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Chapter Nine

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Brendon's POV-

My eyes fluttered, and I widely opened them, to darkness, the only light coming from the frame of the door across the room.
I rose up quick, and flipped a light on, that was next to my bed.
I saw someone shocked, pulled from their sleep in an arm chair next to my bed, jolt, and look around. I was in a hospital.
And, the man sitting in the chair next to me was Ryan, and my other hand was in his, but he quickly let go.
"Brendon! You''re awake!" he exclaimed, hugging me around my neck.

I was utterly confused.
"Uh...where's Jon?" I asked, weakly.
"Oh, it was my shift, he's out, with Spencer." he said, scratching his neck.
"Oh, so...he left?" I asked.
"Yeah, he can't just stay here all the time, you know. He has a life, Brendon." he said.
"Yeah...I though his life was me." I muttered, feeling disappointed.
"Oh. Oh, are you feeling?" He asked.
"Hungry...hungry, as hell. Uh, Ryan?" I said.
"Yeah?" he asked, eagerly.
"Uh, what happened? I mean, all I remember, is going on stage...did we finish the show?" I asked.
"No, you collapsed on stage, bud." he said.
"What?!" I said, smacking my forehead.
How. Embarrassing.
"Yeah, it was pretty scary. So, what do you want to eat? I'll go get you something, anything." he said.
I smiled. Ryan, was being nice. Really nice.
"Ahh, man I could go for a Big Mac..." I said, licking my lips.
Ryan starred, blankly.
"What?...hop to it." I said, feeling confused.
"Brendon, do you know what's in a Big Mac?" he asked.
"Yeah, uh...well, you can't really tell with McDonalds, but I want one." I said, eagerly.
"Brendon, theirs, meat, lots of meat, and those." he said.
"And?" I asked.
"What happened to the 'devoted vegan Brendon?' he said."
"Oh...I'm a vegan? When did I decide that?" I asked.
He started laughing, hysterically.
"What?" I asked.
He straightened up.
"Are you serious?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Brendon, you've been a vegan for as long as I've known you, dear." he said, wiping tears developed from laughing so hard.
"Wh..what? Well...I must have forgotten." I said, scratching my neck, feeling really embarrassed.

"Anything else you might want, hun?" he asked.
"Whats with the nicknames?" I asked.
"Oh...uh, you don't like them?" he said.
"Uh, I's just...weird." I said.
"Kay, I'll never said anything before.." he said.
"Yeah, because the last time you called me one...was real long ago..." I said.
"A Coma can change everything.." Ryan muttered, under his breath.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing." he said.
"Okay, could you get me a salad, and a baked potato...and uh, some French Fries...oh, and a coke...and, some pasta, no meat sauce...and, cookies, cookies, are good. actually, I don't care if you don't get anything thing else but these, but make sure you don't come back without snicker doodles, and red bull...lots, and lots...of red bull." I said.
"Okay, Haha, I'll be back. I'll call Jon and Spencer, and they'll come keep you company while im gone." he said.

"Okay." I said, smiling.
He left me pondering...why was he being so nice to me? Like, what the hell? Whatever, I'll use it as an advantage.

