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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Anne's pov
I woke up. I was laid in Mikeys arms, it felt so right. I watched him sleep, he looked like an angel. His dirty blonde hair was stuck up in all directions, and he had obviously forgotten to take his eyeliner off. There was black smeared all under his eyes. I laughed silently to myself. I looked down at myself. I had on Mikeys Stripy rainbow boxers and my black lacey bra, oh and my long stripy socks.
Mikey mumbled something. He was still asleep, well I thought his was. I was just sat watching him when all of a sudden he jumped up and screamed into my face. I squealed.
Mikey was killing himself laughing.
"You should have seen your face!" He laughed
I chucked a pillow at his head and tried to act grumpy, but he soon changed that. He leaned in a gently brushed his lips against mine.
"What time we need to be out here by?" I asked
"Don't know, but were meeting Gee and Frank in the lobby at 12, our flight is at 5 so we will have some time to get something to eat" he informed me.
"mmm... aren't u organized Mr. Way" I giggled.
Mikey gave me a stupid look at went to get a shower. I needed to get my own back. I looked at the bathroom door. No I couldn't. Yes I could.

Franks pov

Gerard keeps singing. I don't know what on earth it is. I was sat on my bed making sure I had everything.
"Frank, can we talk?" Gee shouted from the bathroom and then came and sat opposite me.
"You know what happened yesterday,?" Gerard asked
"Yeah, its pretty hard to forget"
"Well I was thinking, we should do something, seeing all those people die, it just wasn't right." Gerard spoke looking happy and proud or himself.
"What do you mean, like do what?"
"start a band frank, We could save peoples lives with music"
Franks face lit put but then went back to normal again.
"What about pencey?" Frank asked
"oh yeah, I forgot" Gerard went back to being depressed.
"But, im sure we can try?" Frank smiled.
"No, I cant pencey is your life" Gerard said
Annes pov
I sneaked into the bathroom. Good job Mikey had his music on full blast or he would have been able to hear me. I whipped back the curtain. Mikey screamed like a girl. I couldn't stop laughing, 1st he was wearing a shower cap and two he was screaming like a little girl guide. Mikey grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him. He had gone all red and embarrassed.
"Ha, ha very funny" he said with sarcasm in his voice.
He pointed at the boxers I had on.
"I was going to wear them today!" he said
"Well If you want them your going to have to fight me for them!" I laughed and ran out of the bathroom shutting the door in Mikeys face. I wedged a chair onto the door.
"Try and get them now" I giggled. I could hear Mikey talking to himself. I got dressed and kept the boxers on. After about 15 minutes I opened the door finding Mikey sat against the wall with his phone.
"Bout time" he said laughing. I Pulled the rim of the boxers over my drainpipes. Mikey just smiled. He got dressed and we started to head down to the lobby with all our stuff.

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