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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Sonic almost ran down the road to the way house. He dragged me with him. Mikey was laughing in the window at us. He loved Sonic, he always had. He even insisted on coming to the vets with us when Sonic had to have his jabs. Sonic knew were he was going, I' sure he loved Mikes just as much as he loved him. We walked through the door and Sonic gave Mikey a bunch of licks all over his face.
"ew, im not kissing you now!" I laughed as Mikey pushed Sonic away from him.
"So, you go the DVD's?" He asked
I showed him them in my hand. We sent Sonic down into the basement to see Gerard. He loved Sonic too. We both laughed as we heard Gerard giggle and laugh downstairs, it seemed like a century since we had heard that laugh last. We knew that it this burst of happiness wouldn't last long.
Me and Mikey were snuggled up on the sofa watching a film when Mikey spoke.
"So, you want to stay here for the next few days?" He asked
"But Sonic, he can't stay, I wouldn't be right for my dog to stay here." I said
"He's stayed here before, and as you know mum loves dogs"
"well, ok I guess I could" I snuggled into Mikey again.
I noticed something. There was a old photo graph album on the table. It was one of those girly ones with love hearts and swirls all over it, and in big letters on the front it said Best friends in big curly letters. I went and picked it up and went to sit back with Mikey. I knew what it was, it was our photo album. We looked through it together. We found a picture that brought back so many memories. We looked about 4 or 5. We were sat under the big oak tree in the park, with sonic on my knee. We both had ice-cream and Mikey had a big blob of it on his nose. We laughed together.
Times like these make me feel so lucky. I had a boyfriend and best friend who loved me with all his heart. I have found my soul mate at 16, I was more than lucky.
We looked through the whole of the photo album when we decided we should go and see if Sonic and Gerard were ok.
We walked down into the basement. It was strangely quiet. We saw Gerard and Sonic curled up together in Gerard's chair. We both smiled and turned to walk back up the stairs.
When we reached the top Mikey suggested that we went to for a walk, so we did. We walked down to the park ,and saw the big old oak tree. We both looked at each other, and smiled. Mikey pulled a pen knife out of his pocket.
"Mikey?!? What the hell?" I asked shocked.
"Chill, I'm going to carve our names into the tree,"
I smiled.
"It will be our tree then" Mikey added.
I sat down at the bottom of the tree while Mikey started to carve a love heart in the tree.
"Mikes, I'll be right back ok?" I said
"Ok, just don't take too long," He answered
I got up and walked down the path that lead back to the road. I was walking up to the ice cream place. It was only a few minutes away. When I got there I got two ice creams and started to walk back to Mikey. When I got to him, he was sat on the floor sucking him thumb.
"Mikey what the hell are you doing" I laughed.
"Knife, and finger don't mix" He joked.
"Oooo your so clever Mr.Way," I sat down next to him and took a look at his finger, it was just a little cut.
"You'll be fine" I said laughing at him.
"Here have an ice cream" I added handing one of the ice creams. When he took it he some how managed to hit is nose with it causing him to get a big blob of it onto his nose. I laughed.
"Just like old times" I whispered
"The best times" Mikey responded.
We sat and cuddled eating the ice cream, I noticed that he had finished his carving when I was gone. It was a love heart and on the inside it said, Annie and Mikey forever and always. I smiled to my self this is where I wanted to be forever, but unfortunately it had to end. Mikey got a phone call from Gerard telling him to get back home. Gerard was back to being his old depressed self. We both knew his happiness wasn't going to last long. Mikey had already cleared the house of all alcohol and most of the sharp objects. He didn't want anything bad to happen to his brother.
When we got back to the ways house we were greeted by mom, it just seemed natural to call her that now. She was fine with me and Sonic staying just as Mikey said. The next 5 days are going to great, just me and Mikey. Well we have school but I'm sure it will be great still.

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