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Chapter Ten

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ghghg very shortish.

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Brendon's POV
"Brendon! Oh Brendon, are you awake? Are you okay?" I heard a voice say.
I rubbed my eyes, and looked over at Jon, who was sitting in a chair next to me, holding my hand firmly.
I looked around the room, and saw Pete, Taylor, Spencer, and...him. Ryan. He smiled at me, when I looked at him, he smiled.
"Brendon, can you speak?" Jon asked, like I was retarded.
"Yeah..." I mumbled.
He smiled, and hugged me so tight, I was gasping for air.
"Brendon...never ever, do that to me, again." he whispered in my ear.
I just smiled.
"Is someone willing to fetch this man a feast?" he asked the room.
"I can run over to a fast food place." Spencer said.
"Get him everything on the menu of the best looking place, that doesn't contain meat, or dairy." Jon ordered, and Spencer nodded and was off.
Jon lifted up the covers that covered below my chest. "Sorry, I couldn't do this while you were sleeping so peacefully." he muttered, as he lifted my hospital gown, revealing my stomach.
He put a hand over his mouth, when he saw every one of my ribs. I heard Ryan and Taylor gasp too.
I looked up at Jon, hand still over his mouth, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.
"Jon I-" I started, but he cut in.
"You're so skinny." he whispered.
"I know...I-" I tried again.
"Why'd you lie?" he asked, one tear streaming down his cheek.
"I'm sorry Jon, I'm so sorry." I said, or more so whispered.
"Brendon...why?" he whispered.
"I couldn't stop. I'm sorry, I'm done, I swear." I said.
He wrapped his arms around my neck.
"I was so scared." he said, before kissing me on the lips. I kissed him back. I did love him, so much. But, something different was there when I woke up.
After I pulled away, I looked back.
"Hey Ryan." I said, smiling. He smiled. "Hi Bren." he said, waving.
Bren. He hasn't called me Bren in so long.
"Brendon Boyd." Taylor said.
I looked over at her, and she crossed her arms.
"Hey sexy lady." I said.
"Brendon, you're an idiot-jerk." she said, rolling her eyes.
"A what now?" I asked, a permanent smile on my face.
She rolled her eyes, and smirked at me.
"Idiot-Jerk...But I love you so much." she said, snickering.

"Hey you, no more uh, no more "no more food" got it punk?" Pete said, with a smile.
"Definitely." I said, smiling and nodding.

And the whole time until Spencer came with my feast, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, and out of his, that George Ryan Ross was staring at me, with eyes that I haven't seen on that boy in a long time.

I'm back from the house made of writers blocks. =] yes. Rydon? Maybe, but you know me, im known for twists, and such. =] so, reviews would be cool.
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