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chapter 15

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Chapter 15

We sat in the back seat of the taxi. I felt the closest that I ever have to Mikey. I cuddled into him. This is where I was supposed to be. Mikey had his arm around my back stroking it gently. Mikey was looking at Gerard. I could tell he was worried. Gerard hadn't been himself since the "incident".
Gerard had always been depressed, but I had never seen him this bad. Frank was taking it really well, he was always thought on the positive side. Bless his little heart.

"Thanks you Mikes" I said as we pulled into the airport car park "Ive had an amazing time, well apart from..." None of us liked to say anything, just incase it upset Gerard, but Mikey seemed to guess what I was talking about.
"Ive had a great time too" Mikey came and snaked his arm around my waist as we got out of the taxi.

Gee, Mikey and Me all stepped out of the car. We had dropped Frank off on the way, but Mikey insisted that I came back with them.
We walked to find an empty house.
"Lets watch a film or some thing" Mikey suggested. Gee went towards the basement door.
"I'm not watching you two eating each other" He grumbled and disappeared into his room.
I looked at Mikey and smiled, I tried to reassure him.
"I have an idea, why don't I quickly nip back to mine, grab those DVD's of mine you wanted to watch and we could have a movie night."
"ok, u want me to walk you?" Mikey asked
"Nah, I'll be fine, but I'll take my phone with me ok?" I laughed. Mikey nodded and walked into the living room.

As I stepped out of the door, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket.
"Hello?" I asked down the phone.
"Hi!!!!" Mikey screamed down the phone.
"The one and only"
I laughed, and put the phone down, after all he was only having a joke. I took two more steps and my phone rang again.
"Mr. Way if that's you!" I said jokingly down the phone.
"Well sorry, I just wanted to tell you that your shoelace is untied"
I looked back up to the window.
"Mikey, how dare you watch me!" I laughed down the phone.
"Well its pretty hard not to"
I laughed and placed my phone back in my pocket. I walked up to my door, and took out my key. My key was amazing, me and Mikey had decorated it my nail polish as soon as I got it. It looks like it was in a nail polish factory when it has exploded, it was just a shamble of different colors. On the back written in tipex was M&A BFFE. It seemed like a girly thing to do, but Mikey went along with it.
I unlocked the door and walked in. It was quiet. I walked over to the table and there was a note.

Sorry had to go on a business trip, be back Friday hopefully. Look after the dog!

Mum, was always doing this, i looked over to see Sonic lying peacefully in his bed. He would never be a guard dog. I picked up my phone to call Mikey, but I was interrupted when it rung.
"HI!!!!!!!!!!" Mikey screamed
"Great, its you"
He laughed
"Actually I was just going to ring you, mums gone away and wont be back till Friday"
"What about sonic?" He asked
"I gotta look after him."I said
"Bring him over" He giggled.
"Ok!" I said and started to rattle Sonics lead.
He jumped up out of his bed and ran towards me. I clipped on his lead and grabbed the DVD's.
This was going to be fun!

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