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Knock 'em dead, Roxy

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This is chapter three. End of summary.

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Note to the reader: Sorry it took so long to post another chapter. My parents grounded me and what not, so I had huge conflicts. I love you all!

Roxy's Point of View

'Where the hell is advanced writing?' I think as my head spins around in utter confusion. I unfold my schedule and it's supposed to be in 'Poe Hall,' as if that shit helps at all. People are rushing violently around me, knowing where they're headed. I, on the other hand, need to find out where the hell I'm going.

"Need some help, kid?"

I turn around and see these two girls staring down at me. When I say staring down, I actually mean staring down due to I'm only 5'2. Damn, these girls had at least 7 inches over me.

"Yeah, it's my first day here and I have absolutely no idea where I am going," I say as I look up to them.

"Where're you headed?" the taller blonde girl says to me. She looks like she just arrived from the dead. Her skin has no color and it's clear that she has white foundation on. Her outfit is extremely similar to mine: a black band tee (except it was Iron Maiden) and black skinny jeans.

"Umm, creative writing which is in-"

"Poe Hall. That's where we're heading. Follow us. Don't worry, we don't bite," the other girl with red hair smiles and says. Her hair is a lot shorter than the blonde girl and had a very similar outfit on: A black ACDC shirt and black skinny jeans. What is with the way we dress, it's like we're in a bloody army or something!

"Thanks so much. By the way, I'm Roxy," I say as I fidget with my white studded belt.

"No prob. I'm Mars and she's Red. Now we better run or Mr. Williams will throw us in detention and fuck up all my plans" the blonde girl says to me. I start running with them through empty halls, even though I really don't care if I'm late.

We stop in front of a door that I'm guessing is advanced writing. The class looks the same as AP Bio: white walls and brown desks. I'm already getting the prison feeling of school. I roll my eyes and sit in a chair next to Mars and Red.

"Welcome class. I'm am the one...the only...MR.WILLIAMS," this old man says to the class while making dramatic gestures. Okay, what the fuck? This guy is on crack or something. I look back at Red with a WTF look and she whispers, "Just wait until class gets started. You'll really see his true colors." Oh great, now I have to deal with a psycho teacher. Just what I need.

"Today class, I will begin to mold your helpless minds with my little friends called INTERJECTIONS!!" Dear Lord, he's starting to dance.

I block Mr. Williams out as his voice starts to sound like he's an adult from Charlie Brown. I start thinking about Mikey. I know this is weird but I'm head over heels for him. I love everything about him- his shyness, his hazel eyes, even the way he stares at his shoes when he gets nervous. I've only known him for an hour, yet I feel as if I can tell him anything. Although, I can see pain in his eyes. As if he's carrying a unbearable ordeal on his shoulders- a secret of some kind that he wants to share with me.

What just hit my foot? I look down and a wad of paper is on top of my converse. I look at Mr. Williams to make sure he isn't looking- he's still singing about the joys of interjections- and pick up the paper.

Tonight me, Mars and the gang (Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Bob) are playing Dungeons and Dragons in Mikey's and Gerard's basement after school. You better come. you know the guys? Well, if you don't, you are going to meet the best and craziest guys in the galaxy.

How could I reject this offer? Mikey's going to be there plus his brother who saved my fortunate ass this morning. I scribble:

I'm in. I know Gerard and Mikey, and I've been briefly introduced to the rest of them. How do you know them?

I slide the note next to her foot- she looks up to make sure Mr. Williams isn't paying attention. Still dancing to the unending interjection song. She reads the note and passes it back to me:

You know who (not Voldemort, silly)-
I've been friends with them ever since kindergarten when Gerard pulled my head out of the jungle gym. Jeez, I can't believe I just admitted that. Anyways, now I'm Gerard's girlfriend and Mars and Frank are together. They make the cutest couple, but when they're together, it's like all the craziness in the world combined. Which makes Dungeons and Dragons really sweet, I must say.

The bell abruptly rings causing me to jerk my neck back. Crap, I'm terrible with sudden sounds. Mars and Red stroll over to me.

"So, are you in for some hardcore Advanced Dnd?" asks Mars, looking extremely excited.

"Heck yes I am!" doing my best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation. They both cracked up and smiled at each other.

"Yep, you're DnD material, just as we suspected. Hey, I have first lunch right now, where're you off to?" Mars says casually to Red and I.

"I have P.E. Just kill me now," Red says sarcastically while covering her face in her hands.

"I've got US History. I guess I'll see you later after school. Wait...can you just point me in the right direction?" Mars laughs and points left.

"Knock em' dead, Roxy," Red says dramatically.

"Alright, catch ya' on the flip side," I say and run left.

"May the Force be with you, Anakin," Mars yells at me. I laugh and run out of their sight.

I surprisingly find my way to history and walk in. Things are finally looking up. New friends and Dungeons and Dragons after school? I don't think I can legally complain.
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