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Chapter 13: Crashes and falls

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9/11 happens

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Chapter 13!

"Were off to central park, to have a picnic then were going shopping, for you obviously"
"Mikey you don't have to- He butt in
"Yes I do" He said placing his finger onto my mouth. I grabbed his hand and we both walked out of our room. We met Frank and Gerard out side. They said they were going to go out and look for a place to listen to music or something, I was too busy looking at Mikey. Oh I know it sounds like I'm in second grade but come on, he's just really cute.

Gerard's pov
"come on, one more shop pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee" frank asked, but I didn't matter what I replied cause he dragged me in anyway. We had been in over 20 record stores today and couldn't find anything worth listening to, but frank still insisted on going in them all. We were looking through the metal section when frank pulled out a copy of the misfits famous monsters.
"I've lost my copy of this!" Frank screamed "I'm going to buy it, do you want anything"
I just shrugged. I watched Frank walk up to the counter and start to flirt with the cashier.
"I only have my check book on me, can I use that?" he asked.
"Sure" the cashier spoke.
"You know what the date is"
"September 11th 2001"
"thanks," frank ripped out the check and handed It to the cashier. He walked out the store, and turned to me
"Gee, I need to pee, like dead bad!" He squealed.
"Ok we'll go past McDonald's you can go in there" We carried on walking and we stopped out side McDonald's. I watched Frank run in, nearly knocking over an unlucky kid. I waited outside, just watching the cars go by.
I heard a crash and the next thing I knew there was dust, flames and screams coming from the end of the street. I was shocked, I just stared, it wouldn't go into my head. I didn't even notice frank come out, he just stood in shock too. We both looked at what was the world trade centre. Sirens screamed all around, but what was most painful was the screams and cries from the victims. A single tear fell down my cheek. I couldn't look at it anymore. I needed to do something. Something that will change the lives of People everywhere. We both turned around and walked slowly back to the hotel, no one said anything.
Anne's pov
Me and Mikey got in after our picnic and went to buy some dvds to watch. We were going to have a horror movie night. We turned on the T.V. the news was on. I looked at my watch 3:48, why was the news on? Something must be wrong. On the screen there was pictures of the dreadful event. Me and Mikey looked at each other thinking the same thing. Where were Gee and Frank?
Buzzzz buzzzzz. Mikeys phone vibrated in his pocket. He answered it.
"Gee, were are you?" He asked I could tell he was worried, he cared so much for his brother.
"W-Were W-walking back to the H-hotel" He said stuttering and speaking nervously.
" Are you ok"
We heard some one break down into tears and then Franks voice. The Phone was hung up. After 10 minutes of Mikey pacing up and down and coming to me for comfort every know and again there was a knock at our door.
"Gee, Frank,!" we ran over and hugged them. They were shaken up, mentally and physically, There hands were shaking there whole bodies were shaking.
"Did you see it?" Mikey asked in a comforting tone."
"y-yes" Gerard answered.
"Don't worry guys, You want to watch a movie to get your mind off things?" I offered.
They both shook there heads.
"You want us to take you back to your room?" Mikey asked
"No, we'll be fine" Frank said, he seemed to have taken it better than Gerard.
They both got up and walked out.
"I hope there ok" Mikey said leaning his head on my shoulder.
"They will be" I said stroking his hair.
Franks pov
As soon as we entered the room, Gee took a piece of paper and sat down. I didn't say anything, I just went and got a shower. I tried to wash today's events off my skin, but it didn't work. I decided to remove all the razors I brought will me, just in case Gerard became depressed again. I walked out of the bathroom to see Gerard hunched over a piece of paper. All I could see from were I was stood was what looked like skylines written across the top. What on earth was he up to?

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P.s. I just wanted to take a few words to tell every one who was involed in 9/11 that I feel for them.
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