into her chest.

Realisation was hitting her, everything showed she was actually pregnant.

"Oh my god..." She whispered again.

Yet, the confusion ruffled everything up because the superficial thoughts told her she hadn't had sex.

"Oh god...." She uttered again.

That was the devastation hitting her as she recalled her drunken night of memory loss.

"No.." she whispered weakly.

She couldn't rest on it any further, she had to talk to someone about it, someone had to help her before she actually lost it, flooding down the stairs quickly.

"You'll break your neck doing that-"

"-Patrick!!" She blurted out, he froze and looked at her.

"Tell me I didn't do anything that night when I was drunk!" she begged of him, breathlessly. Patrick stared at her, his eyes looked mortified.

"You said - I didn't do anything, that morning after - you said everything was fine!"

Patrick stammered slightly and the ideas of what to tell her hummed angrily in his head.

"Patrick!" she said firmly, getting his attention back.

"I'm pregnant." She stated firmly.

"And I have no idea how it happened so it must have been that if you know anything, please tell me because I need to know!" she cried.

He kept silent and she sniffled as she watched him.


"-Do you know anything??" She cried angrily.

"Don't hide it from me, this isn't a game!!" she cried.

"You slept with someone." He said quietly.

Petra put her hand on her head.

"Oh god...." She moaned.

"Oh god, I don't remember, how could I have been so stupid!" she cried. Patrick could only stare at her.

"Who?" she asked, sniffling again, wiping her eyes firmly. Patrick shook his head as he resisted telling her.

"You know who don't you!? My god Patrick, tell me! Now!!" She shouted the last part.


Petra's eyes opened wider, he stared at the floor.

"You??" she croaked.

"Here..." he said to her, she climbed up from the toilet and he wiped her mouth gently.

"Thank you." She whimpered.

"It's the least I can do for my shit faced wife..." he said with a grin. Petra leaned lazily against the sink, blobbing toothpaste on to her toothbrush, failing miserably.

"Let me get it." He said, taking her brush and squeezing a little paste on to it.

"Open." He said, raising his chin a little and putting the brush into her mouth, he gently began brushing her teeth and she remained as still as she could as her head continued to spin furiously.

"Spit." He said, running the cold tap quickly. Again he placed the brush in her mouth and scrubbed gently.

As he finished, he rinsed off her brush and he felt her fingers touch his hair softly. It startled him and he looked at her suddenly. She never said a word but fondly looked at him and her hands cupped his face affectionately. Her eyes were sultry and inviting in her alcohol induced state and he only had millimetres of self control left.

Then it went.

"I like you...." Petra mumbled with a groggy but adorable smile.

A breath escaped his lips, he couldn't believe this was happening.

She leaned in closer and stopped just a slight hair width from his lips. He committed the rest and their lips pressed softly. He gripped her waist in his hands and kissed her without restraint, Petra didn't even back up with his forcefulness, she was absolutely OK with what he was doing. There was no skill in how he got them both out the bathroom, legs tripping and arms getting tangled and he just tossed her on to the bed, where she giggled drowsily.

She struggled to undo his shirt button but finally popped it open and giggled again.

"Oop! There we go!" she smiled.

The urgency of it all meant he only wriggled out of what he needed to and he impatiently pushed her dress up her thighs. Deep down, he felt ruined, abusing her clear state of intoxication but deeper down, he needed to satisfy that longing that had niggled his thoughts for weeks.

A quick ritual of addressing the needs of her lips and neck followed and she hummed little words to let him know she liked it.

"Do it Patrick..." she said in barely an audible whisper.

The warmth of her flesh was too much for him to be gentle and he selfishly sought what he wanted from her as her clumsy fingers nestled in his hair. This was working only one way as her heavy limbs got sleepier every second.

Patrick wrapped his hand around one of her thighs and pulled it into him, giving him deeper access. His other hand around her shoulder, pushing and pulling her as he needed to.

Her soft pale skin was so sensual against the dark blue fabric of her dress and her brown eyes watched him with a knowing smile in them.

She was still so foreign to him, but he knew he was attracted to her as she lay there submissively, beneath him.

The swell of his climax began in his tummy and he looked at her face as tried to imagine her pleasure if only she weren't out of it. As a strong summit engulfed him, he held her firmly in place, his whole body stiffening as he reached his end. Petra let out a muffled giggle and messed his hair slightly.

"That was good..." She murmured softly, his head rested against the material of her dress as he captured air in his lungs. For a few brief minutes after the encounter, he fell asleep, his breathing tuning in with hers as his body rested lazily on top of her.

He pulled away from her, she was already deeply asleep, he pulled his jeans up and fastened them, then sat on the bed next to her.

"I shouldn't have done that..." he whispered gently.

He turned to her, full of regret, full of ways he would say sorry to her. He pulled her dress back down her thighs, gently pulling her underwear back up discretely. He leaned over her again carefully, gently kissing her lips. He snuggled into her neck and closed his eyes. Not ready to abandon this off course ship just yet.

Petra's eyes portrayed the horror of the recently revealed truth. Her hands covered her mouth and she allowed her senses time to catch up and decide exactly how she was going to take to this revelation.

"I didn't know that the next morning, you weren't gonna remember anything!" he argued, before she'd even said anything

"How could you not have told me!? " she asked angrily.

"I was going to but you were so worried and with you not remembering anything, I swept it under the rug, I had no idea that this would happen!!"" he retorted

"We slept together??!" She shrieked as if it were sinking in for a second time.

Patrick remained silent.

"What kind of relationship are we having here?? Marriage with out love and you sneak around sleeping with me when I'm so drunk that I can't even remember it and now look - I'm pregnant, I'm bloody pregnant!!!" She yelled.

Patrick looked like he would vomit any moment. He looked ill. He slumped in the chair and put his head in his hands.

"What the hell happened? I need to know, tell me what happened!!" She demanded.

"It was just-" he stopped himself, he looked up from his chair and watched her for a moment.

"Did you even want to?? Or was it me? How did it happen??"

"It just sorta happened!" he snapped.

"Who started it?" she snapped back. He glanced at her.

"Ok, that glance tells me it was me that started it." She said, admitting that part of the blame.

"I didn't stop it." He said quickly.

"Clearly." She remarked,

"It happened so fast. I don't even remember everything myself...." He said,

"I just.....I can't believe this..." she whispered weakly.

"Where are you going?" he asked after her as she walked the room quickly.

"I'm getting out of here. You have no idea what's going on my head right now." As she opened the door to their closet and pulled on her winter jacket.

"I need to get my head straight." She gasped, pulling the hat on.

"Petra, don't leave." Patrick said sadly.

"And then I need to decide whether or not I'm keeping this baby."

Patrick stared at her.


"Oh come on, what did you expect?? What, that I'd be OK with everything? 'Oh that's great honey, we can't stand each other but lets have a baby!' It doesn't work like that!" she said angrily.

"Petra, wait!" he said as she pulled open the front door.

"Children are a blessing. They're supposed to be conceived in love......not some drunken one night stand where the parent's don't even like other." She said to him.

"Don't do this, stay here, talk to me."

"No. You had your chance to talk, you've had 5 weeks to tell me about what happened but you didn't.....funny....we don't even talk." And that was the last thing she said before disappearing into the night.

"Don't worry, I'll be at CeCe's." she called, before pulling away in her car.

Patrick's eyes watered, he couldn't help but cry a little as she sped out of the drive and the gates closed.

"What did I do?" he cried to himself.

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