Soon enough, Jon and Spencer came. I was very happy to see Jon. They walked in, and Jon smiled, it was kind of fake, and half ass, but he smiled, and hugged me, tight, and kissed my head.
Spencer smiled, sincerely, and hugged me.
"I'm so glad your awake, Brendon." Jon said, sitting down.
"Yeah, how long have I been out?" I asked.
"Oh, about 3 days, not long." Jon said, shaking his head.
"Oh, that's not bad. How are the fans taking this?" I asked.
"Not good, im afraid they are going crazy. Theres rumors that you died." he said.
I frowned. "Oh goodness." I said.
Soon, I saw the door open again. Taylor came running in, and hugged me, tight.
"Don't you ever, ever, ever stop eating, ever again." she said, rocking my head back and forth in her arms.
Pete walked in, after, smiling.
"Hey Panic boys." he said, smiling.
"Brendon, why'd you lie to me?" Jon asked, or more so, muttered.
"I was getting fat, alright?" I said, angrily. I really, really don't want to talk about that.
"Okay, fine, drama queen." Jon said, rolling his eyes.
Saved by the Ross, right on time, he walked in, with a huge bag full of food.
"He'll gain it back, Jon, lay off." he said, setting everything out on the bed before me.
"Here Bren, we have you're salad, and potato, and heres a box of nice warm snicker doodles, and a six pack of red bull, and a coke and your pasta, heres that. Oh, and a large fry. Did I forget anything?" he said, with a smile.
I shoke my head. "No, thank you so much, Ryro." I said.
"Ryro? Haven't heard that in a while." he said, with a smile.
I just smiled, and dug in. Man, it felt so good to eat again.
Jon sat around, just quiet, and looking off to the distance. As I ate, Ryan watched over me like a mother hen, making sure no one made me feel shitty about my eating disorder, and making sure I didn't choke or anything. I had no clue why he was being so nice, but I liked it.
"Jon, what's got you?" Spencer asked, after I had finished eating.
"Brendon. He made me really mad." he said, looking away from me.
"Im sorry baby, Im sorry." I said, trying to be nice.
"No, no Brendon. You lied to me. Why couldn't you had just told me? If we aren't going to have honesty in this relationship, maybe I don't want to be with you. And...maybe I don't want to be a part of the band anymore.."
Ryan, Spencer and I all said, in unison, "WHAT?"
"Yeah, this whole "panic at the disco, 1930's thing", it isn't my style anyway, and it's getting old." he said.
I was at a loss for words.
" long have you thought that?" Ryan said, looking just as speechless.
"Oh, for sometime...I've always just been in it for the money, anyway." he said, starting off.
"'re out?" Spencer said, with a shocked look on his face.
"Read my lips. I. Quit. It's all an act, anyway, I mean, we aren't really a part of a circus, we don't really wear those ridiculous clothes, in real life, and roses definitely can't grow on humans, Ryan." he said.
We gave him dull looks.
"We know, Jon. That's not what we were aiming for." Ryan said, with a blank look.
He laughed.
"Of course, guys. Anyway, im off. Thanks for the retirement money, seriously, it's been a blast." he said, walking out on us all, so suddenly.
It was silent, we all just watched the door, blinking probably ever two seconds. Stupefied.
"Oh, he just totally dissed panic at the disco, so bad." Taylor said, shaking her head.
"Did...did that just happen?" I asked.
"Yeah..." Spencer said.
"I'm sorry, Brendon." Ryan said, hugging me. I just looked at the door.
Spencer coughed, and Ryan loosened his grip.
"We...we don't have a bassist." I muttered.
"Well...theres always Brent." Spencer said.
"Hell no, we can't take him back, he was horrible." Ryan said.
"Ry, he might be our only choice." I said, looking up at him.
"What about Pete?" Spencer said.
"Did we forget Fall Out Boy for a second there, kiddo?" Pete said.
"Oh, yeah..." Spencer said, looking up in thought.
"I hear Mike Way's fiancé does bass filling in." Spencer said.
"Yeah, I don't think she's available, last I heard, she was really busy." Pete said.
"Uhh. This sucks!" I whined.
"Yeah, im devastated...I really liked Jon, he was great. I thought he'd be permanent. Team Jwalks going to burn things....when they find out." Ryan said.
"Wait, what about Jack Marin, the old bassist from Cute Is What We Aim For? He could do it!" I said.

"Good idea, Brendon. We can talk to him next photo shoot he does for us, or Peter can talk to him." Ryan said.
"Yeah, let's talk to Jack about that." Pete said.
"Okay..." we all agreed, in unison.
"Hey Brendon, do you want to stay at my place for a while? I mean, you're still weak, and you need someone to get your diet back on track." Ryan said.
"Uh...sure." I said.
"You're moving out?" Spencer asked Ryan.
"I'm ready, especially now that I have you." he said, kissing Spencer.
Whoa...when did that happen.
" I missing something?" I asked.
"Spencer and I are together now, didn't you know?" Ryan said.
", I didn't." I said.
"Well,'s true." Spencer said.
I laughed.
"How cute." I said.
"Yep, just like our new bassist." Spencer laughed.
I laughed too, and Ryan stood quiet.
"I don't get it..." he said, smirking.
"Cute..." I said.
He shook his head.
" cute is what we aim for..." I said.
He shook his head.
"The band he just left..." I said.
"Oh, Hahaha!" he said, clapping.
"Ha, im glad we're friends again, Ryan." I said, smiling.
"me too." ryan said, smiling.
(still brendon's pov)
Ryan unlocked his front door, and showed me in.
"Welcome uh, home." he said, with a smile as I walked in.
"I haven't been here, in so long." I said, with a smile.
"The walls missed you, they told me." Ryan said, smirking.
"I'm sure they did." I said, as I plopped down on the couch.
He soon plopped down, and for a minute, it was silent.
Then, both of our voices, at the same time, broke it.
"Ryan," "Brendon," we both said each others names.

"You go first." he said, pointing to me.
"No, you. Mines...important, and long." I said.
"Mines not long, so I'll just shoot it." he said, gulping.
"I...I..." he started, wiping his forehead.
"Spit it out." I said.
"I still love you." he said, wincing, and looking away.
"I still love you...too." I said, really fast.
He slowly uncluchted his face.
"What?" he asked.
"I still love you." I said, again, quickly.
"That's...that's good to hear." he said, bringing his face up.
I brushed the bangs out of his eyes, that swept across his face.
"What ever happened to Rydon, anyway." I said, with a sexy tone.
He smiled.
" got Taylor pregnant." he said, almost laughing.
"Well, that's all in the past...right?" I asked.
"Most deifnitly." he said, before his lush, soft lips crashed down on mine.
After the greatest kiss I had ever experienced in my life, he pulled away.
"Oh yeah, and one more thing." he said.
"Yeah baby?" I asked.
"You should probably wake up now." he said, smirking.
"What? What are you talking about?" I asked, confused.
"Wake up, Brendon. Wake up." He said, before getting up.
"Wait, where are you going?" I asked, reaching out.
"Wake up, god dammit, listen to me!" he screamed.

And that's when I opened my eyes.
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